Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | June 20, 2012

2 More Dreams, and tidbits of others

In another dream:

There was a lady in charge, who was to lead us and knew the way.

We were on a path high up over ground, over waters, over some kind of damn and rushing waters. One type of thing after another. We were going through a maze of sorts, on branches, boards and logs.

There was one place with a swimming hole that was like a small lake, but in several levels/heights. Many people, all male were there ahead of us and swimming and diving in. I wanted to so badly. I had people that I came with, but they were separated from me. There was a bridge area that you could jump from into the water, or you could climb the bridge edges and jump onto the ground ledge area and jump into the waters from there. The problem was that at that ledge, there were levels of rock and land, with brush and bushes that had thorns in them. I was cautious but really wanted to get into the water. Those jumping from the bridge were at risk, too as they needed to know where the deep waters were and not miss or they were hitting bottom or rock. I did make it over to the land ledge area, but never did get into the water. There was an older man and his sons who were fishing from there, and they knew some of the bridge-jumpers and were talking back and forth. They said some things that made me realize I just didn’t know the area well enough to take that risk. It was getting hotter and under the direct sun I was feeling it, but not as much as I would normally.

I had seen my group as I took this time out to hang out in this area, literally seated on a branch overhanging the water. I really wanted the water. Somehow I rejoined the group. I don’t know how, but we ended up on this mass of branches and logs, mostly smooth and without bark, but there were slivers and nails and twigs and thorns here and there. Overall we were sitting on them and sliding along, holding with arms wrapped on them or holding branches above us. Underneath was earth and cement.

At the end, there was a rope bridge that we were to go across the damn and crashing, rushing waters, with water wheels and wooden gates beneath us.

We had to hold onto ropes, or hang upside down with legs wrapped around ropes also. I remember that I had been working out so much and had lost so much weight that I felt stronger and lighter than now, but I also wasn’t sure my hands could hold on, they were hurting so badly. I had splinters, cuts and bruises already from the journey.

I do not know how I got to the end of the bridge, and the exit. I began to realize I was sidetracked and late. I can’t remember what I was late for, or what I was sidetracked from I woke up before we arrived at the end.


Another dream:

There was a group of us that were on an outing of sorts. But I was on break from work, and would have to be back in 2 hours.

We went up this hill in a bus, but then we came to a place where we had to walk and hike. I really enjoy hiking, and I was enjoying looking for flowers even though it was so hot and there was mostly dirt and weeds as far as the eye could see. Suddenly, I was more aware of the heat and dryness. And I started to pay more attention and keep up with the others, trying to breathe.

We got to a place where we had to hike on very narrow trails that crumbled under us. As we wound around on these trails, there was more brush and rocks, stickers, etc in our path, and we had to get around or over these things to keep from falling off the edge of this hill which was becoming more of a mountain as we went.

There was an area that we came to that was cement in a broad opening, with stone tables and seats built in. Suddenly there were people from my old work, the female leaders of departments, staff, people I didn’t know. I wondered where my people had gone, and why were really being led by these women when none of the disabled people were there. They said we needed the disability ramps for them, but they weren’t there. These women were heavier than me, and I wondered how they had gotten up there. There was food served, but I could not eat it.  It was stuff I was allergic to, and also I just had a feeling that I was not to eat of it.

They showed us this really cool wooden house up on a mountain across this huge divide from where we were, like a canyon. It looked like in it’s day it was a mansion. It looked mysterious, and from an era where there may be secret passages and mystery boxes, etc. This place, we were told, was our goal. It was what we had come for, but we had to get there, which was the problem.

From where we were, we had to get there by way of a swinging wooden bridge that had rope sides. It was very old, and treacherous. I kept wondering how I got here, why I was with these people and why I wasn’t braving just going back on my own. But the earth had crumbled from under our feet, and the way was so narrow, that it was a one-way path. I just kept knowing that in this stage of things, there was no going back. Whatever lay ahead, it was what it was and that is that.

We had to go down the mountain enough to get to where the bridge was, and it was quite a ways under us. There was no marked way, nothing set to walk on or hold onto. I realized it was getting dark and so I stepped onto a rock. It held. I held onto a branch from a bush and started to slide down. I found a tiny foothold of solid ground, just enough to stand one foot on and I landed there. I took hold of what looked like a vine and tugged on it. I stepped off the ground and slid… a lot…not pretty and definitely painfully but holding my vine. It felt like someone’s finger, but I couldn’t see. There was quite an ordeal getting to the bridge but not passing that level, but I made it. I was dirty, scratched and hot, but I was at the bridge. I stepped out on the bridge with a testing type of step, pressing on the board. It held. As I started across, I realized that some of the parts of rope were rotted and broken and hanging. Some of the wooden boards were out. I could not go back, so I stepped forward, asking God to save me alive. As I went across the boards were breaking out from under me and falling down into the depths. I couldn’t hear them hit or any splashing. I had no way of knowing what was in that deep darkness. I had the sense that I was very late for work and didn’t know if I even had a job left. I don’t remember how I got off the bridge, but I did and I was on the other side. Then I woke up.


There were various work-related dreams this past couple of months, for the first time since I was laid off. I was laid off on 6/19/2009 from a job I loved very much. But, it was a job where you needed to be on time, not only arriving for work, but also throughout the shift to pick up and drop off people at the scheduled times.

