Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 19, 2009

A Trip to the Portal for “Baby”

A quick note to update on our kitty, Baby.

As many who know us are already aware, our Baby has been having some serious health issues and we have nearly lost her on a weekly basis now for quite some time.

Last night, after being lavished on with love and strength by God at our Aglow meeting, I came home and noticed Baby was alright enough but not as well as when I left. After some hours, I noticed her just wandering aimlessly…like a searching and not finding kind of wandering. Knowing what this means, I checked her blood sugar levels and they were 27. So, Karo Syrup time for us once again. Eye dropper, Karo, cup of water…here we go for hours. No response at all this time.

The wandering turned into trying to crawl into dark, private places, like looking for somewhere to be alone to die.

I knew in my heart that this time is it. I know better than to say it. But he caught it. Finally, Gene started crying and said I should call the humane society and see if they will take care of her. Relief and sadness. He has not been able to let her go. I don’t want to, but she doesn’t want to stay anymore. She is tired.

I began to understand what some of my grief and sorrow was about yesterday (all month really). He knew this as much as I and reacted with irritation, and kind of accusing attitude over anything. I was feeling grief and loss, but didn’t connect it to this. Neither one of us had our brain on what was really going on. It was a “spirit knowing”, the kind you get inside you but your brain hasn’t gotten the message about what it is.

Well, my honey is out with my brother, grabbing some smokes and hopefully trying to eat something. I will make that call in a moment here and then Teri and I will make that drive.

Helping our Baby through the Portal. It is her time to go. And we need to let her, for her own sake.



  1. So sad! I’m sorry!

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