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A Walk Down Memory Lane, Memories of Diana


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Aren’t these lovely pictures to look at in the winter months? So refreshing!

I was browsing the internet, reading blogs by some of my favorite crafters and visited my fav crochet blog: attic24. As I was reading, she referred her readers to work by Kirsty @

As I was reading the front page of Kirsty’s blog, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the color and artistic ability she has to turn paper scraps into works of art. She is a true artist.

Suddenly, I was taken down memory lane to a time when I was very young. I was between 3 and 7 years of age when my sister, Diana began to do collage pieces. I think she started with kits of glass or rock that she got for Christmas. I seem to remember a finished mosaic of a dog playing a piano. It had the colored glass and was trimmed in places with gold cording here and there. It was lovely.

There was at least one mosaic of little tiny tile pieces she had done masterfully. My sister was my artistic hero.

Then, at least once, I think I’m remembering a few times, she was making collages/mosaics from tiny torn pieces of paper. They were pulled from magazines and other types of paper from any source available.

She started including me in her paper projects. First as paper collector and tearer, then introducing me to the technique and watching over my own efforts with my own pieces. I can’t remember at all the pictures. It is hard for me to believe I have no mental image to draw upon, since I love art so much and always have.

The mental image I do have is of she and I together, happily spending days pulling pages, tearing colorful bits from these pages and using them to create a piece of art, a picture, the colors coming together as you would use paint.


(A couple more paper collage/mosaics by Kirsty to feast your eyes on.)

Diana is almost 6 years older than me, so there were not a lot of things we could do together and be so happy. I may have frustrated her with my effort in this, but I have no memory of that at all. Just the companionship and peace of fitting in with her and creating something together.

It is a similar warm-fuzzy feeling as I have when I start to work on jig-saw puzzles. Diana was usually the one who would bring one home and set it up in the living room. The family would do large ones together, and they were never easy ones. It was a family-together thing we could all do and enjoy each other without difference, even with the age spread we all had between us. I remember one puzzle that was so amazing she glued it to cork board.

I understand how hard it can be to find good, or happiness in memories, but there is always something positive and happy in parts of your life. I ask God to give me eyes to see what is good and the blessings, to give me a mind to remember the joy and peace where it is in our lives.

Can you remember the times of peace, companionship or joy that were in your life, the moment of light shining through even in the darkest times? That is God showing up to bring you through. Encouraging you that life is good. You may find memories at the most unexpected times, as I did yesterday with this blog site.

It seems to Diana and I that we were not close at all while growing up, and only began to know each other when I was in my 30’s. But there were times of closeness here and there that proves otherwise. She would read to me, we would do the puzzles, the moments of making things, holiday fun and other things along the way. We were not as alone as we thought we’d been.

I had completely forgotten about the mosaic/collage experience we shared, and my heart was warmed with these photos of Kirsty’s work. I hope you enjoy it, too. (These are the only pictures I was able to share. Go visit her blog!)

Have you ever made a collage or mosaic?

Did you love the color or the proccess?

I appreciate you taking your time to read this, and I am very interested in your response to this post. Please share with me!


  1. Shelley, I loved reading about your memories od Binky. I love how you write, very easy to read. I had a mental picture as I read it and it made me smile and shed a few tears. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved this stroll down memory lane! Good times! Thank you for taking the time to post this. Love you mostest, little sister! <3

  3. Love the post! Isn’t is funny when all the sudden you have a distant memory from long ago? But it is God’s gift to us for sure. These last weeks have been dark for mom and I. Stuff I haven’t shared on the blog but God keeps sending people my way to impart just enough light in my life to get me through.
    And here I go….creating a blog in a comment. Lol
    Perhaps I will write a bit tomorrow. Getting ready to unwind and hoping to sleep. In running on empty. Love you!

  4. Even though I first dated Diana in 1970 and been married to her since 1974 I never had heard of her artistic talent or the two of you making pictures. Thanks for sharing your memories.

  5. Yes even in bad times you can remember good things. Growing up with no siblings is different. My cousins were like my siblings. We did a lot together. I can remember my cousin and I getting pixie hair cuts to match. I am five yrs older than her. Her brother is nine yrs younger than me, and was like my baby brother to help take care of. I babysat them a lot when I was old enough to. Lots of memories with them.

    • Hi, Linda
      Thanks for responding to my post, and taking the time to stop by and read it.
      I think you should write a blog post on your site about what you shared here. You can refer to my post and just copy and paste your comment to me into your blog, then edit it to be more of a short story. It would be a great share for others to read. I think people are interested in stories of our lives, don’t you? I would love to read the expanded edition of this response.

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