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Spring on Table Mountain

Danette on Table Mountain, Spring 2008

Danette on Table Mountain, Spring 2008

Each year, my dear, long-time friend, Danette and I make plans to go to Table Mountain and see the beauty before the winds come and dry it away.  There are usually 2, perhaps even 3 weeks of beauty, followed dry winds that quickly erase the scene you may have seen just a few days before.
Each year, we talk about it, and try to find a Saturday that works for both of us, and try to be healthy enough to make this excursion for a day.
This Spring, we both just decided that we weren’t missing it again and determined to go, no matter what!
Of course, my problems in my ankle and foot flaired up in such a way that we weren’t sure I could make the walk on such uneven and wet terrain, but we went anyway.
We packed up a picnic lunch, with sandwiches, macaroni salad, fruit in jello, and cold, iced water and iced tea. We headed off to Table Mountain and the drive was lovely. The weather was cool, with some winds but not too much to be able to enjoy being out in. It was an overcast day, yet sunny enough so be pleasant for us, and I was hoping that would mean good photos.   
I had received a digital camera for Christmas from my dear husband, and hadn’t played with it much, and not outdoors like this. One of the main things I was looking forward to was capturing some photos of the colors and patterns of the blooms and grasses up there.
Danette and I enjoy beading for a hobby. She lived in Alaska for a year and a half, and learned Alaskan native beading. It is the type where you stitch the seed beads in a pattern on wool felt. I was here in town learning to bead with seed beads, too but with just the beads and thread in peyote stitch. It is great for making medicine bags.
Once Danette returned home from Alaska, she taught me the Alaskan native way, and I taught her peyote.    We enjoy collecting beads of all types and colors to use in the projects, and have grown in our techniques   and styles, developing our own personality to our work.  
So, I was hoping to have some lovely photos of color and pattern to use for inspiration on a piece one day.
We had a nice visit, catching up with each other on the drive to Table Mountain, which is in a nearby town.
When we got to the flat topped mountain, we were driving up the road with some of the loveliest scenery I have seen in a long time.  
It was peaceful, scerene. Like a sigh of relief after the wild winter we had just gone through.
Once we arrived at the community area, we realized it wasn’t really a place to picnic outdoors, with all the limitations to the public, so we ate in the van and took in the beauty all around us. It was wonderful!
After lunch, we began to walk into the fields, which were full of many colored blossoms, and some very wet ground! Danette was trying to be there for me as I walked, and I was watching over her as well. The ground was uneven and much of it slippery, so it was quite the experience. But, we wanted to keep going to get the best views and photos.  
I was amazed at the variety of colors! What looks from the road like scrambled eggs, in a swirl, are various types of tiny yellow flowers and various tiny white flowers. What I call “purples”, and I believe are lupins, seem to be a blue with white tips, making them look purple. There were many other kinds of flowers and colors along the walk, none of which I would have seen if we had not gotten out and walked as we had.
The ride home from there was equally lovely. Such a wonderful day, and so reviving to our spirits and souls.
I did come away with some good photos, but was surprised to find as I was trying to take them outside, that the view screen goes completely black under the sun! Can you tell I am new at this? Ha!
I just did the ol’ aim and shoot method, sometimes zooming in, sometimes leaving it as is. I did come away with some nice photos, but have lots of them that are out of focus.  So, I have a lot to learn about photography, and about digital cameras, too!
Overall, it was a perfect outing on a perfect day! We were both so glad we had gone, and had been able to, finally, share this together.     
Last evening, for the first time, I decided to pull out the cables to plug in to the computer and download the photos to see how they
I had some photos from Christmas with my family, and some of the winter weather as I drove the bus through, followed by these photos of Spring.  I put it on slide setting and enjoyed the show! What fun! I am looking forward to the day when I can take some good photos to share. Until then, I will share a few of these with you.                                                          


  1. That was an awesome post Shel. I am SO proud of your for plugging in the cable and putting pics like this on here! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

    Nate did my banner is photoshop and then loaded it in here for me…that is why it is so cool! If you pic 10-12 pics and email them to me so I can save them, I can have him make you a banner as well. And then when he is done, if you give me you log-in info., I can have him get it loaded into your blog for you.

    I didn’t get a blog written with an update tonight and I am exausted. I stayed up all day and have been up since 4:30, so I have got to hit the bed.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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