Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 19, 2008

My chains fell off!

I feel so good and happy this evening. I am in awe of how wonderful it is to have good family and friends rally to you when you are down or in need.

Last night, Diane and her mom, Linda came by and brought up some empty boxes for me to use in the project ahead, packing up my belongings and taking them to my sister-in-law’s to store there and sort through. Then the stuff I want to keep will be re-packed and brought back upstairs and organized in a better way. This way the spare room will be more usable and less like a garage or storage space. I want to have my computer desk in there, and a twin bed.

My real hope is that when this is done there will be a downstairs place available for us to move to. One that doesn’t have anyone living upstairs over the top of us. RIght now we are in an upstairs apartment and it is getting hard on us, both of us but especially Gene.

Today was the day that Teri and I had planned to start emptying the once-dreaded spare room, which is now becoming the blessed spare room. LOL!

I have been quite ill, and not responding well to a new med, so it was quite an undertaking just to agree to this effort. Yesterday, I was so tired I could barely find my voice. But every time I am in the mood to deal with this room, something happens to knock me back, or even flat and I decided that is enough of that! I chose to not give myself an out, like a work day. It worked. Plus, when help is offered to this degree, I do not want to let it get by me.

I took good care of business with my health, slept in this morning until 9:00 and then got going. Gene and I did laundry, then I showered and dressed and Teri took me to the lab for my fasting blood work. Then we went to a place I really like for lunch. I can choose the stuff to put in my salad and not worry about food allergies. We both ordered something I hadn’t had before, and it was good but too salty. Her fries were soggy and coated in paprika. She is like me, not into seasoned fries. It always makes me sad when I recommend a place and then it is not up to what I expected. The salad was great. We ate what we could and got to work. She even paid for her own lunch! Talk about free help. We didn’t have to pay for the gas for the truck either. This whole thing was a free gift!

Teri had me take full boxes and bags from the spare room (lots of file boxes full of stuff) and bring them out to the living room. Then she grabbed them and carried them downstairs to the truck and loaded the bed up. By the time I was feeling like I needed a break, she came in and told me that there was only room for one or two more boxes in the truck! This was a full sized pick-up so I felt quite happy about it. There was stuff behind the seat in the cab as well, so it was a full load.

We took it to her place and she backed the truck in by the door and we had it all loaded into her place in 5 minutes or so. It was so much easier on the ground level.

We came back and did about a fourth of a load more, then had to quit due to her having plans. I poured us some drinking water and we refreshed ourselves and did the last load. It was just right, strength wise. As long as she was willing to work, I kept pushing myself so we could power through as much as possible. I did have a few times of chest pain and other symptoms, but leaned on the wall a moment and it would pass. I just didn’t let it stop me from working.

I did have some times of feeling like a burden, or like I wasn’t pulling my share of the load, especially since this was all for me. Teri reminded me that I did a lot for the condition I am in. It is so humbling to be so weak. I said I couldn’t keep up with her. She said she couldn’t keep up with me. This was so funny, and I laughed and reminded her that she did all the trips up and down the stairs and all I had to do was move the stuff from one room to another and then from the truck to the house. LOL! She sure did burn a lot of calories, though. She earned that ice cream sundae she has been wanting for a few weeks.

I actually strengthened as we worked and felt less ill. My blood sugar still didn’t come down to normal, but it was better than the last 2 days, so I was happy about that, too.

We did at least half that room, which is a huge amount of the burden lifted off of me. The rest is stuff that will have to be sorted and packed up to take over. I will work on that this week. Reminds me of a song, “My chains fell off”.

The funny thing was the sight of it in the room we put it into. It looks like this tiny little stack of stuff in a corner, and not much at all. Big room. It did put things in to perspective for me, though. When the huge amount of stuff is taken out of the little room we have and put into a big room in a house, it becomes a little amount of stuff. I don’t feel as bad now for accumulating that amount of stuff. We just don’t have space for it. It isn’t really that much after all these years. We have lived here for 26 and a half years, and been together for 28, so I am not going to beat myself up for this anymore, just get it down to an amount we can handle where we live.

