Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 22, 2008

Holy What?-er…

One day, while I was attending an Episcopal church on a regular basis, the priest asked me, “Do you know how they make holy water?”

I said, “silly priest, God made the water!” wink.

He said, “yes, and the priest takes the water and boils the hell out of it!

As he was grinning and pleased with himself, I said, “and then you go and stick your fingers in it and defile it again, and add a prayer of blessing at that! Then you go and splash it on everybody.” He just laughed and said, “a priest’s fingers are made holy by the anointing.” Right!, (Oh, yeah… mine, too!)

Anyway, I think it is time for me to boil the hell out of some of God’s homemade water and do another “blessing of the bus”.

Sometimes, I go in when there is no one to observe, and I put on worship music, pray, worship, dance, and anoint and bless the bus with anointing oil after inviting the Holy Spirit to come into it. I ask for the washing of the blood of Jesus Christ and the washing of water by the Word. I touch every opening to the bus, as well as every seat and seatbelt, sometimes sitting in the seats, and always read the Word of God out loud. I pray for every person who enters and exits my bus.

I think I will add some holy water this time.

(I think I will do my home, too. I do that often, but it has been a long while this time.)

Recently, an alarming number of passengers and staff are getting injured or having strange health problems, and I am thinking it is time to extend a fresh invitation to the Holy Spirit to come and join us there, pray the blood of Jesus over the place and kick out anything that opposes my Lord Jesus!

“Splish splash! I was taking a bath”…

So, what’s cooking at your place?

Time to get the kettle out!



  1. Maybe I need to do the same thing at my place!

    Love to you.

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