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Peace and comfort.


This scripture is a favorite of mine. I saw it posted on facebook and downloaded it for myself. I shared it, but then realized I had more I wanted to say.

I was a very young child when our Sunday School teachers had us memorizing scripture verses, and even entire chapters for contests, prizes, etc. Many people complain about contests in church, or prizes you can earn in various ways, even the team play our church would organize. But I have to tell you that it honestly helped me so much. I was able to memorize a lot when I was young, and I felt like I could do something right. I felt I could contribute to the team, unlike with the physical activity the school was having us compete in.

The best thing about attending a church where the Bible was important, and where you were encouraged in any way possible to read and to know it, to feed it into your heart and mind, was that I still remember those verses today! I don’t always remember the references (where to find them in the Bible), but I can look them up. When I was young, it didn’t count unless you could say it correctly and quote the reference correctly. I call the reference the address of where the verse lives in the Bible. I found that singing it, turning it into a song, was the easiest way for me to remember the verse and reference.

The point is, no matter why I memorized them, or what my motives were, I fed my spirit those words, and kept them deep inside.

When my nephews were very young, they lived across the street and I saw them daily. I bought them a few cassette tapes called G.T. and the Halo Express. It was a first of sorts. Cassettes of kid stories and every song was a scripture verse and reference. To this day, 25 or so years later, I can sing every one of those songs and always know the reference to the verses from our favorite tape, God’s protection by day and by night.

Why is this so important? The scripture verse above says it well. It pierces our hearts with truth, God’s truth, the way He says it is. Sometimes I realize something is hidden in my heart and thoughts I hadn’t been aware of. I read a passage and the truth is staring me in the face. I can either ignore it and continue on with my ugly self, who and how I really am, or I can repent, and ask God to work this in me, to live in truth and not be deceived about myself. I find that I can deceive myself and think I am doing better than I am. Have you caught yourself in that one?  Don’t you hate that?

Have you ever had a moment where you come to a realization of how wrong you are about something or someone? It can be a shock, and painful to realize you are so far off, especially if it is you that you are wrong about. This is the sharpness this verse talks about. It slices between the soul and spirit. Soul is usually referred to as mind, will and emotion, while spirit is the part of you that is sensitive to spiritual things, places, people, and especially to God Himself. It is a part of you that grows stronger with feeding, and weaker if starved, like the body does. It is also the part of you that makes you feel empty inside when you don’t have Jesus in you. You were made to be with Him, and to know Him. When you find that you are trying to feed a need or a desire  in your life,  but nothing satisfies it, this is why. He made you for Him! That part is your spirit part. If you are trying to make yourself happy with physical things, or with people, it can only last so long. Those things can make your body or soul happy temporarily, but your spirit is still famished. He is the only thing that can fill your Spirit with contentment.

Have you ever asked yourself what you are feeding yourself? I do sometimes. After a certain amount of television viewing, including news, I can really feel a change in myself. My soul is responding to what I’ve been feeding my spirit. If I haven’t read God’s Word, and remind myself of how He thinks, how He feels, what His priorities are, I find myself with different thoughts and opinions, and different priorities than His. I can also feel an increase in alarm, sadness and weariness with the shape this world is in, instead of reminding myself that He answers prayer and cares very deeply about all that is going on. He is never caught off guard and know the whole truth about everything. He is waiting to be invited into these situations and to help.

Since He authored my life, and has a purpose in my life, I try to stay plugged into my life-source keeping myself well-fed and in communication with God. That includes prayer and honesty. You know, honesty. Like asking myself, hmm…what would He say to my attitude about …whatever it is, or whomever it is.

I can know the answer to this with certainty. Yep! It’s true! Just open His Word and read. He will be sure to talk with me, shine His light on what I need to see. He has never failed me in this. Because He knows the reason I am reading  is to know Him, what He thinks about, and how He feels. He shows up every time! I just pray first to know what His Spirit wants me to know, and to see what He wants me to see.

