Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | August 29, 2009

God, A Gift and Good Friends

A couple of nights ago I made an unscheduled stop at a couple of my best friends’ house to pick up a mini-loaf of some homemade banana bread. Thanks, Diane!


While I was there, Linda brought out some brand new PJ bottoms, with the tag still on them, unfolded them so I could see the size and asked if I wanted them? They were too big for her, and were my size, a 2x.

They are made of a lovely fabric, not too heavy and with a kind of wild print. Nothing that my skin would react to and I was ecstatic.

They shared that Linda was going to put them in Good Will, and Diane suggested they see if they fit me.

What they didn’t know was that the very same morning, I thought about getting a pair of those jammy bottoms that people wear all day for lounging pants. They look so comfy and I’ve  have never had them.

My legs and feet get so cold these days that they actually turn blue! (I am a person who is usually too warm, so this is fairly new.) And, I have had a lot of pain in my ankles and knees lately. Problem is, I don’t have spare cash to spend on anything like this right now.

So I just thought it, forgot it, and didn’t even ask God for it.

And here, the same day I am given that same kind of jammy bottoms, so new the tag is on! I came right home and put them on. Great fit! Loose enough to be jammies and loungers. Fit enough to tighten the waist tie and not lose them.  :O)     Oh, so comfy!

   I love my jammies!                            

                                                               Hard to take phone pix of pants you are wearing!

If I hadn’t recently lost the 18 lbs, I couldn’t have fit the waist and hips, but here they are, slightly loose!

What I quickly discovered is that they keep my legs and knees warm enough to cut down the level of pain I had been in…almost completely. Yet, lightweight enough for summer comfort. Sweet!

It is a gift from my dear friend, and from the thought of her dear daughter. It is also a gift from Our Great God, who knew what I wanted and gave it to me without me even asking.

We enjoyed the fresh banana bread and some yummy peanut butter fudge for my happy husband, too! He says you make great fudge, Diane!

This was not a Pay-It-Forward Creatively gift (see post), as I am paying it forward to Diane! This is a Pay-It -Back gift, before I have even paid it forward.

Nice Bonus!

Thanks, Linda and Diane. I love you to the moon and  back!  ;O)


  1. So glad that we could bless you and I love finding out how God answered a desire of your without you even having to ask. God is SO good! The jammies look great on you too and I am so happy that it helped your pain levels too! That is too awesome
    Also glad Gene enjoyed my fudge. I may be making some more soon as more people would like some. lol So Gene may get another helping!

    Love you.

  2. You and your blog

    Hey there,
    Great blog post…..God is great in how he blesses us and takes care of us. I am being very snoopy, in a caring way. I noticed that you lost 18 pounds — special diet? How did you do it? Circulation problems? Could you/would you tell me the cause? I know that my mom had circulation problems and she was helped tremendously by taking Lecithin that we got for her at the health food store.

    Anyway, know that I care and am praying for you, Sis.
    Love and hugs from miles away,

  3. Sarah Brown:That’s cool. Since Sonya’s moving out and taking the patio table, I was JUST thinking I need/want to find another table soon becuz I already have the table umbrella, and I like to eat breakfast outside. Within 24 hours, I was going on my a.m. walk and found a patio table at a yard sale for $5. So even tho’ I’m not close to God right now, He still knows my thoughts and blesses me!

    Janet Arnoldy:That’s right, Sarah. He never moves away from us. :)

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