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The Artist’s Way – a new Adventure

Only some people get the stuff they want.” 

“That’s true. And those are the people who show up to get it.” 

Danette was sharing with me about a book she was given for her birthday, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Hmm. Sounded intriguing. Since I have Barnes and Noble on my cell’s speed dial ( ;O) ), I made a call and found they have a few things by this author.

So, off we went to see what they had. Danette’s copy was a combination book, with 3 different books to make up the set, Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. It is hard back and a manageable enough size. But, since I tend to carry my tote bag of things-to-do-today, and have my books tucked in it, I was happy enough to buy the first book on it’s own in paperback form.

I have been reading through the long intro and the first chapter. There is a lot to digest.

Now, I will tell you that this woman believes in the Creator, but she also seems to refer to and draw from other religions, especially eastern. Most of you know that Christianity and many other religions just don’t mix well, and some are even diametrically opposed.

However, I learned long ago to take what I want from a book and leave the rest. Different beliefs don’t mean there is nothing redeeming in the content.  It just means I need tokeep my brian on. She doesn’t get pushy at all to believe in God, a certain religion or philosophy. She just puts it in there, which is a good thing.

Personal peeve of mine: hearing people say, “God as you believe him or her to be, named as you believe”, etc. God has a name, and many of them, each with a meaning. He is the One who tells us His names. His names are what introduces us to who He is and what He can do.  It is kind of like me saying, My name is Shelley, yet you insist on calling me Frank because you are more comfortable with guys!

God is real, and Jesus is real. He was a person on earth with a name given by God, Himself! He was definitely in a man’s body. It isn’t up to my comfort zone to determine who or what He is.

Now, if you are not comfortable with God or with Jesus as Creator, then name your own god but don’t call them creator. It would be like me sculpting a fabulous sculpture and you saying it was someone else who did it because you like them better and are uncomfortable with me. You know, taking the credit. Any of us would find this insulting and offensive, but somehow there is this belief that God would be okay with it. Who wants a god you can control and turn into what you want them to be? Why bother having one at all?

On the other hand, I don’t like to just read things that agree with me. I like to be challenged with differences. Keeps me awake and stretched a bit.

I do know God (not that I pretend to know everything about Him). I have a relationship with Him and know Him. I just feel sad when I see people try to “create Him in their own image” or in the image of what they want to believe. When in reality, He created us in His image. When it gets tough to understand Him, they want to make Him something they like or agree with. I can’t really say that it’s okay that others believe this, just that I understand that they don’t know Him yet. I really wish they did. They would know how Awesome He is! He is love.

It appears that the author’s primary focus is not to put opinion on you but rather to let you decide as you go while unblocking your destiny.

I do like that she refers to the Creator, giving him the credit He’s due. And she shares how we are created in His image, which means we are also creative.

Okay, enough of my soap box. I digress, as usual…

This book, so far, is very interesting and is on a subject I need help and understanding in, so it is in my hands in good timing.

It is basically an exercise in unblocking any creative block that is in you, whether or not you are “an artist” or think of yourself as creative. We are made by a Creator, and made in His image, so therefore, by design we are also creative in some way, every one of us.

It isn’t about a specific kind of creative art form, but rather about being who you are designed to be.

The first assignment in “unblocking” is to start writing morning pages, 3 pages first thing every morning and say whatever rolls out of you. Just empty it out, no matter what it is. Then put them in an envelope and don’t read them for a awhile.

This is to empty out whatever is in there jamming you up. I have been very surprised at what ends up coming out of me. It is never what I think I am going to monolog on. “Stuff” starts coming up and out and I am surprised every time!

The next assignment is to have an artist’s date with yourself every week, for at least 2 hours. This is to put the good, creative stuff back in to the place you have been emptying. To re-fill your creative gas tank. When you pour it out in creativity, you empty your tank, so it needs to be re-filled.

The artist’s date is to be time spent alone, doing something to feed the creative side, and can be what you want.

I was watching a movie I like on TV and only caught the last half, so the next day, Sunday I watched again, but had already missed the first third or so again. Too funny! 

