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Larry’s Story (Larry Grammer, Ziggy and our Great God!)

A Dear friend of mine emailed me to get my blog address so she could read this story again. I realized as I was looking through my blog that I didn’t have this story here, I had it posted in a note on facebook. This post, starting with the words The Good News is written by Larry Grammer, my good friend, and is shared with permission. It has had such an impact on so many who have read it, that I have decided to share it here with you.

I hope it touches your life as it has mine.  ShelleyJo

The Good News,

My friend Mitch told me this is a story the should be shared. So I share this hoping to lift the spirits of those who wonder ” Does God REALLY know ME or MY circumstances, or does he even CARE?” You decide… I have as of this date 30 years, 8 months and19 days of being Clean and Sober. I say that, to say this… About fifteen years ago I felt I should start a Twelve Step Program. With the program based on Biblical principals. Using Jesus as the Higher Power etc. I found a church that would let me use a room at no cost, and set up shop for every Tuesday evening at 7pm. As AA always starts at 8pm, I wouldn’t overlap with them. So, my first Tues.evening meeting, I set up the room, stand at the door and wait for all of the people that will surely come. Thinking “This is going to be GREAT, I wonder how many 20,30?” 8:15pm comes and I realize NO ONE is coming. OK well, I’ll just print more handouts etc. Next week they will come. I did this with the same results for two months. Had I really been wrong ? Had I not heard God correctly ? I felt like a fool. I cant for the life of me remember HOW I met “ZIGGY” ( His Street name) But I do know that I met him with all this new knowledge, from the past two months. Over the next few weeks, we built up some trust, I brought him home. which was a little scary by the way, with 5 children at home, Took him to church and became his Sponsor. I also took over his finances for him. Shortly thereafter we found him an apartment and kind of settled in. We made it just over 12 months before Ziggy “Fell of the wagon” So we picked him up, dusted him off and went for it again. This lasted about a week and it was ALL downhill after that. He went back on the street. I went to his rescue a few times. I even went to a house and took a gun from him one evening. I saw him a few times during the next few years, just to say hi in passing. Then he was gone..Now forward to 6 days ago. I pick up the morning paper and on the front page is a story about Ziggy falling ill at the City Plaza. A Policeman had preformed CPR and kept him alive until medics had arrived. He has been hospitalized at the local hospital. That evening after work I went to the hospital , Coronary care ICU…told the nurse our story and was allowed to go to him. There Ziggy was, tubes everywhere. On a ventilator. I stood there thinking of all we had been thru, Of how that could of been me very easily, had I not made some different choices. I thought I should say something, after all they say people in a coma” hear.” Then I felt the Lord say “Its ALL been said, say Nothing” So I turned around and left. I checked on him everyday thereafter, With no good news. Then this last Sunday, Ziggy passed away, never waking up. Needless to say It was hard, I had this heavyness about me. It was numbing, No feelings and lots of feelings. I had lost the battle for ziggy’s life. I had failed. As I sat here in my recliner last night, my wife Suzanne came in from a prayer class she had just attended and said she had some news for me. She said a lady at the class had come up to her and asked if her husband was grieving, or had just lost someone. She said yes and the ladies reply has ROCKED MY WORLD. Her reply was ” The Lord wants your husband to know that ZIGGY (NO ONE at that meeting knew his streetname) is with Me. I LOVE him and he is Happy. Tell your husband that the SEEDS he planted many years ago DID NOT fall on fallowed ground ” So there you go. The answere is YES he DOES CARE, and He knows ALL abut what you are going thru. Even to plan years in advance for us. So let it be said….GOD IS GREAT…Love you guys…..Larry

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