Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 21, 2009

For Brevity’s Sake

Since my verbosity has been showing to the extreme here recently, I thought I would post a brief one. Yes, it’s true. I CAN do it!!!

I want to share about my friend, Diane’s sewing project, and encourage you to go to her site at and view the pictures of it.

It is darling and she did a very good job with the help and instruction of a friend of hers. I love how her blog about this, and the link below it show the generosity and sharing among friends. This just touches my heart to see the young adults being so kind to each other and enjoying each other’s company in this simple way.

I enjoy the colors of her project and how she shares where she got the fabrics for it.

Great job, Diane! I am so proud of you!

You make me want to sew again…and I wasn’t great at it to start with.  (Though my mom did up my grade to a C on one project/disaster in high school!)     :O)   Thank you, Mommy!


  1. You touch my heart. Thank you! Also, we need to plan our time this week. My calendar is filling up with all the other girls who miss me too…lol.

    Love you and thanks for the encouragement. We should sew together sometime! Mom’s machine is here too, so we can do things together!

    • Now THAT sounds like a great idea. I want to sew a sweet little fabric book cover and bead it for a gift-able. I wonder if we can put a pocket in it and a pen holder loop of elastic? It could be a journal cover. That is what I want to do for a sewing project. Or, a quilted fabric purse to frame a beaded piece. Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Wonder if we could pull it off?
      I am free tomorrow for a couple of hours or so, or perhaps Wed? When are you free, honey?

  2. Very uplifting blog. It is cool to see some of the adults teaching others about what they know. That is what our generation is supposed to be doing but sometimes we aren’t good at some things and others are. so when we can all share it makes for a great time together and sharing.

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