Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 15, 2008

Time For a Girl’s Day Out!

So, here I am, up at 6 on a Saturday, as I have been doing lately. I am glad. I get up at 4:40 every morning for work, then crash on Saturdays. I am trying to not have such a difference in getting up times, and being on new medication helped me today. It requires that I am up by 6, and since I am up, I am awake. That is how it is with me. I am a pillow hugger to the max, but once I am up, I am awake.

I fixed up a yummy hot breakfast, did the dishes and am sipping cocoa while I write. Now this is a Happy Place for me. I love breakfast, and cocoa, and was so sad when I became a diabetic. How to have my cocoa on a chilly morning, or evening with a good book?

Well, I have found 2 diet cocoa mixes I like well enough, Swiss Miss and Nestle. I find that when I put them together, they taste best. One is sweeter and less creamy, the other is creamy and less sweet. The blend is perfect, and makes a tall mug. I use my travel mug and it is just right!

Okay, now I remind myself of Goldilocks…moving on…

I have done blog-surfing and found some wonderful things to read and look at while eating. And am about ready to scrub the kitchen floor and clean up in here.

After I do a few bits of housework, my sister-in-love and I are heading over to Marysville to her favorite scrapbook store (fast becoming mine, too!) and working on Christmas projects. It is called Elliot’s and is a photography shop, too. There is a lovely assortment of papers and little cute things to embellish your pages with. I love their product line. Best of all, they are wonderful people in there. So friendly and helpful when you need it. We will be there for about 3-4 hours, enough time to be worth the drive.

I really have to knuckle down and get these projects done! My sister and her honey are coming to visit in 2 weeks, staying for about 10 days and then they are heading up north to the families these gifts go to! Yikes!

I felt like I had so much time. (laughing here) I am a true procrastinator. I get started on something with a relish, then think, “Oh, I have so much time’ and relax too much. Then the frantic finish. Well, now is the frantic finish!

I am going to finish choosing the photos and yes, getting down to the decision part on which pictures make it in to the boxes. sigh! I want them all!  My plan is to ensure that, eventually, all the kiddos in the family have copies of all the family photos.

So, off to work I go, then on to picking pictures out and getting myself ready to go!

I love these outings. Fun times with Tero. (story on her nick-name to come later)

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