Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 14, 2008

Report on Doctor Appointment

Update on my health:

I have good news! I went back to my doctor for a follow – up after some tests and found that, according to ultra sound, my gallbladder is healthy! Yea! No stones, either which is such a relief.

I also found that my kidneys are well and with no stones, my pancreas are well and my stomach area.

The only thing worth mentioning was the liver and it is within normal ranges but not quite as healthy as the rest, so I need to watch the fats and keep eating right and exercising. I was planning to, anyway, so this is no change at all.

My labs were all in excellent levels, with the exception of the blood glucose.

I did show him my legs and ankles, that sort of thing, and the current level of hairloss. He agrees with me that it is time to go off the med I am reacting to so negatively. It isn’t bringing the blood glucose down enough to be worth all this.

I got to start on a new one, to try for now, and he gave me meds for an infection I have had a while, and a couple of other new meds…4 in all. Within 20 minutes of taking the main and most important new med, I had a rash and a few hives, but they did settle down and went away. I was also nauseated, terribly. But I ate some cooked veges and sipped a diet rootbeer and my tummy is settling enough for me to feel like I can make it to work in the morning. Woo-Hoo! This is not a time to be taking unplanned time off.

My sweet heart is scheduled for his hip replacement surgery in a couple of weeks! I have company coming just before that and I am not ready yet, not as much as I had hoped to be at this point. Ugh!

Shalom, ShelleyJo! Shalom!

I am so grateful to God that I am in very good health, except for the blood glucose situation, and I am asking God to bless me on that one. I am expecting the negative effects from the other med to be gone soon. It will be nice to have my ankles back! LOL! Not to mention the party I will have when my hair grows back. ;O)  I can’t tell you how awesome it will be to have relief from all the pain! It has been so very crushing. I find I get fearful that it won’t clear up with the med change. (I am NOT afraid…and won’t give in to that.) I pray it really does all clear away with the changes we are making.

We appreciate the prayers of all who read this. I pray that Gene’ s surgery will go well and that he will recover from surgery quickly and easily. It will be hard for him to come home with a new hip and hike our stairs. I am hoping he can come home as soon as the doctor says, but if not, I hope he can be home from rehab by Christmas. I want him home and us together on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

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