Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 14, 2008

Whoosh! And the load is lifted off.

I have had a hard time letting anyone see the inside of my house for many years. I clean regularly, but the piles of mess keep showing back up, depositing stuff everywhere. I can’t seem to find the energy or discipline these days to get it caught up and to keep it that way.

Too much stuff, not enough me. Too much me, not enough Papa (God).

My weak points seem to be the dining room table and it’s paper monster, as well as the kitchen counter with stuff on it (isn’t counter space a magnet?).

The greatest nemesis I have in keeping the house (apartment) in order is the small, spare bedroom, which is really more like a catch-all, garage type of room and it is very full.

The other day, while on a fun outing, my sister-in-law Teri and I were chatting about health, stressors, etc. Later, she turned to me and offered to borrow a pick-up and help me move everything out of the spare room to the truck, then haul it to an extra (very spacious) room at her place, which is unused at the moment. This would give me space to sort, and gather my bearings on what to keep and what to let go of once and for all.  Then, when ready we can transfer the stuff I am keeping back to the room and set it up in some sort of usable sense.

I jumped at this, even though I cringe at the immensity of the project (just like moving!). Not to mention that the stuff would need to be out of our place by the end of this month to give me time to get it sorted through and back again. Amazingly, this is liberating and not as overwheming as the prospect of working on it in the small room it is in.

The change in me is that I will accept help with this, and in a way that takes a lot of work from someone else. Typically, my attitude is that it is my mess, I made it and I need to clean it up myself.

The Lord has been humbling me for a very long time, with health issues, relationships, finances, mistakes, appearance and personality issues. I can tell now that I have truly been humbled, enough at least to accept the help, admit I can’t seem to do this on my own (ouch! -aren’t I superwoman?), and to allow my worse ugliness and weaknesses be seen and rescued by someone who is quite busy, herself. 

You humble me, Lord. You humble me. Thank you for it, too. I obviously need it.

My hope, and yes even a goal (gasp!) of mine is that by the beginning of November the spare room will be emptied, vacuumed, shampooed, then ordered and arranged in a functional and peaceful way. (Is it possible to have a computer area, a bed in there and keep my prayer area? (Not to mention the storage that must still be there. Hmmm.

I hope to let go of so much that it shocks me and gives me peace. I hope that by the end of this year, every space in my home will have been emptied, cleaned and ordered and that 2009 will be a new season in my life.

I have gained many good, and disciplined habits this past few years and these will help to keep me from returning to this state again. The issue I have is taking care of the old while keeping up the current. I believe this offer for assistance and Teri’s brilliant plan will actually help me over this hurdle.

Just knowing this is coming, I got in yesterday and gutted the coat closet and it is over half done. Yea!

I have needed God to help me, and He is. In this situation, He is using Teri’s skin, Barney’s truck and Myke and Teri’s space to come to my rescue!

This is true friendship (on both our parts), and true humility. I think the combo of this is the cure for my overwhelming burden.  I hope so.



  1. I understand completely, especially having just moved mom. It’s been awesome seeing mom finally able to let go of stuff and just get rid of stuff. If it’s been sitting locked in a room for so long…do you REALLY need it? It is hard to let go of stuff and even harder to accept the help…but you are going to be SOOOOOOO happy with the results. I just know it. I can’t wait to see the results. And if you want someone to talk to while sorting through piles…just let me know! I am willing to come help and at least talk to ya! I LOVE you.

  2. Diane!
    How the heck do we move some of these posts to another page? Is it the design I chose that limits me? I can’t find how to start others pages. Help!

  3. Well, what are you asking exactly? Do you want just one post to show up at a time? Why do you want them on separate pages?

    You can go into dashboard, then Manage, then Pages, then you can edit the “about” page, and you can create pages under the about page, kinda within it.

    Tell me what you are trying to do. I am unsure what you are looking for? All I have is my blogs, and then my about me page. It just turns into multiple pages after so many blogs. But you can set it up to see only one blog per page, or a continuous run.

    So let me know and I will try to help you. And if all else fails. I will ask the hubby!

  4. Woo-Hoo! We did it! We got half that room moved to Teri’s extra room today. Sweet! She is such a hard worker and can move fast. She is in great shape and I think she ran up the stairs and moved pretty quickly downstairs, too. She did all the hauling the goods down the stairs and all the loading of the truck, up and down the truck bed to the ground. She worked hard. I just basically worked in the spare room and hauled the stuff to the living room for her to run in and grab. It was hard work on both of us, but she wins the prize. I did good considering the shape I am in, and having been so ill, but I could not have done even a third without her. I felt like I wasn’t pulling my share of the load, but she reminded me that I was working hard and doing the better than we thought would be possible today.
    It was easy on the other end of things. Their place is on the ground and she parked near the door so it was a peace of cake. Oh, and she jumped up and down the truck bed there too, moving the boxes so I could get them without getting up into the truck.
    That room is so huge that it looked like we barely took anyhing in there, seriously. It looked like nothing. Yet it was such an overload in our place. It put it in perspective for me to see it in a larger place. I don’t feel so bad about how much we have now. If we had a normal sized house it wouldn’t seem like too much at all. We’ve lived in the same place since 1981, so I guess it wasn’t really that bad of accumulation considering that.
    Now I need to pack more boxes this week to haul over there, sort out what is not needed to carry over, and toss all I can. We will disassemble the monster rack and get it out, too. I want the twin bed in there, and my computer desk, which I can actually put in there now, if I want to. I will leave the space open, but it is exciting! Like moving to another place.
    I am still praying for a place on ground level to open up to us at a reasonable price so we don’t have to deal with Gene making it upstairs after hip surgery. This will make it so much easier when we do get to move!

  5. Like I said on your other post. You need to tell me what you can afford so I can find you a place. Love you!

    I am VERY proud of you for getting so much done. I know how it feels to feel like you are not pulling your weight. That is how I felt moving mom. All our friends were working so hard, and I would have to break and sit down and feel like such a loser watching them work, or being the direction telling them what to do next. But you know, it is that humbling experience where you have to realize that we have limits and our health gets in the way. But you just have to keep going and accept the help as it comes along. God knows what he is doing. We are both being strengthened I think in allowing God to show us our limits and allow others to help us. It is hard to let others serve you, isn’t it? It is just so easy to serve others.

    Well, I have now officially been up all nite. It is almost 5:30 in the morning. Lovely.

    Love you!

  6. Hi, love

    I have been struggling a lot with being turned around sleep-wise, too. Drives Gene nuts and he is convinced if I were “normal”, whatever that is, I would be healthier. I try to get through to him that I would love to get enough sleep at the time I should.

    Ah, well. Some of us are just wired for evenings and nights. My best productivity is evenings, and part of the night time. Always has been. No one has ever understood that about me, except your mom, and you.

    Remember that song, “Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble? … LOL! Well, it truly is, isn’t it?
    Of course, the next line in that song is, “when you’re perfect in every way”. LOL! NOT!

    And, yes. There is no doubt or question that God knows what He’s doing and knows best. Not just for us, but for His purpose in us. Can you imagine getting to heaven and not having your character refined? I think about that a lot lately. I want it to be a smooth transition. LOL!

  7. Yes. Don’t you love it when people are like “You can make yourself go to bed and be a morning person.” They just don’t get it, do they? Our bodies are wired differently. Nate is amazed sometimes at how the house looks when he goes to bed and how he wakes up to it. LOL. Amazing what I can get my body to do at nite.

    I miss you, miss you, miss you! But am SO enjoying coming online and having all these conversations between the two of us to catch up on!

    I think I am gonna get in the shower now.

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