Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | August 17, 2009

Meme: 15 Books That Changed My Life

Diane ( originally did this post as a note on Facebook, but thought it would be fun to put on her blog. She tagged me. Let’s make this a blogging MEME. Do this MEME and then tag your friends.

15 Books That Changed Your Life


Just list 15 books you’ve read that will always stick with you that somehow helped shape who you are today and how you think. Tag 5 friends, or as many as you want.

(To do this, copy these rules, type a new blog, and then tag five friends to do this MEME too.) Let’s learn a little bit more about our blogging friends! 

     1. The Bible

     2. Fire of Delayed Answers – Bob Sorge

     3. The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting, by Mahesh Chavda

     4. In His Steps – Charles M. Sheldon   ( I read this as a child. Mom had it on her bookshelf as we grew up.)

     5. My Savior, My Friend – Kay Arthur

     6. On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft – Stephen King

     7. Fasting – Jentezen Franklin

     8. Prayer –  Richard Foster

     9. The Final Quest – Rick Joyner

    10.  Lord, Is It Warfare? Teach Me To Stand – Kay Arthur

    11. A Wrinkle In Time – Madeleine L’Engle (My sister read this to us at least yearly as we grew up.)

    12. You Are Not What You Weigh – Lisa Bevere

    13. Breaking Intimidation, How to Overcome Fear – John Bevere

    14. Intercessory Prayer – How God Can Use Your Prayer to Move Heaven and Earth – Dutch Sheets

    15. Some of the Ways of God In  Healing, how to get answers and direction when you are suffering –  Joy Dawson     

   Bonus: The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom (read in high school and changed me forever, as did the books on the underground railroad.)   

   Bonus 2: The old, thick, grey book on mom’s shelf, 101 poems, or something like that. I read it a lot, starting in grammar school. It had The Raven and the Hellbound Train poems in it. My fav forever!)

Too bad it is so late in summer now. We could have a summer reading club, and read the books on our friends’ lists.

I used to go to the library in the summer as a child. They had a reading club there. A few days a week a woman would read aloud and show the pages as she read. The alternate days, you could come and sit for hours, reading books. I loved that so much.

My sister always read to us. And because of her I learned about the library. I credit her for my love of reading. Otherwise, I may never have appreciated the treasures on those old pages.

Of course, as I typed this list, I was immediately reminded of so many more great books, but these impacted me in some way that has always lasted over the years.

I hope you read some of them.

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