I realized when I was watching the second time that Gene had not been in the room either time, and was sleeping. I was alone! Even though I hadn’t left home, it was my first artist’s date! I was very tired from the long and happy day on Saturday, so this was perfect and unexpected.

This movie is called Take the Lead. Antonio Banderas is the main character, a dance teacher. He takes on this group of detention students in a rough neighborhood and starts to teach them ballroom dancing. This movie is filled with dancing, music, and lots of laughs, plus a little romance (not to mention the good looking lead-man). It is a real life story about a man named Pierre Doulaine.

I love dance, movement, music, color, language, accents, humor, romance, all of that. This was creative fuel and filling my tank. Another thing I enjoy a lot is listening for, and reading great quotes. This movie has several. I will share a couple with you here. One speaks to something that emptied out on my pages, so it was good timing to watch the movie afterward.

1. The teen, Rock says, “One day I’ll have a place like this. Real clean.” Pierre says, “You can get whatever you want, Rock.” Rock: “Only some people get the stuff they want.” Pierre: “That’s true. And those are the people who show up to get it.”

2. Pierre: “The man leads. It is the woman’s job to follow.” Lorette: “Oh, so if he leads, then he’s gonna think he’s boss?” Pierre: “No, but he’s not! You see, the man proposes the step. It is the woman’s choice to accept by following. Now, to follow takes as much strength as to lead. Okay? Good.”

Thus ended my first Artist’s Date, and many written pages. I tend to write pages when it suits me, which tends to be afternoon or evening. I want to get to where I get up and do them like she suggests. I am sure there is a reason you are to do them as soon as you get up. Probably to not have anything to edit your words before they come out, but mine just roll out of me anyway.

The thing is, I already get up at 4:40 in the morning just to get ready and get to work on time. Ugh! Hard enough as it is, and to get up 20 minutes earlier is not something I am quick to do. So, I just got started when I wanted to.. If I waited until I would get up earlier, I wouldn’t have even started at all.

I am a procrastinator. I am even blogging on the morning pages rather than writing them! Now THAT is what I am talking about.

I can see where this book is almost like having counseling or therapy or something, too. Opens you right up. I pray before I embark on my daily journey/adventure and invite God to join me. He is my counselor, after all!

Thanks, Laurel for giving Danette this book. Thanks,  Danette for sharing your book with me and giving me the financial freedom to purchase one for myself. The gas card saved me enough money to get this book, and I am enjoying it very much. You are a gem.

I recommend this book.



  1. You have deep blogs Shelley! This was the first time I visited and I got a doozie :) This book sounds interesting and I am glad you are getting something from it! I have seen that movie before but I loved reading those quotes out of context cause it’s so true about our walk with God. He is the leader but we have the choice to follow and it’s not always easy to follow. Thank you for sharing and I will add your blog to my list!

  2. Hi, Sara!
    I am so glad you left me a comment. I love hearing from you girls.
    I hope it isn’t TOO deep, though, you know? I keep trying to lighten them up a bit, but they just roll out of me this way. ugh!
    I used to teach workshops on Love Your Neighbor, so that stuff just rolls out of me. It is my heartbeat, and even though I resigned after 8 years, that heart still beats in me.
    I’m trying to lighten up a bit and not sound preachy! LOL!
    That is how I saw the quotes, too, in context of our walk with God. I am glad you saw them that way.
    He is that kind of gentleman, and it is time to “dance” with Him and not be afraid, to be strong enough to be led. Don’t you think?
    I am honored to be added to your list. I am amazed at how many blogs have rolled out of me so quickly. I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep at it, and now I can’t stop! ;O)

  3. Oh I knew you would keep at it Shelley. That is why I told you to create a blog! I knew it would be PERFECT for you. And now you can connect with Sara too. Another one of your “kids”. Who knew chasing us around the house an two in the morning would lead to this…lol

    Love ya.

  4. Hey, Diane (& Sara)

    Those were the happiest times. I know I was going through a lot of what you are now, but they really were the good times. You kids were great fun!

  5. And you were a great sport. Yahtzee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those were the days. Love you.

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