Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | October 31, 2008

Crispy Fried Chicken…Yum!

I decided to blog on dinner! It was one of my bright spots in the day.

My dear husband and I both love fried chicken, but rarely have it because of the fat content, and the mess. I make mean chicken when I have time to do it up right, marinating it in buttermilk, and sprinkling lemon juice and seasonings on it, coating it in flour, crushed crackers or chips or any combo of the above, and frying it in butter. While it slow fries on low heat, basting it in more buttermilk if I feel like it. Melts in your mouth, but has a great crust on it, too. The problem is, it is too high in fat to have too often.

So, a while ago I started experimenting with other methods.

Our personal favorite is to rinse the chicken and shake off some of the water, toss it in seasoned flour (I just sprinkle the seasoning on later so I can control how much salt is on it…I prefer lemon pepper and a tiny bit of nature’s season) or cracker crumbs and place it in skillet spray with no stick pan spray. I use olive oil or butter flavored spray. Then, I spray the top side of the chicken, too to moisten the flour. Sometimes I sprinkle a little worchestershire sauce on it, but rarely feel the need for anything like that. I prefer the buttermilk to tenderize and moisten the meat if I am going to add anything.

I cook on medium-high heat for a while, then turn it down to keep it from getting too done on the outside while it finishes cooking. It is finished when the juices run clear. (If you cut it to test it, or press down on it while cooking, it will dry it out as you keep it on the heat.)

It turns out tender and has a great, but thin crust on it. Not too much flour sticks without egg or something to bind it, so it is not too high in carbs and essentially no fats but tastes like fried chicken. The other benefit is that it is not soaked in grease and is great the next day.

Today, I came home and fixed part of a piece of the fried chicken sliced up on my salad.

Gene likes it re-heated and put on a warm sandwich roll.



  1. Hey, so do you remember the cheesy green beans and the roast beef that you used to make us when we came over? I miss THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you. When I feel better I want to see you! But I definitely don’t want you catching what I have!

    Love you. (again :) )

  2. Yes, I do remember! I still cook like that sometimes. Gene was just telling me to think of something to cook up and we can bring you two! The first thing I thought of was the roast beef and cheesy green beans meal. Would Nate even like it, though do you think?

  3. Yep. I think he would! And that is so sweet of Gene to think of us. You have enough you are dealing with yourself!

    I love you!

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