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The “Letter Meme”…”T”

I enjoyed reading Diane’s post on “The Letter Meme”. She had been assigned the letter “M” by a friend of hers. I responded to her post, and Diane assigned me the letter “T”.  Here are my ten things with the letter “T”.

1. Thoughtful, and thoughtfulness. I am striving, but sometimes fail miserably to be thoughtful of others in my decisions and in my conversations. Some of life’s greater wounds can come from the thoughtlessness of others, especially those who are dear to us. Another person’s thoughtfulness of us in fragile times can be quite healing. I hope to be thoughtful and healing in the lives of those I am with.

2. Trinity. I love God, all of Him. A very difficult concept for some is to understand the Trinity. The trinity of God consists of God the Father, God the Son (Jesus!), and God the Holy Spirit, each functioning separately, yet being one. I think we can grasp it to a certain degree, but will never fully understand the Trinity of God and how that functions until we meet Him, all of Him, face to face in heaven. The closest thing I can think of on earth might be the egg. It has a shell, a white and a yolk, each separate in name and in function, yet all together they are one egg. A lame example, but the best I can think of at the moment. The best illustration of the trinity of God that I have seen written is in a book called The Shack by William Peterson.

3. Trying. This is interesting. I find increasingly in life that I am trying, attempting to overcome things, to do what is best. I also find as I age that things/people can seem trying or wearing on me, requiring me to deliberately choose to have patience, thoughtfulness, consideration and love in situations and with people.

4. Temptation. I am amazed that as I age I give in more readily and quickly to some temptations than I did in my youth. I seem to have less discipline these days in many areas. I am thinking in particular of my addiction to cola’s and to chocolate, but I prefer to think of it as love for them. LOL! I find it is increasingly more difficult to think of resisting temptation of this nature in a permanent way. Yikes!

5. Testing. One, two, three. This is only a test. Uh-huh. Right! I have been a good test taker, when it comes to school, medicine, and fun quizes and tests on any subject you will find online. But in reality, life is full of tests, of our character, our hearts, our minds and thoughts, our obedience to God, His word and those in authority. Sometimes I think I am doing alright, only to find that I am not sure what the answer is! I will start to believe I am failing at something, only to realize it has really, all along been more about issues of the heart, or repentance, or perhaps humility. And, suddenly I am not a heap at the bottom but closer to the top than I could have realized. For me, it comes with brokenness or weakness, while all along those around me are seeing themselves as strong in the faith because of their strengths. Confusing at times, but then perhaps that is why we should never walk in comparison or competition with one another. My favorite chapter in the Bible is Hebrews 11. It shows that many of whom we have read in earlier accounts and saw as having failed temendously, are listed as faithful, hero’s actually! We just can’t know what someone else’s purpose is, and what that one thing they need to get while on earth is. So, no judging one another. If I see it right in Hebrews 11, it is like each person has a main lesson in life, or thing to overcome. When they get that, it is the one thing that God will mention and you are a huge success in His eyes! No mention at all of the mistakes and faltering faith along the way. They got it! That is my prayer these days, Let me get it, Lord. Let me have formed in me the things that matters most to You in my life. I believe that the character and integrity we are being defined in here on earth matters more to God than our talents and beauty, gifts, or strength. Who we are in Him is what we take to heaven. He doesn’t really have need of anything we have to offer, and He is most interested in relationship with us,  and who we are. I hope my tests in life cause me to become one of His best friends forever!

6. Theatrical. I have many friends in my life that are theatrical, and their kids or family are as well. I am not, though I am a good stand-up comic at times. I enjoy being surrounded by so many theatrical, drama queens. It adds flavor and flair to life, and brings a balance in the lives of those of us who are not as dramatic or as quick to play roles and be “on stage” as those in our lives.

7. Tongue thrust. As I grew up, it was clear I had a serious tongue thrust problem in my speech. I had speech therapy for 9 or so years of school, to learn to say the letter S clearly. “Suzie sells sea shells at the sea shore” was a ridiculous statement that I had to say repeatedly each week. Why on earth would someone sell the shells at a sea shore where anyone can pick up their own for free? LOL! Anyway, I have a niece who also had this speech problem, and for yes, she used to say, yeth! Tho, to thith day, my thithter and I will thay yeth, in the tonth our niethe thaid ath a little girl on the phone with me. We even textht it to each other in rethponthe to quethtionth.

