Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 16, 2008

On “the Girl’s Day Out”

Well, we had our day out of town. And it was Fun!

This morning, I finished most of what I wanted to do, plus a few other things. I left with clean floors and carpets, clean bathroom and kitchen. Sweet!

I decided to keep calling my friend Danette, who originally wanted to come with us. Her dad is having serious health problems and is in a rehab facility, and step-mom is considering some options that are freaking the family out. So, she said she was going to stay home and try to find a solution. Bad idea. This really means she would be thinking about it all day, upsetting herself and not having a solution, because it is not her decision to make. Input – yes, final answer – no. So, I bugged her a few times. I know she is stressed, upset and needs this time away, and Teri had said it was okay, so I prodded a bit.

She called me back after saying no and asked a few questions, which means she was changing her mind. I talked her into coming and told her to get ready and we would give her time. Then I called Teri.

We picked Danette up at a decent time and headed out of town. We made a stop along the way. I am on a diurhetic, which is pretty self-explanatory.

When we got to Yuba City, we decided to lunch at Red Robin. Did I tell you I LOVE eating at Red Robin? My favorite burger and fries place. Teri and I go there a couple of times a year.

Every time we go there, we end up ordering separately, eating the same thing as each other, and having too much food! So, this time I asked Teri to split the burger with me. The kitchen split it for us, and gave us each fries in our basket…the BEST fries in this area. Danette treated us to drinks, and we had a lemonaid drink with strawberries in it. We had the light lemonaid, so that was do-able on both our plans. That was sweet of Danette, and I know she is on a tight budget too so it was special. Yummy, too! :O) My lunch bill came to just under $5 for the best food in city!

After lunch, we headed over to Elliot’s to choose papers to make our pictures pop, and to work on things as we wanted. We hadn’t realized that the class they were having there today was so huge! At least 20 people, but she encouraged us to come on in and showed us where empty seats were at the work tables. Like she was expecting us and “where had we been”? She herself, the owner and the one teaching the class, told us she had some of the kits for us too (from the class), and gave them to us, along with instructions. I made it clear that we were just there to shop and crop, and hadn’t signed up or paid for the class, but she left them for us at our places before she had to take off. They also added us to the drawing for something they were giving away. They will phone us if we win anything. It was like getting rewarded for getting together to play today! The fun thing was that they had yellow crime scene tape everywhere, and it said “crop Scene Investigation” on it. They had drawings every so often out of the names of the people in the class. They would come on the intercom and say, “Jane Doe, you have committed a crop crime. Come to the front immediately”! So, Jane Doe would go up there and come back with a little prize, which would be something great to add to her project! They even included our names! Too much fun! And it brought some good laughs and a happy feel to the place.

We had a good time, but each of us kind of crashed a bit. Teri had taken a (half) muscle relaxer, I am on new meds and had been up for hours, and Danette was in pain and had taken Ibuprofen. Plus, we had left lunch with very full tummies. We were just too funny for words. We each enjoyed all the colors and prints of papers, and embellishments. Then we each bought a few papers, and I looked through my wonderful photos, some going back to my babyhood. (Some of Diane and Danny!) We were each at a slower pace than usual, but still enjoying ourselves until we bottomed out, which seemed to be simultaneously!

When we left there, we stopped by the Kitchen supply store Danette had wanted to go to. I enjoy these kinds of stores, and can usually hang out in one for a very long time, wanting lots of what I see. But, I didn’t today. She and Teri went in, and Danette got herself a great griddle that sits on the burner. I stayed in the car, veging out. Too much lunch and sitting for this girl!

The ride over was nice, but the ride home was lovely. The breeze was refreshing and the sunset was just beautiful! We were playing Teri’s CD by Selah called Hiding Place. It is one of my favorites and was perfect for the ride. Perky music at times, but also mello at times and easy to chat while listening. Plus, I think it was soothing to raw nerves.

Once we got in Chico, we stopped at Papa Murphy’s for pizza. I wanted to bring one home and toss it in the oven for dinner. It is getting to late to start slicing and dicing fresh food and have my injection in time. Danette got one, too and we took her home. She is going to go have dinner with her dad.

She is a good daughter and is so there for him, for all of her family. It is really heart warming to see such family bond and loyalty.

I came home to a clean house, and now the pizza just came out of the oven. Woo-Hoo!

A good day, in spite of our low energy levels, because we were all at the same level today. That actually is very unusual and made it nice and relaxing. Very low key, but at the same time very enjoyable. And, we broke scenery, which for me can recharge me on its own.

My husband and brother (Teri’s hubby) went fishing today at Horseshoe Lake. They can’t keep the fish they catch there (it is stocked for children) but enjoy the fishing. They both have health problems that give them pain with walking, and this place is on flat land and easily accessible. They enjoyed their day, too and are on a par with each other, like we were. Gene came home and left me a message on my cell that the place looked and smelled great! And, he told me to sit down for this one…

The Snicker’s fairy had slipped in unnoticed and he didn’t want to hurt the fairy’s feelings, so he had to eat it! Poor baby! Too funny.

Now, on to a nice pizza and a relaxing evening with my sweetheart.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. I love Red Robin too. We are too much alike now aren’t we. As far as those pictures are concerned….better not be anything embarrassing you are passing around ya know! lol

    Love ya.

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