Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 5, 2008

Will He Find Love On Earth?

December 3, 2003   Evening


   (Published in ‘The color of Life’, the International Library of Poetry  2004)


Where Is The Love?

Oh, how my sad heart weeps and grieves
the loss of love and care
My heart, it searches for the warmth
but can I find it there?
I search and search, but hope deferred
Makes my heart sick and low
Do we not know it’s love that wins
all battles here below?
Faith is supreme, and hope divine
but its love that covers all.

How can we say that we love God
and on His name are calling
When all the while we fail to care
as the ones He loves are falling?
The time is coming when His heart beats
through the likes of you and me.
And at that time the world will see
true love’s reality.
Until that day I’ll watch and pray
and stand in faith believing.




  1. I like it!

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