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Dreams 2

Previous (one of the first of these) dream:

This dream had these boards under ground, like in an underground parking structure that had been left open at the street, but then you were underground, with nothing but these old, derelict boards of various thicknesses and widths to walk on. The entire area was open all the way down several levels, at least three, and were deadly if you fell. Many of us would walk these boards to get around and out of there. I am not sure why any of us went in there, except we were heading to a special event, a huge one that was to meet in a large round colluseum on the other side. It was very, very hot out and I was getting ill and could hardly breathe. I think I went in to this area to get to the colluseum without going so far around in the heat and direct sun. Anyway, I was following others on these boards, most of which were seniors and handling everything smoothly and with easy conversation. I was doing fine, even though I was acutely aware that the boards were snapping and falling as we were stepping onto the next board. Every single board I had been on broke and dropped away. As we went around and through, there was a very dirty and dusty area full of these old books and filthy, old items. I got off the boards to walk among these items, and noticed many people were sitting there, like it was an encampment of people handling and trying to make sense of these old items and books. I looked at a couple of books, but thought they were not something I wanted to know, so I got up and got back on the boards, though they were getting thinner and narrower. They seemed far more brittle, suddenly. I looked around and realized that the seniors that had been ahead of me the whole time were no where to be seen, so I began to hurry. I had a lot of people behind me and I was concerned about breaking all the boards and them being trapped.

I hurried along a bit, but not too fast. I needed to see where to step next. Sometimes I jumped over and down, or over and up, landing on my feet on a skinny little board, or a fat one, but sometimes I leaped over and caught it in my hands and hung there, lifting my feet up onto it or onto one near it.

It was getting very concerning, as people who were coming up to be my friend and help me, showing me the way were leading me into ridiculous situations. Then suddenly, one appeared like she had risen up from the bottom and laughed at me, and knocked out as many boards as possible. I managed to be safely on a board, but called out to the younger ones behind me to trust no one and see the way and stay with it. She had a hold on my board and was lifting and pulling it from it’s place and I let go and dropped a couple of levels to find another board. It was getting very difficult and almost impossible to move forward. There were so many people on these boards and so when I would see one that seemed strong enough, it would be taken by someone and would break. Some were breaking as I was on them or hanging from them.

The place seemed larger, and deeper than I had realized. It was darker and darker and very, very dusty and dirty. Everything was so dry that I realized this place had been derelict for a very long time. But why so many boards? Why were they crisscrossing and so many levels of them like a maze?

As it went along, I g0t to the side where it was open, finally and the young ones were already there! The seniors were already outside and relaxed, walking along to the colluseum and laughing easily. I realized that, as I was climbing the boards that were stacked like bleachers up the wall so that I could get to the edge and rest safely, then make it out that the young adults and teens were laughing among themselves and calling me to certain steps and to sit with them. As I went up, there was a horrible shaking and sound and the boards were going out from under me. A man rose up and somehow I was holding a board and not falling. He was talking to me, but I don’t remember what he said. He was older but healthy and strong like a young person. Anyway, I had been so burned by the woman that had risen up out of nowhere, and had been “helping” me, so I wasn’t real sure about this man, if he was on my side or it was a trap. But I felt to listen to him. I looked down and nothing was under him. He was standing in air. I also realized there were almost no boards left in the whole place! All the way down. I couldn’t bear the thought of what that meant to so many others. I was grieved and turned to go up the boards. I suddenly saw that the young people were stomping out the boards I was on and the ones that were easy access from them. I was so disappointed. But, I finally got up and out, then came back inside and sat on the top bleacher. I kept wondering why I was in there, and then realized I came out very near where I had gone in. Not exactly, and farther along, but only half around or so. I was sitting among the young people who had tried to take me out, and prayed for them, for God to save them and help them through their lives.

As I looked in, there were so few boards, none that would hold an adult-weight person, and so many still following each other around, so many were younger, but once again, there were a great number of elderly. The older man who stood in the air was gone. I felt compelled to go in to rescue, but knew I could do nothing to help them but pray.

As I rested a bit under the shade of the place, I looked again and there were more boards! That woman and some men were appearing here and there and replacing these boards as they were, and then sometimes breaking them as people were close to getting out.

Somehow, I was in there again, and thought I might never make it to where I was heading in the first place.

What do you think? Do you ever dream about things that seem so real, and then wake up and realize it isn’t really possible?



  1. Fred H. Boehnke-Original Sr (posted to me in a private message on fb)
    I thought I would give you some of my thoughts regarding your dreams here where only you could read them. Remember dreams are stories that can be symbolic, only representing something in an abstract form and not be the actual event or thing being dreamed about. Dreams can also be like a story, retelling an actual event that has ocurred in the past or an event that is to ocurr in the future.
    Please remember these are only my thoughts and impressions. I believe the one dream you had of a “lady in charge, who was to lead us and knew the way” is a symbolic dream representing things or events that may have occurred in the past. I feel the lady in charge represents someone who was looked up to, was knowledgeable, and was part of large group of people or a family. You wanted to be part of the event that was taking place. However, you also saw that there were risks and dangers. Some were very obvious and others were not. The other people went ahead anyway oblivious to the risk they were placing themselves into. They had done the same thing many times before. You were wounded and injured through all of this but yet somehow made it through. It appears you made it through because of yourself not because of any leading by anyone else. You found the bridge and crossed to the other side. You felt it was a crossing not done on time but the important thing was you made it.
    Remember sometimes our dreams are an outlet to release what we have pent up inside. They also sometimes ocurr to cause us to pray about something, Call me and we can discuss in more detail if you want.

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