Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | August 30, 2009

Snow White

The other night, while chatting on facebook, I noticed some of my friends had taken a quiz called Who is your Disney twin? Looked fun, so I took it! Here is my result…


Shelley took the quiz “Who is Your Disney Twin?!!” and got the result: Snow White!
You are very trusting and naïve. You need to watch out for yourself for if you don’t it will lead to danger. In real life, no kiss on the lips could save your… life. Your only enemies are people who are jealous of your beauty and talents. You are neat, clean, and a good cook. And every one who knows you loves you.
Which brought me to the flashback I am having now. I thought I would share with you.

When I was growing up, we didn’t do many movies. It was a luxury we just couldn’t afford, so we made our own fun.

I had friends who never let a week go by without seeing at least one movie, and they couldn’t deal with my lack of knowledge and experience in the movie and music world.

When I was 24, the original movie, Snow White came back to theaters. And it came to our town! So, I gathered up my change and begged my oldest brother, Michael to come with me. (My honey, Gene doesn’t like to go to movies, and he hates animated movies.) Myke agreed to be my movie date and we went to see this movie that I had heard so much about. I hadn’t read the story, either so it was a still a mystery to me.

(Until then, I had seen perhaps a total of 5 movies in theaters, so it was still quite exciting!)

When we got there, I started to set my change can on the counter, and Myke told me to put it away. He seemed embarassed or something. smile. The young lady in the ticket booth said, “One child, and one adult.” What? I laughed and said, “I am an adult” and promptly told her my age. My brother was pinching me as if to say, “shut up!”

So, he paid for 2 adult tickets and we went inside. Sorry Mykie!

The thing I am realizing now is that I was uncomfortable with her naivete and innocence. It was just too close to home. I was like that until later in life, and still can be. So naive, gullible sometimes and far too trusting. I just want so much for everything to be nice and uncomplicated.  It brought a lot of pain and bad situations into my life. My brothers had a few nicknames for me based on how they felt about this fine trait in their little sister. Don’t go there.

And no, we will not discuss the movie’s short little men!

The thing I remember most in this movie is the nasty witch with the cursed apple!

Don’t do it! Don’t bite the apple! Haven’t you heard of Eve? It can’t come to any good. Trust me.


She bit it.

Yet another lovely lady bites it and pays the price.

Darned apples!

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