Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 22, 2008

What happened?

Okay, what the heck happened? As I wrote earlier, I had a great Tuesday and felt so well. I went to bed with energy to spare, yet was able to sleep pretty well for the most part.

I woke up this morning with great pain the the foot and ankle area, and radiating up my leg with excruciating intensity! What the heck happened since I went to bed?

I couldn’t get out of bed to walk on that foot, so at first I stood up and leaned on my hands on the bed and hopped around it, holding on the whole way, I groped on the wall for a bit, then couldn’t handle it, so I ended up crawling, dragging my leg behind me! Ha! Now THAT was a morning site, to be sure.

I remembered that when I had plantar’s facitis I had to put on shoes to be able to stand and walk. Somehow that helped the pain enough for me to hobble, so I crawled my way to the living room, put on the shoes (Ouch!) and stood up. OUCH!

I hopped and hobbled to the bathroom, then started the usual routine for morning. The cat was so funny through this. She kept meowing at me in a nagging way, trying to get me to follow her, then yelling at me to stop playing around, “get up, woman! Don’t you know we have important things to get to? Like, milk to be poured, shots to be given? Hello?” I actually told a cat to stop nagging me this morning. (Hysterical laughter now.) I have finally arrived at my dear hubby’s level…”Baby!, quit!” LOL!

Anyway, I got the little darling her milk and insulin injection, then managed my morning routine.

The fun started to come in to play when I was in the shower. I always finish by sitting in the tub after the shower, with clean water and stretching. I thought this would be good for the foot and so I did stretch it a bit and did what I could. The excitement started with trying to get back up and get out. I have never been so stuck before and have already figured out how to deal with this. The problem came in when I realized both knees were on strike! I finally got around all this, in such a comical way but it was, oh..about 15 mintues later. gasp!

The real excitement came when it was time to go downstairs and all the way to the car. Yikes!

I managed to get to work, but couldn’t stand the thought of walking through 2 parking lots and the drive area, too so I pulled my car up to the office like the privileged little darling I am, went inside to check in and then came out and moved my bus out of it’s space. I then got in the car and backed it into the bus’ parking area. big smile here. This is a no-no, but for some reason I just couldn’t find it in me to care enough about it.

I went in the office with my car keys, hung them on the bus key hook and told our dear office gal that if someone needed to move my car from that space my keys were there. LOL! I mumbled something about not walking well as I headed out the door. She had that “deer in the headlight” look as I shut the door. I did do that on purpose so she couldn’t decide to keep me in.

I did the route, with much labor and pain. Every single time I stepped down from that seat I wasn’t sure I would stand, or be able to get all the way to the ground, much less walk. I looked quite the hoot as I groped my way around the bus, holding on to or leaning on every part available. The guys were suddenly aware that something was wrong and were trying to be helpful, and I was trying to convince them I was alright, just woke up strange. Yeah, right.

I learned partway through the route that my one partner is out for a while from an injury, and I was on my own with my peeps. I enjoy them so much that I just kicked in to the gear I used to work in all the time. I have only recently even had a partner for this group. It is amazing how spoiled a person can become in such a short time.

We all did fine, then I picked up the partner for the next half of the shift. She has a recent injury that won’t let her work, essentially, so I tried to bear the bulk of the work on that group, too. I sure do love them and it was a pleasure…umm…except for the pain and suffering part.

I called the Dr. during the shift and explained that my body was committing mutiny and he needed to make it behave.  They fitted me in within 10 minutes of me finishing my morning shift! Woo-hoo!

But, I digress…back to little missie…

We had a wonderful ride and visit. I sure do like this gal. She is one of my “kids” already, and said I am the mom she doesn’t have near by. I felt good since she is so new-to-me. She trusts me with her “stuff”, you know, the “stuff-of-life” and most is not good at all. I listen for a long time, then bring the Lord in to it, and when she can’t get to him that day, I make sure He and I come to her before she gets off for her work day. Lots of love and grace needed for this little miss, and I feel so privileged to have her with me.

When I got back to the yard, I pulled the bus up, hobbled in to get my car keys, moved my car and parked the bus. As I was hanging the bus keys, the supervisor was there and he came around the office wall as I was trying to sneak out without being noticed. sigh. He doesn’t miss much. He eyed me over, then asked if I would like the afternoon off.

Hello!? I wonder if I even have any paid time off left after the way this year is going. He looked it up and I was fine. I said, “I think I am fine”, then froze in agony while trying to keep a happy face. He shook his head and said to call him as soon as I knew I was taking it off. Alright then.

I went to the Dr, and could barely get out of the car by the time I had sat in it for 7 minutes. It was like I froze up completely. I think this is what my grandmother called gettin’ all ‘stoved up’, only it seems more painful than she let on.

The Dr. checked me over and messed with everything that hurt, then frowned. He could see the swelling, the rashy, red, blotchy look to the skin up my leg, didn’t like where the lumpy pain was located in my calf, and wrote me a scrip for x-rays. He said he would order me something for pain. I started laughing. I couldn’t help myself. I am still laughing. Silly man! He looked at me with a blank look, then the light dawned on him. I said, I wouldn’t be able to drive, and he said, that’s right. He looked sheepish as he remembered all my allergies and intolerances, said something about that and told me he would not give me any pain meds. No way! You can’t be serious! smile.  He smiled and shook his head at me, telling me to get straight to the lab.

I spent the next hour and 15 minutes being x-rayed up one side and down the other, and it was quite painful. This girl was good, gentle and enjoyed me so we had a good time. It was just physically miserable and at times was almost too much to bear. She was very good. She finally told me I kept her from being bored and she enjoyed my company. I made her laugh, which was very good for both of us!

I called the supervisor and got the office girl. I told her I called to tell him I had been kidding myself. I really needed the afternoon off to recover from simple x-rays. sigh. She said, “he said that as soon as you walked out, and as soon as you came to your senses you would call”. I hate when someone is more right about my weakness than I am.

So, now I get to wait until at least Monday to find out if anything even shows up. I am mixed up on this one. I want something to show so I can tell what is going on with me this year, and causing this pain and inflammation, etc. But, at the same time, I don’t want anything to be wrong with me. blegh!

I had breakfast with my honey, told him I have the afternoon off,  and hobbled up our stairs under his watchful eye. What funny site is this: the too-slim, 70 year old man bent over with double spinal fusions, both hips bone-on-bone, uses a walker to walk down the street, bent over from various damages to his upper back and shoulders… watching to make sure I made it and that he didn’t need to help (210 lb.) me up the stairs! Whoo-ee! What a hysteric that is. I got in the house and laughed so hard I had to tinkle.

So, what can I say? You STILL humble me, Lord!


  1. Oh Shelley,

    How are you doing tonight? Is the swelling any better?

    Love you,

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