Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | August 30, 2009

Where To For Lunch?

Last night, Teri (my sister-in-love) sent me a text message asking if I was available to get together today. I sent one back asking what she felt like doing, since a few minutes before she had just gotten in from a week long Alaskan cruise.

She suggested lunch and figuring out what else to do later. Sounded good to me.

Today, she picked me up at just past noon-thirty and we were off! She turned to me and asked where I wanted to go for lunch. Anything was fine with her as she was hungry. She had spent the morning cleaning her house.

She gave me her souveneir gift to me, some beads from Alaska…and beautiful, focal type ones. Very special.

I said, I could go for a couple of places and named them. Then I said, of course, you could get something to take the edge off your hunger and we could go to Red Robin in a neighboring town for a burger. A few times a year we go together and split a cheese burger and fries. The best in the area, and the most wonderful service.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

                                                                    Yuba City Red Robin

She turned to me with her eyes suddenly shining brightly and turned toward the highway onramp. And we were on our way to Yuba City. We had a good ride, and I heard about her time on the cruise. Fun enough at times, but not great. Her mom has alzheimers and this was the last trip with her. It was a tough time overall. Not only that, but Teri had motion sickness for days and her medication and bracelet didn’t help her.

We were at Red Robin, ordered the usual and had a very wonderful waitress and yummy food! Teri picked up the tab. We usually split the bill. She had money left from her trip, so she treated.

Then, we headed to the next town over the bridge and I knew where we were heading. . . to Teri’s favorite scrapbook store! The closer we get to Christmas, the more frequent these trips will become. She makes calendars for her parents every year with pictures she takes of her grandchildren on each month. She does a great job! We went in to see if they have new stock, and they sure did! New season. New paper. As we went through, Teri would pick up a sheet of paper and give it to me. Then stickers of watermelon slices  (I love watermelon!) then another sheet of some paper or other. She knows my project, the kind of paper I need and colors I am looking for, which until now were unavailable. She noticed that the calendars she uses were available and picked up a couple.

We went up to pay for our things, and she took mine and paid for it, too. I was so tickled because it was spontaneous, like our day was. And, the new items were for my sister!!! We sure do love her! Later, when I have things pretty well done, and photos to share, I will blog on my projects for family this year.

When we left there and were heading back over the bridge, we were happy girls. Relaxed and feeling fine with our happy tummies and our treasures.

Then, I noticed that she made another “ritual” turn, as if we were on our pilgrimage. She turned toward the local sonic in the town we had lunch in. We were all smiles. We pulled in and I ordered a limeaid, and she asked if they had chocolate ice cream. They did not, so she ordered an M&M sonic blast. It is soft serve ice cream with M&M’s blended into it, and topped with whipped cream, served in a cup.

I took out my cell phone and set it to camera. As I can expect, she posed for me!

She loves the stage and a photo op.

The last time she had this treat, she took a bite and said, “this ice cream is different. It is wierd, not as thick. Here try it. So, she gave me a taste and I looked at the cup, then at her and smiled. I said, “tastes and feels kind of like whipped cream.” She got the clue and it was hilarious! She had forgotten that it came with whipped cream on top. When she dug down with her spoon, all was well. So funny! We remembered that today and she made comments about the whipped cream on top.

We had a liesurely trip back to town and stopped at her place. She loaned me a big, hardback book she thinks I will like and we picked up her little grand daughter and brought her with us to take Aunt Shelley home.

She had remembered my traditional gift to Gene when I travel, fudge from the area I was in. She brought Gene fudge from the Alaskan Fudge Co. It is yummy! I had a nip when I cut it for him.

A fun and relaxing time today, and we both needed it. I hope it lifted her up as much as it did me. I missed her while she was gone. And Teri, I love the nails. So pretty!

Again, Our Great God knows our needs, and even honors our desires. His love transforming our friendship is astounding. His love in our lives is abounding. Though we are tired, feeling crushed and for me, as if I have been laid waste,  His love and generous kindness is overshadowing all of the trials. Our Great God is just that Great, even in the smallest things.



  1. sounds like an awesome day. I had a “blah” day so I am glad you had a good one!
    And Gene got MORE fudge. Wow…what a good week for him! lol

    Love you!

  2. Sonoc abd red robin what more can u ask for those r both of my favorites. I didn’t know that there was a sonic in YC. So now when I go through there I know where I will be stopping

  3. Sarah Brown: Loved your blog about your spontaneous day with Teri! The whipped cream part was hilarious!! “Hmm, this doesn’t taste like usual.”

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