Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 22, 2008

Now I remember how it feels to feel good!

Okay, Tuesday was wonderful! I did have to work non-stop the entire day, but it was such a good day. I awoke to having great blood glucose levels, and the energy and well-being that accompanies that.

I worked the first shift, ate my brunch foods and sipped more water, lots of water today. I hung out at work since I had a 40 minute break. The fun thing was that I got to chat with so many people that I don’t usually cross paths with, or don’t have time when we do. I was chatting with one gal about how her daughter was doing (she had been in a head-on crash a little over a year ago, been through many surgeries to her face and is now as lovely as ever and in college) when I noticed the new work shirt she was wearing. It had nicer buttons and some top stitching, and a finer texture to the weave of the fabric.

I asked her where she had gotten this hot little item and she told me a new shipment had come in and the boss had them in his office. I went in only to find he had them up in the attic over the shop. I marched up the stairs and got several in different sizes, came downstairs to try them on in the women’s room, went upstairs to hang up the rejects and grab a few more in my size. I showed them to the office gal, and she wanted some, too but couldn’t leave her desk. So, I went upstairs and got her 5 new ones. I got 4 for me. Then, I went back up a few times for other people. I realized I had this energy and strength that I don’t have when my blood sugars are elevated first thing in the mornings. I put on one of the new shirts and went around shaking my booty and singing, “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and torturing everyone within range.

I had a very good second shift, and then drove to IN-n-Out Burger for a hamburger to get in some good protein before the next shift. I sucked up a few more glasses worth of water with that burger. I had less than an hour off total and then started the third shift.

This shift was fun. It started with me picking up people that I didn’t know, from a job site that I dont’ usually go to and taking those people home to a place I don’t usually go to. This made the third trip up the hill in the bus today. It was a pleasant ride. Then, I picked up my usual people for the last leg of that shift and took them home.

I didn’t have one of my partners, and I did fine, ran the route ahead of schedule and was very active all day. It was such a pleasure and I remembered how much I love my job!

I got home at around 6 p.m. and got dinner going, logged online for some facebook fun time with family and friends, watched Biggest Loser and rode the exercise bike for a half hour before bedtime, which was 11-something.

I went to bed feeling as well as I did all day. My ankles have been swelling and so have my other joint areas, but not so much that I can’t just keep going. I am wondering if it is a reaction to my new diabetes med. Hmm.


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