                                                                                                        Psalm 119:11 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

11 Your word I have treasured in my heart,
That I may not sin against You.

Psalm 51:6

 Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom.

We don’t naturally have the same kind of thinking as our Heavenly Father does. We just don’t see as He sees. We need to know Who He is, how He sees, how He thinks, and how He feels about certain things and situations. We need His perspective or we can find ourselves so far from where we should be. We also need to be reminded of what He says is sin, like thinking we are not as “bad” as someone else, or that our pride isn’t as big a sin as someone else’s sin. And that sin of ours is what separates us from Him, even while we are feeling like we are fine.

We are natural, and He is supernatural. If we eat His words into our spirit they will come up for us, from inside of us, when we need them the most. Conviction of sin isn’t fun, and sometimes hurts, but the end result is that we are able to make a choice to kick free of what He says is wrong, and to live in freedom from sin’s consequences and in liberty from the prison and deception that sin is.

This all keeps us in a loving relationship with the God who created everything that is, seen and unseen. With the God Who holds all things together, and is the giver of life. This brings deep, abiding peace that nothing else can give.

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True Story.

My husband and I have moved in with my sister-in-love, Teri. And, in the house next door are some of my darlings, my niece Lynda and her family of 8. I love these kiddos.

So, Teri, Gene and I were being lazy on a Saturday evening, and not wanting to cook or do dishes. Teri had worked an unexpected extra day and was looking like she needed to eat and get to bed early. We decided to go to Costco and have an inexpensive meal of hot dogs. We can all eat and have a beverage for under $5 for us all there.

As we were driving out our driveway, the oldest of Lynda’s darlings was chatting with a friend and had the family’s newest pet, a baby squirrel with her.

We stopped to say hi, and she came over to the car with her squirrel. I wanted to hold the baby, so she handed it over to me. As instantly as I held it to my chest, I felt a very warm and wet sensation on my bust. Just then, my darling niece says, “Careful, it might pee on you.” “Too late!”, says I. She starts laughing and telling me she’s sorry…NOT!

As the baby squirrel moves about my personhood, it jumps down to the floor of the vehicle, landing on a purse. I looked down to see my lovely purple shirt covered in squirrel pee on both sides, and all the way down my shirt! I said, “Oh, no! It’s on my purse!” Teri says, “No, its not. Its on MY purse.” I say, “Oh,okay. No worries, then.” Are you feeling the love here? Haha!

I pick up the baby and hand it to my laughing niece as it pees on my hand. You know, the hand with my pretty ring and 2 charm bracelets?

By this time, we are all laughing so much, and I tell Teri to take me back, I have to change. She teases me a bit and turns us around so I can change.

Once we got to the house and am unlocking the door, I start to smell the fragrance of the dear little baby. Whew! Potent stuff!

So, as I am removing pee-soaked garments, a favorite scripture came to mind, “My cup runneth over.”

I had just showered a few moments before leaving, but bathed again from the waste up. Drying off, I can still smell it, and still feel that special warm feeling all over. So, I wash again, dry off and dress in another purple shirt. I had taken off all jewelry and washed them in soap and water, and put them back on. That was about as good a job as I could do, so I return again to join the family.

We laughed all the way to Costco, where we were just a moment too late for a Saturday evening. They close earlier on weekends, so we decided to go to The Dog House for dinner. As we drove along, I could still smell that fragrance, and feel that warm, moist feeling. My sweetheart asked, “Who knew a baby squirrel’s bladder could hold so much?”

In our family, we love animated movies and one of our favorites is called “UP”. There is a dog in the movie that has a collar on that allows him to speak to people. But he’s a very easily distracted dog, and every time he gets distracted he yells, “Squirrel!” and is ready for the chase.

So, when we are changing subjects, we often say or type, “Squirrel!” Then we are free to talk about whatever our brain is thinking about instead of the current subject.

