Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 17, 2008

Update on Dr. Appointment

Hi, Diane 

The doctor agreed with me that I need an additional medication for the diabetes, and it is taken along with my other one. The first day was wonderful and it worked very well. Today, I am more tired and it is a bit overwhelming to my system. I am hoping this levels out soon. I want to stay on it and still be safe to drive! Also, I am to have iron levels checked, thyroid levels along with labs and gallbladder sonagram, as well as x-rays of my entire back and hips, knees and ankles. I am starting to sound like Gene now, huh? And of course, the annual girlie stuff which I have put off for over a year now. LOL! 

My blood sugar levels started spiking higher than they ever have, even when I was exercising and eating better. So, now I am on the medication, and really watching very carefully every single thing I eat, what I eat it with, how much of what, etc. Ugh! I hate thinking so much about food. I would much rather just be impulsive. LOL! Anyway, the A1c is a level that shows 2-3 months of highs and lows, and mine was higher than it has ever been, which is really something to be concerned about.

Also, my heart murmur has kicked up very nicely, thank-you, but I think it is the pain, blood sugar and the several infections I have had since Spring. Just doesn’t help matters any at all. Doesn’t help the blood sugar levels, either, and they don’t help me heal. I seem to feel wiped out most of the time, and I am the sole supporter now, so I must stay up and moving, you know? I have had a heart murmur since birth, so it does not alarm me, though it is good to know when things change.

Teri and I are planning to start moving stuff from the spare room Saturday, and I know she will want it all transferred over the same day, so please, please pray I am up to the challenge. It is a HUGE task and there are only the two of us to do it, stairs and all. Yikes! That room and all the stuff always overwhelm me, anyway. I know I can do it. I just have to convince myself of that by Saturday morning. ;o)

Gene’s doctor appointment went well yesterday. He has gained 20 pounds back, and it is muscle and not fat, so that is great. He is ready to consider the hip surgery now. He looks 10 years younger than a month ago. I have been giving him a good protein shake to mix up each day and it is helping him gain weight the right way, as well as giving him some good overall strength. Poor guy is in so much pain all the time, and, as you know, there are only so many pain meds you can deal with.

I am very grateful we are both as well as we are, I still have my job and benefits and wonderful friends! God is good, very good.

I love you lots, and am still praying for you. We will walk soon. I will shoot for this coming week, okay? Need time to get through this challenge and recover!



  1. Hi Friend –

    Well, I am better, much better in the evenings than I am in the morning. That being said…if you want me to come over Friday evening and help box stuff up so it is ready to be moved on Saturday, I can. And, if by the grace of God I have any okay energy on Saturday I can try to come over and help. Of course I can’t life anything TOO heavy, doctor’s rules not mine. lol

    Man I love and miss you bunches and have really enjoyed talking online like we have. It helps at least feel somewhat connected with you!

    Looking forward to some time hopefully next week with you!

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Diane,
    If you want to come and see what you can do, that is fine. But, that being said, I don’t want you to come if you are really not up to it. I understand completely how it is to be under it and not up to anything much.
    Love you!

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