Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hello, everyone!

Today was Valentine’s Day, and it was lovely. Very nice weather here where we live.

A long, deep afternoon sleep since I couldn’t sleep before then. A nice evening drive to visit my fav family here in town and a burger from a burger joint to bring home. No cooking or dishes this eve! I do enjoy doing dishes, but it is nice to have a break.

While I was browsing the internet this evening for new brightly colored crochet work, my most-loved crochet blog is Lucy’s @, I realized I hadn’t checked up on my lovies on facebook. So, after a few long gazes at pretty colors, (Including the birds by ATERGcrochet) I went on over to catch up with the loves.

                                                                               Crochet Decoration

I love the happy flower by Lucy. And, with the little heart at the bottom. It is appropriate for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

Since there were no new crochet posts this eve, and I had read the most recent post this morning, I just browsed her past posts from the beginning of her blogging days. So refreshing!

I then logged into facebook where I found this adorable little sweet birdie pulling up a heart on a string.

Adorable love bird.
The Infinite Love of God for you!

I enjoyed reading the words in it, and saw this bird as having pulled up love. God’s love is infinite for you, eternal and without condition. He is your Valentine today, and you are His.

He made you to love, and longs to be loved by you.

I have so many single friends who never married or are divorced or widowed, and some who’s spouses are away, and some who’s spouses don’t want to make a day special. It is a hard day for so many.

I wanted to love you and remind you that you are not abandoned, rejected or alone. Though we long to be loved by a person in a special way, sometimes things are just not the way we want or expected them to be.

So today, whether or not you have a sweetheart to share this day with, whether or not your sweetheart showers you with special things, know this: God is showering you with favor, love and blessings.

We just need to look and see what is wonderful, and what gifts He is giving us, to listen for words and songs of love, however they are sent to us.

My day was pretty usual as compared with any day, except the splurge on food. But I am confident in the love my husband and I have for each other, whether or not there are gifts or cards, and whatever the food may be.

( It was like this on Christmas, too.)

So happy to be with my sweetheart, and my brother and sister-in-love. So happy to have them still alive and in my life. So glad for this that nothing else is needed. So confident in God’s love and care over me that I felt the need for nothing. I am wrapped in love.

How was your day?


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Always uplifting.

    • Thanks so much, Fred. You always say the nicest things to me! <3

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