Well, as of Saturday night, we have another meaning for saying, “Squirrel!” And we laughed a lot all evening. Teri kept inserting the squirrel call into our conversation and laughing, even during our meal time. As we walked to the grocery store before heading home, we were a raucous group in the parking lot.

Gene had decided to hold a post up on the sidewalk and smoke while we picked up a few grocery items. As we were walking back from the store and getting close to him, we were singing, “What does the Fox say?” I am fairly obnoxious with that song because once you hear it, it gets stuck in your head for days. So I blurt out a line of the song whenever I want to liven things up.

As we were walking I sang, ” What does the dog say?” and “Squirrel!” Then I sang, “What does the squirrel say?” And Teri sang, “Pee pee pee, pee pee pee pee pee” to the tune of the song. She laughed so hard, and for some strange reason my sweet Gene was shaking his head at us and looking another way! I wonder why?

So, about 2 feet from him I called out to him, and asked, “Say, mister! You know us don’t you? You know you do!” I cracked up and he smiled his cute little quirky smile and shook his head no.

We bribed him with his supply of mocha mix that we’d just gotten and he walked with us to the car, poor fellow! There were these 3 young adults standing by their car and they had been so intense and kind of negative in their conversations earlier. But now, they were laughing at (with) us, and chatting happy chat.

It is so funny how one little moment can make a whole day happy!

I love all of God’s little creatures, don’t you?

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A Video so lovely and refreshing!

I just viewed this video on facebook, and wanted to make sure everyone who wants to see beauty has an opportunity to see it. It is just too amazing to keep to myself.

I, personally believe in God as creator.

Yes, I have sat in many science courses that teach evolution and other theories. When I see something like this, I am astonished that anyone would believe this just happens and can’t see the Artist at work.

I also see, as time keeps moving along, that this earth is revealing the existence of its Creator, and of God. Many things have been revealed that prove out God’s word and what He has said all along.

But, even if you have seen these things, or believe in such evidence, this is just too lovely to “happen” all on its own, without intelligent design.

However, no matter what your belief, we can all be refreshed and uplifted at this level of beauty. This world is in such a mess, and for so many it is very hard. A video like this is like a mini vacation for those who can’t get away right now.

Please enjoy,


I apologize, but was unable to embed the original video I viewed on facebook. I went to youtube and am sharing these with you.

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Playing with something new

Family collage

Family collage

The other night, I felt like having an adventure, and finally decided to do a search on something I have seen on other blogs.

It looks like photo collage, and some call it a photo mosaic. I love the concept of a collection of photos in one square, so you can show a lot with a smaller amount of space, and in one area.

I have seen some post the collage photos at the end of each month, from a collection of that month’s blog photos.

I have seen some post a collage of photos of step-by-step photo tutorials in one area, rather than as you scroll down the post.

I wasn’t sure how people were doing this, and if you need a program to do it. So, I used Google Chrome search and typed in photo collage. In an instant a very long list of options appeared. Some were sites where people have you pay to do collages for you, and make things like calendars from them.

But I noticed that some were programs for you to use, and some were free. Now, I do not know a thing about this, and so none of the names appearing were familiar to me.

I decided to click on and was smiling within less than a minute. Here is what I was looking for! A free download of the program that merges your photos that are on your computer into it and allows you to choose, crop, randomly pile, collage, or any other number of things with your photos!

I played around with it immediately. I first made a collage from old childhood photos of most of my siblings and I. The baby wasn’t born yet, sorry baby brother! Michael, the oldest brother whom we lost in September is the one in the center. I do miss him terribly at times, but I know he is pain free, and I can live without him if it means he isn’t suffering.

Then, last night I made a collage of favorite photos downloaded from facebook.

I began to try making the header for my blog from it, but soon realized the diminsions for the header were different than the collage. I didn’t like the results very well.

The face of love1

Tonight, or more this morning in the wee hours, I played around with a different layout and more photos added in so just one row of the collage could be chosen for my header. I really like how it turned out, and I think it depicts what I want to say in this blog very well. I call this collage, the face of love.


