Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 17, 2008

What a morning!

Wow! What a way to start a day.

I woke to Gene’s voice telling me it was 5:55 a.m. I looked at my phone and saw that it was really 5:57 a.m.. I am scheduled to be a work at 5:55 a.m.  Before this announcement from my husband, I have no recall of anything since I went to bed at 12:15 this morning.

I shot out of bed, adrenaline pumping and rushed to the bathroom. I did what I needed to do within 1 minute, then washed my hands, tossed water on my face and rushed to the living room where my clothes were laid out ready for the morning. I got dressed in a minute, ran to the fridge and tossed prepped foods into my breakfast bag, grabbed a bottled water, my purse and keys and ran out the door. I combed my hair and applied deoderant while driving. Every traffic signal was red, but turned green quickly when I got there. Very unusual. God was with me, for sure.

When I parked the car in the parking lot, I dropped my water bottle and it rolled under the car! I didn’t bother to try to get it. I was at work, across town, and checked in at 6:10 a.m.!  So, in 12 minutes from being awakened I was dressed and at work. I was only 10 minutes late to the first stop on my route, so that was awesome!

I had a good morning shift, but felt grimey. I never leave the house without the morning shower, shampoo, etc. Just past half way through the morning, at one of the centers I washed my face in the bathroom with hand soap. Now THAT is desperate. I know what goes on in there! Scary!

When I got off from the first shift, I went home, and did some things I needed to get done, then showered and shampooed, styled my hair, changed to fresh clothes and laid on the bed for 10 minutes before returning to work. I listened to Nancy Griffith on my Zune and sang along so I wouldn’t go completely to sleep. LOL! Gene was fishing with my brother, Myke so I was not wanting a repeat of the morning.

The afternoon went very well and I had a good day overall.

The funniest thing was that when I drove in to the parking lot at work, my bottled water was lying where it had rolled. With all the traffic in and out of there, plus my own exit that morning, it is amazing that it was not flattened, and wasn’t even scratched. Just dirty from the ground.

The wierd thing is that I never can just wake up and get right up without feeling discumbuberated all day. Today, I was able to keep from that. Perhaps it was God’s mercy, perhaps adrenaline. But I am glad.

Wildness! Drama! Action!

I feel more wiped out today on the new med, and a bit off kilt, like it is overwhelming me. There is a sense that I could get dizzy, but don’t. I have almost blurred vision, but not quite. I really want this med to work, and to be able to stay on it. I pray to level on this. I need something to help me so desperately. I have to have good blood sugar levels in order to pass the driver physical for work at the end of winter. Not to mention I would like to be in good health.

I did have a chat with the new supervisor, who didn’t even know that I was late. I felt I should just be honest and say it, yet ask him to give me time to adjust to all the health stuff and meds for now. He was fine with that, and even glad that my blood sugar levels are improving already. Nice guy. Loves the Lord AND cares about His people. We will see what happens if and when the boss finds out I was that late. I will just take it as it comes.

sigh! You STILL humble me, Lord!

A post script to this story: Gene told me that evening that he had heard my alarm go off 2 separate times, which would be right. I have it set to go off 15 minutes apart in case I accidentally dismiss the first one. (LOL!) He also said he asked me to give the cat her insulin shot that morning. He has such a hard time getting out of bed due to his pain. Apparently I answered him and said yes! I suspect I never woke up at any of these time, the dismissing of both alarms and the conversation. I must have wanted sleep badly enough to just do all this while sleeping! Talk about a multi-tasker!                                                                        LOL! Note to self: get to bed early enough to get sleep!!!



  1. Hey…you gotta hit edit….and fix 5:10 to 6:10….just me being the ocd proofreader that I am ! lol

  2. You got me! Good eye. I am usually the one with the editor eye.
    Love you, sweetie!

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