Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 20, 2008

Response to Diane’s friend re: Caring for the (church) body

It takes the whole body to minister to one another and meet needs. If you look in scripture, Moses was given a team to help him because his father-in-law was wise enough to see that the job was too much for him. In the new testament, many were commissioned and had hands laid on them for ministering so the needs of the body, and the masses, could be met in a better way.

I know of many churches who are now doing cell groups or small groups meeting mid week to get to know one another and to know each other’s needs as they are shared.

None of us have arrived, and I think God is letting us go through more things at this season on the earth so that we will wake up and realize where we need to strengthen, and to strengthen each other.

The Lord never asks us to give what we don’t have, so if we can’t pay our own bills, we are not to charge our gifts to others. Only give what you have. However, if you make a mean pot of chili or soup and invite someone over for a meal that may need the food and fellowship, or even a break from cooking, then you are still giving provision.

If you are someone who has energy for phone calls or cards sent by mail, then that is a way to lift someone up, too. Whatever we have is what we give and share out of. When we all live like this, then all the different needs can be met and not deplete one person too much.

Plus, the leaders/pastors are blessed with a well-cared for body and a happy bunch of people of lead. That gives them what they need, too!

None of us have been as great as we should be in loving one another, or living this out, but many are “getting it” and improving along the way. This is the way of God, to grow us up from babyhood to full maturity. We just forgive others and ask to be forgiven and keep getting up and keep moving forward.


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