Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 15, 2008

Cookie cravings.

Moo!                                          Got Milk? *heheh* by -Sunny-

Okay, Diane! You just made me face up to something I have recently been saying about myself. And, man! Is it uncomfortable to voice!

I am a food addict! Yikes!!!!

Okay, now I’ve got that out in the open. And, it doesn’t feel any better. Moving on then…

I saw a picture Diane posted on her blog, the one of the glass of milk with the Oreo cookie in it. Too yummy. I have been craving anything and everything that is not in the house (I am trying to watch my blood sugar levels and behave myself). Today, I have wanted cookies since breakfast!

Do you want to know the funny part? I’m not as “into” cookies as I am other things, and I don’t care much for drinking milk. And, I really don’t like wet food, so I am NOT a dunker! LOL! Shouldn’t have even tempted me, but sure enough it looks SOOOO good.   Splash - b/w by .tara.

Here’s the thing. I am not the same type of food addict as some, where you binge on too much in a sitting, eat constantly, focus on food all the time, or drive from one place to another to keep eating whatever you haven’t had yet. I do have a reasonable appetite as far as quantity in a sitting goes.

My personal addiction with food is that I eat what I want, the thing that sounds, smells or looks good to me. So, if I see a commercial, picture or smell a scent that is wonderful, then that is what I want. Too often I get what I want, and sometimes I get it when I want it.

At the moment, my help is coming from a too-tight budget, so there isn’t an option to have things in the house that I shouldn’t be eating. I have to decide what to put the money on, so I am careful about the decisions I make in the grocery store, which ultimately helps the eating habits.

Truthfully, if it weren’t for the money right now, I would have juice bars, and drum stick ice cream in the freezer, and cookies and chips in the pantry. Once they are there, though it is not like I have to eat them until they are gone. Not like they call my name at all times. More like, if that is what I want, then I go get a little of it. It even stops me at times from grabbing something while out. I know I have this good stuff at home and I should just come home and have that if I want something.

So, as I am thinking of making a cookie run today, I see the cookie and milk picture and, almost simultaneously, my honey comes in and says we are out of milk and will I please go to the store for some tonight! I decided to watch The Biggest Loser first. LOL! O, yeah. Like that is going to help. Honestly, I have wanted cookies all day, before seeing the picture.

As a teen, my favorite Sesame Street character (yes, I started watching that as a senior in high school) was the cookie monster. Today, he is talking to me.

Alright then. Can anyone say, Cookies?



  1. Shelley,

    Do you know that I feel bad now!!!!!!!!

    I don’t to be a stumbling block to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I certainly don’t want to make you be tempted cause I am tempting myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The bad part is….it is almost one in the morning and Here I got with the cookie craving again….SOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you!

  2. LOL! Too funny. Guess what I did? I went to Safeway at midnight and bought great vegetables, some fruit, eggs, that sort of thing. When I was done with the good stuff, I looked at Cookies and ended up picking up a box of 100 calorie oreo crisp packets, and one of Cheese Nips crisps packets! Woo-Hoo! It was considered a starch group to eat the packet, so not bad. I just traded a bread for cookies today at lunch. Yum!
    I crawled into bed at 2:30 a.m. and Gene got up at 3:00. I was wide awake, so at 3:30 I fixed up an egg sandwich for breakfast for today and ate the Cheese Nips Crisps. Yummy!
    I got up at 4:40 for work this morning and made it through the day just fine, with a 15 minute nap between Gene’s doctor appointment and my afternoon shift.
    So, you are NOT a stumbling block! It is up to me to behave. And, I did, which is cool! LOL!

  3. Now that is pretty funny! Those 100 calorie things are pretty good though, aren’t they? Even Nate likes them!

  4. Yes, they are yummy! I like the Oreo ones and the Cheese Nips ones so far.
    Last evening I did some more slicing and dicing and packaging of a variety of vegies to steam up quickly or stir fry. It helps with getting a meal on the table quickly.
    I think the main reason I have done so much eating out or grabbing fast food is that I get so fatigued and just can’t function. The way around this, and I have already had success in the past, is to take the good days and prep like crazy so I don’t give in to fatigue or laziness. But, then I slide off and misbehave on convenience, which is a good way to eat your finances, too. So, here we go again.
    BTW, my new bood sugar med is helping a lot now, so I am doing better in many ways.

  5. I am glad the new meds are helping! Prepping foods ahead of time helps a lot. I am trying to do that as well so that even on the bad days we can still eat decent. Cause I am the same way, if I feel cruddy then everything overwhelms me and I don’t feel like I can even begin to put a meal together!

    I did get dinner made tonight though…so that felt good!

    Love you.

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