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My Unspectaclular Quirks MeMe


Hi, everyone.

Diane tagged me with this blog, which I had just read on Sarah’s page the day before, LOL! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Diane’s friend-for-life, whether she wants it or not! ;O)  I have been her mom’s friend since high school and have known Diane all of her life.

I hope you all don’t mind me tagging you and adding you to my links. I am checking your blogs, anyway from Diane’s links and love how you love her.  When you respond to her, just copy the same thing in response to mine so it is not more work for you. Nice to “meet” you all by way of your blogs. I love what you share there. ShelleyJo

Here are the rules: “MY UNSPECTACULAR QUIRKS”

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks about you
4. Tag 6 bloggers by linking to them
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged


 My 7 Unspectacular Quirks:

1. I love God and people. No matter what I am writing on or speaking on, it seems this weaves its way into it, and flows through it, no matter the assigned theme. I very much enjoy working with developmentally disabled adults. The Lord just, very simply, is my BEST FRIEND and I cannot leave Him out of things. Just can’t do it! I know He loves people so much, all people and wants them to be His friend, too. I want Him to have everything He wants and everything/everyone He paid for. So, I tend to think this way in all relationships in my life, even work ones where most people would have people fired. I train them, and just pray for them and build them up as much as I can, telling how their Creator loves them and made them just right. No matter the messes, He can clean and fix anything and anyone.

2. This (#1) means, I hate gossip and do my best to stay away from it. I am even learning to tell people not to finish what they are starting to say. “Wait. Don’t wanna know. So, how is your mother doing today?” Do you know there is a verse that says it is a sin to HEAR gossip? Now this is a hard one. Sometimes I hear it without knowing it is coming. I am praying for a gift of discernment to rest on me so that I can tell before their mouth even opens and derail it.

3. Allergies! And to the darndest things, and so many of them. They seem to increase regularly, and I am pryaing for healing from them all. I am allergic to many foods, and some are considered so healthy and found in so many things! A few are: soy, peanut, sunflower, fish, lettuce (I know, don’t even ask…to bizarre but it causes anaphylaxis so forget it), bleach, amonia, iodine, cats, dogs, horses, many medications-including benedryl fro allergies, pine..actually most growing things, which I love. sigh! I am even allergic to every diabetic medication I have tried so far, so they make my blood sugars go up. This current one is causing my hair to fall out by the handfuls and causing other problems in my health due to allergies.

Did you know that one of the ways to detect a serious allergy is your intense, even uncontrollable craving of the thing? Like, I could eat lettuce many times a day, and wake up wanting a salad or something with lettuce. Try ordering a fiesta salad, hold the lettuce, like at La Comida and see the reaction/response you get. You humble me, Lord!

4. Humor. Okay, how wierd can one person be? Too strange for words, but so much fun!

5. My cat. Yes, she is my quirk. Diane knows this all too well. More than 40 people have offered to pray deliverance for, or prayed for deliverance of, my cat. And, she is still a cat! LOL! She is…well…interesting. Ask those who know. They will tell you. Plus, she is a diabetic! She is on insulin and gets 2 injections a day. All the things I said I would never do…right. I said I wouldn’t keep a mean or destructive animal, get in to medical issues with an animal and spend too much on one. Wrong. I repent for speaking what I didn’t know. She is our Baby. And have I learned patience and forgiveness with this little girl.

6. I like pizza for breakfast, and especially cold. Don’t bug me now, I really like it cold.

7. I love vegetables, walking, swimming and riding my exercise bike. I mean, I really love and enjoy these things and feel so much more alive and energetic when I get to feast like this, whether on food or activity. It is hard to believe when you see how heavy I am.

I am tagging:



  1. Of course it’s okay if you comment! If you’re a friend of Diane’s that’s all I need to know! Maybe we will officially meet someday! :)

  2. Of course you are my friend-for-life…but should it really be second mom-for-life? I love you more than a friend. You are my mommy! You created that for yourself years ago!

    Oh baby the cat. How she changed your life, huh? What to say about Samantha…there are no words. lol. How dare she swat at me!

    I am so happy you are reading all my friend’s blogs. Sara Stolpp (lynch) just got on here too. Her addy is:

    Love you,

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