Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | December 17, 2008

Today’s Ten Daily Postitve Things (TDPT)


Just sitting here, taking time to check in on my blog stats, but knowing I “should” be picking up neccessities for my husband and visiting him at the convalescent (rehab) facility he is currently in. I am thinking of how much I have to be thankful for.

I decided to put up another list of my current 10:

I am Thankful for:

1. God , Who is always faithful. There are no circumstances that can change His faithfulness, or diminish His love. He doesn’t have to prove His love, He IS Love! Yet, He does show and prove His love constantly, though He owes me nothing.

2. My husband, Gene. I am thankful for his life, and for his love. He is, at this time, in a convalescent hospital to rehab from broken bones and surgeries. He has worked in this kind of facility for well over 40 years, and knows WAY too much about them, but is pulling up out of his pit, refusing to be kept down and doing all he can to stay mobile and get home. Amazing man!

3. Family. I have a wonderful family who comes running when we are in need. They pay the entire tab just to come and be here with us. I also have family who prays, who checks in on us daily, who send gifts and cards, texts, pictures,  and other various uplifting and encouraging things. My family has an ability to have fun in any situation and to laugh, and that is a huge gift. We know we are wierd, and appreciate that fact more as we age. It is a gift. We just have to forgive and accept each other right where we are, and appreciate our differences…and we are getting there.

4. Friends. My friends are the most amazing bunch of people in the entire world. No matter what is going on in each of our lives, they just keep showing up and loving us. It is as if we are all in this whirlwind together but can still be there with and for each other in the ways we can be at this time. Faithful friends are such a huge gift.

5. My job. I have a great job, one that I enjoy and love doing. I drive bus for adult developmentally disabled people. It is a great job, and fun, too. I can drive the area, see sights, colors, weather patterns, people, development of the area and changes, have fun with my passengers and helpers AND get paid for it! How great is that?!?

6. For health benefits and paid time off. I have had to miss a lot of time this year due to health issues of my own and my family members. I not only had lots of paid time off available, but co-workers and bosses have also contributed some of their paid time off to me! It is a rare thing to have such blessing these days, and to add health insurance, too? A blessing.

7. Food. (and supply) It has been a financially difficult season of life this past 2 years, and yet people keep bringing me food or stocking food up for us. I was just given gift certificates to a local grocery store from co-workers, too so we can get through the next couple of weeks.

8. Telephone and Internet. We were in an embarrassing situation recently where my family was visiting to help us through Gene’s surgery time and witnessed our humiliation. We had calls coming in wanting payment (first time in my life I have experienced that and it was in front of my sister!), and then, in one day both our phone servers and internet server all cut off service. People brought money to help and service was back on in half a day, the same day. One friend came from working in another town to bring cash. How amazing is that?

9. Fuel. Friends and family have filled my car’s gas tank the last 3 fill-ups! My heater is so warm in this very cold week, and my food (and hot cocoa) is hot…all because of fuel! Thank You, Lord for fuel and that I am comforted and comfortable because of it. (It is painful to be cold!) Thank You, Lord for the mobility I have because of fuel in my car’s tank and because my car runs well.

10, which is really #2. Being humbled. It is painful, and downright embarrassing, especially when I have “held it together” for my entire adult life and never had collectors calling, service disconnected, and have powered my way through injury and sickness, etc. Can’t seem to do it anymore.

However, the kindness of others hits a high you can’t realize until you are the one being humbled. It is wonderful to be the one giving, watching over others, helping others in need. It is a whole other thing to be the one who is needy of so much and in so many ways. Hugs are warmer, prayers more precious, money more valuable, food more tasty, the heater warmer, and the list goes on. I am so grateful for EVERYTHING right now, and for EVERYONE! Thank you all so very much for love, support and care. No matter who you are giving it to. When you give to or help one, you are giving to us all.


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  2. Thank you for the update on Gene. I’m sure he is in excellent hands! You are so faithful and strong to be counting your blessings right now when times are so hard for the two of you. You are such an awesome woman of God and an example for me & others. Thank you for your friendship & interest in my life! You are in my prayers now and always!

  3. I need to try to muster a list out. Thanks for the encouragement. Love you.

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