Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 22, 2008

One Crazy Morning

Yesterday morning, on a Monday morning no less, I awoke just before my first alarm and decided to actually get right up rather than hitting the snooze repeatedly which is the usual pattern for me. I have been scraping in the door at work too close to time lately, and it is time to get back on track. So, at 4:40 a.m. I got up, gave the cat her insulin shot and started my own morning routine.

I had plans for the day, which was quite a full day and I wanted to be ahead of things along the way. I had requested yesterday afternoon off, and had an appointment to get Gene to up the hill in Paradise after the morning route, so there wouldn’t be time for a break until late afternoon.

I headed out the door to work with my food packed, and plenty of time to spare. I had a clear road all the way to work and arrived a little early, which felt so good!

Then, as I was walking into the yard, I saw a bus pulling out onto the street and noticed my bus was gone from it’s parking space! What?

I walked, none too slowly, to the office and stepped in to see a startled office gal, who looked panicked that I was there! The expression on her face was priceless!

I said, “is there a reason my bus is not in it’s space at this time of day?” She said, “it just left! You have the day off, remember?” I said, umm. “Nooo…if you will check my request for time off form, you will see that I wrote p.m. only and circled it!” She turned and flipped the book open and said, “that is exactly right! I wonder why he gave you the whole day?” He being a fairly new supervisor.

(Not to mention the bus was leaving 10 minutes earlier than it should have. I did good not making any comments about it, especially since the times would look better than I can do on a normal day.)

I said, “well, alright then”… then left and got in the car. I remembered that, though I had shopped at Walmart for the few things we needed the night before, I had forgotten 2 things. So I went to Walmart and wandered around for an hour, just trying to adjust to being up at that ridiculous hour for no apparent reason!

I came home and my husband thought I had forgotten something! I told him what happened, and he thought they should pay me since I didn’t know not to show up. I said, I may just enjoy the extra time before we leave for your appointment, and went online for a while.

About an hour later I heard a yelp from the bathroom. I ran in and there was toilet water about a half inch to an inch deep covering the entire bathroom floor! Not a pretty thing (or smell) at all, I tell ya! I grabbed all the old towels I keep being told to toss out, and threw them down on the floor, covering every inch I could.

I wasn’t thinking the elderly woman downstairs would like this coming down to her space. yikes!

As I cleaned things up, I realized that for 2 days I had kept saying I was going to deep clean the bathroom and wash the floor. So, I sure did this time and did a very good job of it, too. That’s motivation for ya! God must have heard my words. ;o)

I realized that though someone may have made a mistake at work, and though I am not sure I have enough paid time off to cover the extra few hours off, this morning off was a gift from God. Had my sweetheart been on his own to cope with this, things would have gotten ugly. Poor guy can’t move much, very fast, or see well enough to deal with this.  I had it done in 5 mintues or so. Adrenaline is my friend! LOL!

By the time we left for Paradise, things were spotless, I felt good about it and we could just relax and enjoy ourselves.

We had a bit of a wait, then a good office visit with his surgeon. His hip replacement surgery was scheduled and we left knowing this was the right timing, finally.

I treated him to a light lunch to munch on the way down the hill and we got there just in time for the next shift to start! But, they didn’t need me then, either, so I had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon.

God is so good and faithful! I am glad I didn’t get uptight about the possible mistake and say anything. It was obviously a gift to me from Papa, who knew ahead of time what the morning would hold.

But, oh, baby! What a crazy morning!

This morning, when I spoke with the guy about the time off, he said he thought we had discussed that I had the whole day off, but I thought that was for the day off last week. Doesn’t matter which of us is right or wrong, and it could just as easily be me.  Today, I worked enough hours to have a little overtime, and I need to do some extra things at work for a few days, so God is making up for the lost time, for certain.

The timing of this has turned out to be perfect and definitely stamped with God’s care for us.



  1. Hi friend. I am so enjoying getting to hear about your life. You write so well. I forgot that you you write so well. I have read most of your writings to mom, as she doesn’t have the computer up yet. I told her “shel would be good as a women’s retreat speaker” to which mom replied “duh”. lol And she proceeded to tell me how you spoke with Love you neighbor and stuff.

    I miss you. I can’t sleep…again. And now it is because I have my days and nights so stinking messed up! I don’t know what to do!

    Love you.

  2. Hi, honey! You are so sweet to me. I love you and miss you and your mom so much.
    I heard you mom’s voice this morning on a message and she sounds very sick!
    I am so sorry you are turned around with your sleep patterns like this. I have had that problem off and on for years and it can be such a pain!
    I hope you weren’t up with as much pain as you have had.
    I had to get in to the dr. this morning after route, and then spend over an hour having various x-rays taken. Ugh!
    I have this afternoon off. My left foot, ankle and leg flared up so badly that I had to put shoes on just to walk to the bathroom this morning! Who knows why? I had a very good day yesterday. Whatever that is about!

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