I have had many dreams recently that involve a supervisor who hadn’t worked with us for quite a while before I left, or the boss but not in proper work settings. Like we were at someone’s house and in an odd group of people, and I kept trying to get to where I should be but kept getting sidetracked, even by these two and also others. I would let myself get into something with people where I was and know I should be somewhere else. Thoughts would come to me that I should check and see if I still needed to get there, etc. Strange. Very strange because even though I was trying to get where I should be, and it wasn’t work related at all, I kept trying but yet had no stress, or stress when I would wake up. I would wake up from each of these dreams without ever getting to my original destination, and in the dream, being many hours late, even having it be night time.

What do you think? Real? Or Memorex?

I find it interesting and had a hard time putting all of this into words. I know it is sort of rambling, but I have lost many details and decided to write these out before they were lost altogether.

Do you have any thoughts, interpretations or comments about my dreams?

Do you think they mean anything in particular? I am interested in how you see or hear these. Please do feel free to comment.



  1. i think your dreams show that you care about the clents especialy and you are, have been willing to risk your self for them the superviors did not cover you but
    god did! that is just me! danette

    • Thanks, Danette. That is interesting. None of these dreams actually had clients in them, but included the bus. It is just interesting how this has come up in the month that is 3 years from being laid off. wierd, huh?

  2. In these two dreams, you had something planed, something you had to get done or were late for (work?); but these physical obstacles needed to be done first (hiking through brush and over rocks, getting into the water, then onto safe ground; in the other dream, up a mountain and across the bridge – closer to the mansion.) These dreams also include people from your work, or ‘work related’, but are more directed towards accomplishing physically changeling goals (working through the heat, scrapes and bruises). It could be God saying “Look, I know you think you need to do ‘such and such’ first, but this is what needs to happen right now, and I will help you get through it.” He does, and you work through the obstacles to reach your goal. In these dreams you realize you have more strength than you did before; with God’s help you are prepared for the challenges ahead of you. – Just my thoughts <3

    • Thanks, Jamie. That’s a very good thought, I think. I am going to take these responses and pray them through because I think either God is showing me something or my subconscious is trying to tell me something. At first, I just thought, how weird and how long it went, on and on. But then, by the third one, I began to really think I needed to put these down. I really struggled to get these down, and didn’t even check on my spelling or grammar. lol! Thanks for responding. It really does mean a lot to me that you took the time to do this. <3

  3. Ok, trying to leave a comment…again! Lol! I am so bac at this, maybe if I did it more often? Hmmmmmmmmm?

    These dreams definitely mean something, It may be a combination of God trying to tell you something specific, and the Holy Spirit stirring up your subconscience for this purpose.

    Our thoughts and feelings at differing events in our lives never truly leave us, even though I swear that I forget everything! Something going on your life now is stirring up some past feelings.

    • I feel that way, too. Did you get any specifics? Like about the boards, logs, etc? Or?

  4. Girl, there is so much here! Did you notice that even though the way was treacherous, you never fell?

    There was quite a bit of treachery is your situation at work, especially among those in postitions above you.. Remember? They always wanted you to go one way, but you stood your ground.

    Even when the boards were breaking from under your feet, you didn’t fall. And there was a vine, “something” to hold onto in the dark.

    You wanted to go in the water soooooo bad. (This one may have been a different dream) You were so tempted, but something was holding you back. That was the wisdom that God has given you.

    An underlying message here, in all, is that even though there was anxiety about being able to get to where you were going, you were never alone…you never had to do it on your own. The people with you always disappeared, but God never did. The boards broke…you didn’t fall. The vine…the finger of God…gave you Something to hold onto in the dark, when you thought you were alone.

    You know you are not alone, especially when things are most confusing and unnerving!

    Maybe God is reminding you of that?

    • Wow! This is amazing, Diana. You have no idea what you’ve said here. I don’t think I ever told anyone, but back when I went to church in Live Oak, with one of my all-time favorite pastors, I was up in the front worshiping after service. I could feel pastor Ray moving among the worshipers, and felt God from him so intensely I was wanting him to come to me, to stand near me whether or not he said anything. I felt like he was a carrier of Presence in a special way that night.
      After the longest time, with me not knowing where he was or caring anymore as I was locked in position with my hands up and not caring about anything but staying there forever, pastor was suddenly standing in front of me singing, the finger of God, the finger of God, the finger of God, etc, etc, etc.And then, suddenly his finger touched my forehead, and then again, and then stayed as he sang it over and over and over. He walked away for awhile. Then suddenly was back doing the same thing with me! This went on for the balance of the evening, even long after he’d gone out of the building. He would come back to me and repeat this.
      I always wondered about this, but knew that I knew it was God. No question, not ever. Sometimes I ask Him to keep His finger on me and never take it away, whatever it means.
      I wouldn’t have thought of the vine as being His finger, but as soon as I read it….whammo!
      Thanks. I had this feeling you and your sweet Derf had something that I may not think of. Sure enough, we need each other. Always have. Always will. I love you!

  5. So glad! When I first started to comment, I actually had no idea what I was going to say. Then as I started to type, the words just came! I love you! <3

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