8. Thankful. I believe one of the greatest powers in our lives to change how our day is going for us is to be thankful. I thank God almost every morning for my shower, for the water that is hot and cold and can be blended together to make it a perfect temperature. I am thankful that the water is clean, and running. I am thankful for God who loves me and forgives me, giving me new mercies every morning. I am thankful for breezes, and friendships, for love and life and breath. Being thankful can rearrange your thoughts and feelings and bring you out of feeling like things are too much, or bad. Even if being thankful didn’t change my feelings or mind on anything, I would be thankful to God and for God anyway, just because He is and because He deserves our thanks for all He is and all He does. It still boggles my mind that He came in to my life at such an early age, made sure I knew Him and has stayed with me the whole journey.  I am thankful!

9. Trust. Huge issue for everyone I have ever met. It is interesting that we automatically expect that we should be able to trust one another, when the track record of most people is just the opposite. I have found in the Word of God that we are to love God and love one another, and we are to trust God. But, I have never once found that it says we are to trust one another. That is something to take note of. I am personally trying to realize what to expect of each person, and to not expect anything other than what they are. That way, there aren’t as many disappointments for me, and not as many “failures” for them. It is good to be with people for the long term, and to realize who they are, and who they are not. I have many friends. Some are good to come when you are sick, some pray for you, some send cards, some visit in the hospital, some cook, some do food runs, some will clean for you, treat you to meals or movies, buy you clothes, or just be a phone buddy. It is good to know what a person’s strength is and not expect of them what isn’t there. No one can be all things to anyone. That is God. He is all. We are not. If you have not experienced trustworthiness from someone, then don’t trust them with something critical. This way, you spare both of you! Only give a person what they can handle. And, if someone will “share” with you about other people’s confidences, they will most likely share with others yours. Don’t set yourself up for damaged trust. It is quite painful and takes a long time to get over. Be strong in forgiveness for those who have broken your trust. Be wise, but forgiving and kind. We all mess up sometimes.

10. Talk. I am known to talk, sometimes a lot. In the past, I talked way too much. I am a person of many words, and before text messaging, emails and other outlets for all these words I have, I talked them out. I think out loud a lot, and sort my thoughts verbally or in writing. I am quite sure that I have worn out more than a few friends before I understood that not all people have so many words! These days, I have moments of chatting too much at once, but usually I talk far less often, and not for as long.  Sometimes, I just find I don’t have anything at all worth saying. I don’t always have the energy for talking with others now, and some would find that hard to believe. It can just wear me out. I don’t call people back as often as write online, so some people who still think I talk too much will actually say I don’t talk with them enough these days. LOL! Talking is important, though and not only for communication, but for fun and encouragement, too. People who are more verbal take quite the rap from those who consider themselves shy or quiet. Many times these people actually say more than I do! How else whould I know so much of their lives? It can be a point of snobbery or even an eletist attitude. It is acceptable to say you are shy or quiet, introverted even. In reality, I find many of these people to be quite opinionated and strong, some quite controlling. At least with a talker, they are who they are right up front. And, not all talkers are extroverts. Extroverts get their energy from people and social gatherings, while introverts lose energy in those settings, expending their strength to socialize, or even to be in the gathering. There is such a thing as a social introvert, someone who loves people and is verbal but who needs to pull out often and restore strength, and who prefers one on one to the party scene. Just watch for when a chatter inhales and jump on in! It will remind them they are not telling a story, but having a conversation. LOL! Cut those chatters in your life a little slack. They are just being who they are made to be.


  1. Shelley Jo,

    I am so proud of your first post! I also really enjoyed what you wrote. I liked what you wrote about trust especially. I liked the other stuff too. Though it just makes me miss you more and wish that we could spend the evening together. I do hope that happens soon. I love you to the moon and back.


  2. Thanks, honey. I need to figure out how to work this site so I can be organized and have it look fun, like yours is!

    I should have said at the bottom, watch for when a chatter inhales and jump on in! It will remind them they are not telling a story, but having a conversation. LOL!

  3. Well, play with the buttons within the Post area when you write something. If you click on the button – add an image it will take you to browse your computer for pictures and that is how you upload pictures. Do you have a digital camera? Do you have pictures on your computer? Anyway, you will get it! Miss you!

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