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Do you ever dream? What do you think they mean? I can personally see some themes here, but do I really know and understand?

The buses in my dreams are always very like the ones I drove for 22 years, 19 passenger sized. Yet, there are always more people with us when we are out of the bus than could possibly fit in one.

Today’s Dream: My oldest brother, Myke driving a bus of us up a hill, steeper until we had to take it around the hill to go up and not fall back.

It was a nice hill/mountain. Green, plush, then more earthy but healthy.

Suddenly we were in a dry, dirt place that was like a cavernous place, and had these trees that were sometimes growing as we expect, free and on their own, others were in the earth, and were like they were petrified into the mountain and caves.

We were all going along on these trees/branches, sometimes over deep open areas, and sometimes within the dirt walls. Besides the branches being everywhere and running out and into each other, there were also cave-like open places and levels in the sides of the walls. Eventually, there was a watery area, like in another of these dreams I’ve had. Kind of a small lake to large pond. When we were walking along and trying to get from one place to another, some got off at the swimming hole.

There was one spot that got so narrow and had such tiny-branches, and I looked down and realized it was very, very high up over canyons that were so narrow a body couldn’t fit through, and there was nothing but hard, dry ground. Sometimes there were areas that were carved out like landings on one side or another. So I became afraid to move forward and I called for Myke. This one lady seemed to be the authority and she kept belittling me, and putting me down as low as she could get me. She kept saying to follow her, but I called for Myke, and when he came back enough to reach his hand toward me, I leaned forward, reached out for his hand, inching forward and finally grasping his hand. Not tightly, just holding it and feeling like he had me and I was okay. I went forward just fine, and was not afraid anymore. As we went along, it opened to a broader place. Myke had gotten off the branches and was standing below me to the right on ground, on a place that looked more like a landing. But it wasn’t all open. He was talking with others, and the leader/woman behind me. There were tree trunks and branches, but no bark on them. There wasn’t bark on any of these trees growing here and there, or the branches. It was all smoothed out.

Anyway, I looked down to where Myke was and realized there was no room where he was, and the only room for me to get off and land was quite a bit below where he was, quite a steep jump down, and very tiny amount of land that was slanted to the right and inward. So I would have to jump off and slant toward the right, underneath a dirt overhang, like the tiny opening into a cave with a tiny little covered ledge in front of the opening. The lady in charge was disparaging me and getting those behind me to fuss at me and I just looked at Myke and slid off, shooting myself toward the landing, and landing smoothly and gently next to his ground area, but quite a bit below it. I asked if he saw how gently I touched down and how clean a drop I had made. He said yes and smiled.

I realized once there that so many had been ahead of me and had gotten over to the area straight in front of where my eyes were looking (that had been at my left on the branch) and that they were in a swimming hole/pond type of place, and jumping off into the water. I wanted to get there and get into that water, so I got back up on branches near me, winding around and over and under each other and got myself out on an end of one, with a knob on the end like it had been chopped earlier and healed over. I was sitting on it, and realizing I couldn’t go backward, but was sitting far above any place to move to, but in one moment I just decided to leap and landed safely on a larger, safer branch. I was able to maneuver from one branch or tree to another (some were quite thin and shaky) until I was going back toward the way we were to go to get back to the bus, which it was time for. I ended up ahead of very many, but behind enough to not feel pressured, to be following and not the one figuring out the way.

As we were going along, I was feeling pretty good about facing my fears and being able to maneuver as well as I had. The woman in charge was suddenly behind me and telling everyone that I was the one that held them all back and we could have all done better without me. We came to a very difficult place at that time, it was one slim branch across a very steep area, but wide, and the concern was if you were to tip over and slip off. I managed to get to the other side, but I cannot remember how, and then we were walking and walking in hard, dry earth and it was quite hot and arid. The pungent smell of dried weeds and blossoms filled the air and I had a hard time getting air enough to breathe.

This all seemed to take forever, like I was never going to see the end or get to where I had intended to be, or was supposed to be. . No matter what we did, there was more of a maze to get through.

Then, we were in the bus and heading down. I had some concerns for safety, though Myke was driving. It was like I felt he knew more what to do going uphill safely, but wasn’t as sure he was going to get us down and home safely.  Then I woke up.

Have you ever had dreams like this? Do you think dreams mean anything, or are just pizza dreams? Even though none were after pizza!

I really am very interested on your thoughts, and insights, even if you think it is all nothing but malarky!

Please share your thoughts, dreams, interpretations, responses to these dreams with me. I know it is long as I put them all in one blog, but I hope you made it through and respond.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!



  1. That is my all-time favorite potholder pattern! You have inspired me to crochet some more…lol! They are so nice and thick, they’re multifunctional. They double as portholders and hot pads.

    And on the subject of the cinnamon rolls…you are in TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!! It’s a darn good thing Mom doesn’t have a computer…hahahahahaha! I’m not gonna tell…no sirree Bob….nope, not gonna call Mom & tell her…nope…hwhwhw!

    • hehe, I can see you on your cell now. Because I got this recipe from you, I didn’t realize it was a big secret one, but I should’ve known as she hates to even give her recipes to us! oh, well! Too late now!
      BTW, you posted this response on the dream post, so I know you’ve read one of them!
      Now I want your take on the dream ones, and don’t let Derf forget! I was responses!
      When I told G the dream, he just interrupted me a few times with other stuff, and was bored. Then he said it means nothing when you dream so don’t get all worked up over it. hahahaha!
      I tried to explain that I am not worked up, just intrigued, since some themes are running through them and I have never had this type of dream before, then suddenly there are many of them. sigh!

  2. I will remind Derf tomorrow, or today rather! lol! One thing noticeable in all of the dream sequences is an underlying thread of anxiety. I don’t know if it’s anxiety that is driving you, or anxiety that you arent’ going to make it (in the dream). Derf had some thoughts on this as well, but I will let him share.

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