Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 13, 2008

Devotional – Trust Him

Sharing once more with you my thoughts for the day.  
Response to: 100 Motivational Moments for Writers and Speakers
Trust Him-by Bea Carlton  pg. 39, 40
 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 KJV
In this article, she says, “I ask for inspiration; then trust Him for it”. also:
  “Sometimes our beginning writing isn’t good enough to sell, but we can trust Him to help us there, too. We must be willing to practice our craft, learning the perfecting. And He will give us peace of mind while He works out a path for us.”
 Holy Father, I’m entrusting…
    my life to You with all of it’s brokenness and ruin. I trust You, Heavenly Father, my Abba-Papa with the plan and purpose for which You made me.
  I am entrusting to You the perfection and completion of my faith.
  The finished product a unique masterpiece formed from fragments and shards of my own choices and endeavors.
  The tapestry woven from the isolated strands of my life, and the remaining fibers of my being.
  Threads, sometimes unseen, sometimes frayed, thin, or dull in color, too bulky, washed out, too loud or brilliant all being sewn in, out, and underneath, a weaving of my Master’s piece.
  I squirm and get vocal, or shrink back in silence, chafing, groaning within. “No! Not that one!” I would toss, even long to forget the remaining threads and shreds of that particular segment of my life.
  “Why? Why use those? What good purpose can come of this?”
   Oh. Oh, yes…
       taking my hands off and relinquishing all control, by choice I trust my Master Designer.
  Taking my mouth and closing it to impulse.
  Taking hold of my thoughts and praising You for knowing all things.
  Thanking You for using my ‘waste places’ and rebuilding my own, personal ruins.
  Thanking You for salvaging the darkness, yes especially my own, and finding it useful, even worthy for Your creation.
  The cutting, tearing, piercing, pulling, knotting, twisting-Oh!-yes the pain and the distress from the working out of Your artistry in me, in my life.
  Thanking You, too for this. For caring enough to do what is best for the finished product, not allowing me to whimper back too long and hinder Your great work.
  Yes, I will trust You, trusting You still. Even thanking You more and increasingly more as the days go on.
  Faithful You are to the finished work, the completion of who I am in You, the fulfillment of the purpose for my life, and finally arrival at my destiny!
  Trusting as You weave my dark places into Your light, creating shadows, richness of color. The loud thing complementing perfectly the quietness for just the right picture.
  The various strands woven in for texture. Was that the thin thread that I thought would surely snap and never withstand?
  And what is this? The bulky piece that I was sure could never belong in my Master’s piece now adding just the right amount of depth and softness.
  And the frayed pieces, adding fiber and unique texture, standing out, yet flowing.
  The knotted pieces adding dimension.
  Oh! How did You ever think of where to use all this?
  What is it to be, this finished tapestry? How is it that You see me?
  Trusting You for the right picture, knowing that one day I, too will see.

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