The two above are halves of one collage, but to make a header, space is limited. So, I re-invented the collage to make what I most wanted on one row, as shown below.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you haven’t played with collages before, I encourage you to play. It is quite easy, and I am sure there is a way to do better than I have. But for now, this meets my desire. Do go and play yourself soon, okay? It is nice to be able to put something together that makes you happy.


Since my personal mission statement shown on the header of this blog says that my mission is to build, keep and impart God’s love in myself and others, I thought this collage showed a nice range of pictures of love from infancy through adulthood. And this is what I am about. I like it very much.

Thanks for stopping by!


I really, really LOVE my header! I sat here at browsed a few of my favorite colorful blogs, Lucy, Heather, Jacquie, Diana Lynn, Diane Renee, and a few others. As I browsed, I would come back to my page to click another link on my blogroll. I would see my lovely header and SMILE! It looks like LOVE to me. And that makes me all warm and happy all the way through. I am feeling quite punky lately, fighting off another flu/cold and the love just made me happy.

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Christmas Flashmob Video and a lovely statement

Jesus was never moved by external things because He lived by His inner life and the communion He had with His Father. He knew who God would be for Him in the midst of every trial, every disturbance, every misunderstanding and every occurrence of blindness on the part of people. He was not affected by the emptiness of the people around Him. He was there to bring light. So are we. Be His light in the darkness. -Jane Hansen Hoyt

Santa worshipping the infant Savior

Santa worshipping the infant Savior

The original St. Nicholas was a bishop who was very thin. He went door to door collecting dowry money for poor young ladies so they had a chance for a good marriage. He also collected warm clothing for poor families. I am not sure what else he did, but he was known to collect and distribute needed items to the poor. The fame of him spread throughout that nation, and spread to other nations. He wasn’t a fat, jolly man as depicted after the image of him changed over the years. He loved God very much, believed in Christ as the Savior of the world, and did what God called His people to do…love one another, and love others.

Beloved let us love one another. Love is of God. God is love. Love never fails.

This is what Christmas is really all about, remember the coming of our Savior, remembering to love others and give selflessly. It doesn’t mean the most expensive gifts = more love. It doesn’t mean going into debt to give what no one even really needs. It does mean to think of others, and not just yourself. In the USA, it is getting very cold at this time of year, and I am always wanting to know if people have warm enough sleepwear.

I personally believe in giving only out of what has been provided to you, and remembering that it was God who blessed you with what you have. I believe in sharing and giving out of what you have been given all year ’round. I love giving. I am learning to love receiving, too which is a lot harder, but growing easier. The one who cares enough to give enjoys it and should see your joy at their kindness.

I love the Christmas tree, the lights, the modest decorations, the gift wrapping to make it special, the cooking, the drives to see others’ lights and decorations, the visits with people, the baking and the wonderful sharing of a special meal.

We have had years that were so lean, or there was sickness so that things were not wrapped, nothing decorated, food was not special or if it was, wasn’t able to be enjoyed. If you are having one of those years, don’t worry. This will not last forever. We have had special meals delivered to us in hospital rooms (thanks, Michael, Teri, Linda, Diane and Danny!)

What really makes it Christmas is heart. It is love. If you are too tired to think you can love, no worries. Your heart is still your heart. If it loves, it loves no matter what you feel like, no matter what you are or are not able to do. Just love and receive love, in whatever way you are able. And remember, God always loves you. No matter what. He IS love. And He says, Love Never Fails. His nature and character do not shift and change with circumstances. His Love Never Fails. I hope this helps you smile and relax.

I tried sharing this a couple of days ago, but it wouldn’t let me keep it embedded in the blog. I am hoping that by doing it this way, it will work. This is honestly one of my alltime favorite flashmob videos ever and I really want everyone to have a chance to see it. The little boy near the end just touched my heart so much! And the voices are lovely. It is from: Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria. I really hope you can squeeze out the 5 minutes or so that it takes to watch the whole thing.


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