Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 14, 2008

So not a techy!

OMG! You would think I could get a simple thing that most of the world has caught on to a long time ago.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to go to high speed internet and went in to talk to someone at Verizon about it. They have this really neat little gadget that you plug in to your hard drive on your desk top or lap top and you can go online without a phone line. So, I decided that would be the deal for me, since I want to move the computer into the spare room, which doesn’t have a phone jack.

I figured I was understanding the kid enough, and went home and installed the program, plugged in the little gadget and then Internet Explorer kicks in! I was thinking it would be Verizon, so I kind of went, “huh?”. Then, it used Comcast as the default website (what?), and I have never used Comcast before. I was afraid Comcast would charge me for unauthorized use, so I unplugged it. Get outa Dodge! LOL!

Then, I went to the Verizon advertizing page, and went to try the internet from their site. It gave me high speed and I had a ball! It is so much faster than my AOL has been, as most would figure.

Today, just for fun, I went back in to Verizon to ask how to sign up an email address on Verizon. I was thinking it would be like my family’s AT&T hi speed, where you email them at whomever@ATT.whatever. Nope! No wonder I couldn’t find it! They don’t have such a thing. It is just like an engine to run the hi speed but you have to have separate email.

I’ve noticed that several of my friends, including Diane have gmail and I logged on to Google and signed up for gmail. (cool site, btw.) I also set Google as my default web search engine so I don’t have to freak out about Comcast. ;O) 

The kid (today’s kid) explained that they wouldn’t charge me since it is still functioning under the little gadget for Verizon. Huh?

Oh, well. I was doing it right. I just didn’t realize how different the internet system works these days. SO different than the fossil AOL. Sigh! LOL! I should have recognized when I was doing it right. Too funny. Not a techy. (How DO you spell that, anyway?)

Perhaps I should go back to mailing letters in the mail?

So much to learn, so little brain.

sigh! You still humble me, Lord!



  1. techee = T E C H Y

    I am married to one. So I always and I do mean ALWAYS get briefed on the latest and greatest.

    So missy, what is your gmail email. You need to tell me so we can “google chat”

    Yes, Shel. One more chat service, like AIM

    Love you!

    Oh ya, but google chat is SOOOOOOO much better.

    Glad you moved up to high speed!


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