While I am on this project, I am going to gut the closets and pantry in the rest of the place and make it a total clearing. Just let go of the stuff, ShelleyJo. You won’t even miss most of it. If something matters a lot to me or is very sentimental, I will take digital photos to keep. I should have taken photos of the room before, so the after photos would mean something to those who haven’t seen it. LOL! Who wants a clean house? Oh, pick me! I do, I do!

We enjoyed each other’s company and I was amazed at how much she got done and how quickly. I stand in awe. She is quite a hard worker and very fast. She has a good attitude, too. You don’t get the feeling that you are going to have to pay up or owe her anything down the road, and she is definitely not a whiner. She doesn’t lord it over you or make you feel less than her, either. I am impressed and she gets a star. It is nice to find how well we still work together. No power/control struggles or fussing. Just agreeing on a plan and working as a team. Thanks, Teri! You are a treasure.



  1. Hey Shel. So I have been praying about you guys moving, and was unaware that you were even having that thought. What is in your price range? How much do you think you spend a month in laundry. Cause you know, I just happen to know someone with some property management connections…lol.

    I’ve been praying about finding a place WITH a washer/dryer, for you but don’t know what your price range is. So, please let me know and I am going to see what I can do.

    Love you. Sorry I didn’t make it to help yesterday. Like I said on facebook, it was not a good day!

  2. HI, honey! I always love it when I hear from you here, since no one I know checks in to this site. I feel like it is “our” connection. LOL!

    Thanks so much for praying for a place for us! Yes, I have prayed now for a cuople of years, kind of in a way that is knowing it is coming but not really ready to think of the move! Then, this calendar year I have really had it on me as a burden, like “now!” kind of sense about it. In Feb I had time off for illness and started this project, then got more ill with more things and couldn’t keep going, so the whole place has fallen in again.

    (Actually, the last time I had the spare room in order, I was excited because I felt God was getting ready to move us, then we got new carpet. LOL! It was good, though because if I hadn’t done all I had, it wouldn’t have been possible to do. They gave us 1 day notice!)

    But, now, there is an urgency in me. A real sense of urgency, like I am way behind for what is to come. Don’t know what that means but am getting up and trying to catch up on lost time. (Not to mention how awful I feel if someone wants to come over.)

    We have been upped to $750, and that is crushing us. There are a few bills that I can’t keep up with and be on time at all, so keep that in mind.

    Also, we did file bankruptcy last year. You know how that is. Really binds you when it comes to moving.

    Darling, I have been reminding God of my dream, which is to have my own washer and dryer in my place! Seriously, if anyone asks me about my dream home, the first thing I mention is my own washer and dryer in my place. They always, laugh! I have never had the pleasure since I left home, so it is a big dream to me.

    Sorry it wasn’t a good day yesterday for you. Was it because you had so much energy the evening before? That happens to me a lot. Always has. If I hadn’t had this planned and pushed it through, I would have been in bed all day, myself.

    I woke up with a slamming headache, blurred vision and 204 blood sugars this morning! Yikes. Trying to get a healthy breakfast down and start pedaling. LOL! Oh, well. I think God is forcing my hand on the important things in life, like health and how I live. Funny that.

    I love you so much. It has been great to connect with you so much lately and see your face! You are so beautiful!

  3. Well, thanks for the beautiful comment. I wasn’t expecting that as the last line, so you made me smile!

    So, are you guys willing to sign a longer-term lease to get locked into a cheaper rate? It may be possible to have a lower rate for rent if you sign a longer-term lease. Yes, the bankruptcy thing is a definite hardship, but you have amazing rental history so that should help.

    We have 2 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, one-story apartments with full-size washer/dryers in them that rent for $800.00 a month. But I am thinking that if you signed a longer-term lease, the owner may rent for less, knowing that he is getting a long-term tenant. Our normal leases are only six-month.

    I will check and see what else Sheraton has available right now as well. I am praying hard about this for you. I want so much for you guys to get into a downstairs unit with a washer/dryer. I love you and am praying!

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