Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | September 9, 2009

A Spontaneous Visit with Dan and Leah!


A couple of days before this past holiday weekend (labor day), my nephews wife, Leah chimed in on me on facebook chat. I have been chatting with Dan, but not usually Leah so I was surprised and very glad.
She asked if they could come up for a visit this weekend. I said, sure and promptly offered my brother and sisters’ place as the gathering place. My how generous of me! (smile)
They do have the nicest place, the most space, one of my neices and her family next door and oh, so importantly…the BBQ!
Sunday after church we all met together in Myke and Teri’s back yard. Dan and Leah came. Lynda came over to visit a moment and her husband Josh came and brought Owyn. Sadly, the girls were having dad visits this weekend (sadly for us, not for them), but we very much enjoyed Owyn, and the new kitten Buckles.
Buckles is an outdoor kitty, and is used to conquering the wild. But, he was no match for Owyn! Buckles jumped up on Owyn to visit, and Owyn grabbed him by the head and neck, pulled him to his mouth and ate his face!
It was too hilarious! He ended up having Buckles by the ears and after the first few photos, I realized I really needed to rescue Buckles! Owyn had half his face in his mouth and when I pulled the kitty back from him, his face and especially his eye was soaked in baby slobber. I made sure that Buckles would be alright, and then felt free to bust up laughing.
Needless to say, Buckles sat with his little back to us for quite some time as he bathed. He should have bathed Owyn, too. Owyn had all the dirt from the outdoor kitty blended in with baby drool on his face and tummy. But, oh how happy this baby was.
In tribute to Buckles, he never once scratched or bit the baby, and didn’t even try. Not even when half his face was in baby boy’s mouth and Aunt Shelley was snapping digital pictures.

It is obvious from the pictures that the two babies were the center of attention the entire visit, about 6 and a half to seven hours of backyard catching up time. But we did very much enjoy seeing Dan and Leah and the visit was wonderful! We are all looking forward toseeing them more often now. So glad to see you kids!
And, notably, Uncle Myke (Owyn’s grandpa) was up to BBQ-ing for us, and the burgers were yummy! Myke is still on dialysis 3 days a week, and was standing on a broken foot to cook for us. He has had this broken foot since May, and is to have a cast in 2 days from now. Don’t even ask me how I feel about all of this!
Owyn in PaPa’s bobber shaped floating ice chest!



But, tonight was prayer night at their house, with Gene and I coming over to pray with them. Their granddaughters came in, the oldest prayed over her PaPa’s foot and we all felt a change in it. It was the sweetest prayer I have ever heard. She asked God to heal him of all the need for special diets so she could take him to lunch!
Tears in Aunt Shelley and Grammy’s eyes. Such a sweet girl!

We love you, Kaitlyn Rose!

I so wish the girls were there for the family gathering and the BBQ. They are so fun to have around. I love each one of Lynda’s girls for who they are and what they bring to the family times. I missed them!


  1. Nice content indeed! i will visit as often as i can.


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