Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | November 16, 2008

P.S. – on girl’s day out

Oh my… I can’t believe I forgot to post one of the best parts of the girl’s day out!!!

When the three of us had finished eating our burgers and fries at Red Robin, we went into the ladies room.

Danette and I were at the sink washing our hands and Teri was standing behind us. We were all facing the mirror. (Earlier Teri had watched as I did a quick wash down of the mirror in my bathroom with water and paper towels. I am out of window cleaner.)

So, as I was washing my hands, Teri said, “Why don’t you wash the mirror, Shel”.

I said,”okay!” and splashed some water up on the mirror, which also made the counter a bit wet there. I told Danette about how I cleaned the mirror at home this morning and she said, “that’s okay” and splashed me! That was it…war is on. We were laughing like crazy people and flinging water everywhere in this lovely women’s room that was actually taken care of very nicely. That is, until then.

After we made quite a mess with water wars, I was grabbing for paper towels. The problem was, the dispenser is one of those hand sensor ones, and gives you this little scrap of paper towel with a wave of your hand.

So, I had to wave, tear off, wave, tear off…you get the picture. I finally had this wad of paper and was wiping the sink area madly when am employee came out of a stall and stood back, smiling and waiting to wash her hands!!! Whoo! What a hoot!

I said, “pardon us. We are just trying to clean up a bit after our water fight’ and we laughed all the way out of the place. Too funny.

Oh, yea. And Teri was standing back innocently acting like some kind of grown-up. What the heck is that all about, anyway?

You know, my momma may have been right. You just can’t take me anywhere!


  1. By the way. Mom’s last name is spelled with an “e” at the end, not an “i”. lol

  2. Hey I am innocent. I have already gotten in trouble when I was in 5th grade for playing in the bathroom. So I couldn’t relive that memory. Someone had to be the grown-up. I was elected at that time.

  3. Uh-huh! Like you know you didn’t instigate this with your prompt. LOL! However, you were smart enough to stand back and enjoy the show, which is smarter than me, just not quite as much fun. ;O)

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