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Current Ten Daily Positive Things

Hello, all!

It’s been a long while since I have been on, so I thought I would check in and send my love to each of you!

Life is still in whirlwind mode, so I am tucking into the eye of the storm, or at least trying to and focusing on staying there!  So many are in the same place in their own lives and circumstances vary, but we are all going through it to the max for our own lives. So, I keep lifting each of my friends to the Lord as often as I think of you, and I carry you in my heart.

My brother Michael is now on kidney dialysis 3 times each week, and is doing well with it. He has had a couple of surgical procedures to put the catheter in and then to move it and has done well with that, too. One was a yesterday! He came over for a visit afterward. Today, he fell on his face and laid there, was ambulanced to the ER and they spent half a day bringing his blood glucose up from the 33 it was. He is much better now!  (smile)

My youngest brother has been going through some surgeries and medical tests, the tests are coming back with good results. Praise God! A few more to go, and one more surgery and he should be fine.

My step-father went to be with Jesus Saturday morning, and my mom is 82 and lives alone now, so my sister-in-love Teri (Michael’s wife) and I are heading up to be with her Friday night. We should get there at about 1 Saturday morning, funeral is Saturday, then home Saturday night.

My insurance company has decided to not cover my most important med, which was actually working and not giving me allergic reactions. It is $229 per fill, 2 times a month, so I am not doing that one now.

My dear hubby, Gene is home from the hospital and rehab! He came home so quickly. He was home Monday morning and made it upstairs alright. He is wheelchair bound, no weight-bearing on that leg, so it is getting interesting around here. His chair doesn’t fit through all doorways, one of which will remain nameless. ;O) Instead of discussing the fine details of our world right now, I thought I would list my 10 daily positives for this moment in time:

Shelley’s 10 Daily Positive Things:

1. Praise God! Gene is home! He came home in 28 days, and wasn’t to be released for at minimum of 34 more days! Originally, he was to be there for 100+ days, so this is a miracle and praise. And, I realised he was hospitalized for 50 days, which is usually significant for a cleansing season and receiving direction in the Word of God. I wonder . . . ?

2. I know God and am known by Him, personally! How do people make it without knowing Him, without knowing that He knows them, every detail and cares so much for us? What a HUGE blessing!

3. The Bible in audio on my Mp3 player. A co-worker who doesn’t listen to it took the care to purchase the Mp3 for me and rip a large portion of scripture on it. It is done in a very nice, male voice, not too dramatic and not boring. I am loving listening to it. Plus, the added bonus of her finding  some Christian music I knew nothing about and ripping that on it, too. And, there is some Latino music on there which I play for my Hispanic passenger. He loves it. Another friend just gave me the New Testament on Mp3 CD, so I will be able to have the whole New Testament now, too!

4. Tangible gifts of love from friends and co-workers. Money gifts to help pay bills, gift cards for groceries and fuel, food gifts, donated hours for paid time off, presents, clothes. Amazing! I am in a crushingly tight time, but have needs met and enough to share or just simply pass on to others! Mind blowing!

5. I am rich in love. I have so many who care for me, more than I even knew! I knew already that I am well-loved, but this is boggling…to everything! Not just mind, but body, spirit and soul, too. I am so well-loved, and so is my husband. Thanks to those who visited him in his “bondage” and for those who also brought him cooked meals and goodies. :O)  Thanks, Mykie for visiting Gene every day. It gave us both a gift.

6. People who visit facilities and sing Christmas carols. While my Gene was in the hospital, after each surgery, there were groups of men who came to sing carols and they were wonderful! My husband had tears each time and got into a wheelchair to watch them. Each time they sang Silent Night, or Angels We Have Heard on High, he would weep. It was precious. In the convalescent (rehab) facility, a couple of church groups came. Each time they would stop by his room door, they would be singing one of those two songs! He would weep, but be so deeply touched. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance to look macho. Thanks to everyone who blesses the people with their time and voices. It blesses us all!

7. Donated blood. My husband needed 6 units in 2 days after the second surgery. If I understand correctly, the body only has 5 units in it at a time, so he lost more than he had to lose. Because of someone’s generosity and thought, he was given enough to bring him to health and strength enough to continue on to rehab and to home. Thanks, doners, whoever you are.

8. Good spaghetti, and my brother who gave me enough to freeze some. It has saved me tonight from the awful meal I had purchased. Thanks, Mykie!

9. My wonderful job. I love and enjoy my job, and appreciate it more every day as others are struggling to find work. I have less hours than I did, but it is enough to keep going, and it is a very enjoyable job, with wonderful staff and delightful people to serve. I can see the lovely scenery, and drive the storms and God always brings me home safely.

10. For Teri’s car being in good enough condition to take us to Alturas for the funeral and a mommy visit. I haven’t seen her in perhaps a year now, so it is wonderful! It is a mountainous drive, but the weather is good so the roads should be good\.  It is good to know the car is up to it. And, for Teri who is as exhausted as I am, but is willing to take me there after an evening of Aglow worship and hearing my dear friend speak. I can’t wait for that, too! Woo-Hoo! God is good. All the time.


  1. Even in hard times, we all have much to be thankful for! Thank you for reminding me of that! You are an incredible woman of God! Write again soon and update us on Gene! So sorry to hear about your step dad & I hope the funeral was good. I’m sure your mom appreciated you being there!

  2. You need to blog again Shelley! I am missing catching up on your daily doings. Love you.

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