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WIP – My favorite Potholder Pattern & a Surprise Discovery!

Potholder in deep greens.

Hello, friends!

I thought I would share with you my current WIP. It is my favorite Potholder pattern, found in Annie’s Crochet Newsletter #76 on pages 42 and 43. (Annie’s Attic)

This potholder is lovely and thick. I crochet it from worsted weight cotton yarn, (Sugar and Cream). The original pattern calls for white and dark blue yarn colors. I prefer to use a flecked, striped or variegated yarn in place of the white, and of course, any color that goes with or contrasts with the flecked. It turns out so lovely!

The back piece is worked in a solid color, preferably not white as it is a very usable potholder. This potholder works up sooo thick and the only time you can burn yourself through it is if the potholder is wet. If it gets wet, and you reach into a hot oven or grab a hot dish, it will steam through the yarn and burn you.

The pattern is designed to be stuffed with pot pourri before closing the two layers, which when used as a trivet, will infuse the air with the fragrance any time a warm dish is set on it. I, however am allergic to most fragrance and blossoms, so I just close it without filling. I have also thought of adding a layer of batting, but it needs no thickening and washes beautifully as is.

Little leaf dish works well as yarn ball holder!

Now I want to tell you my new happiness! Christmas, 2011 my friend St. D. gave me this sweet little leaf dish. She knows I love anything that has leaf shape and motif. I usually set my evening medications in it so they don’t run loose on me. But 2 nights ago, I set my wound ball of yarn in it, and pulled the yarn to keep crocheting and discovered that the ball rolled freely and didn’t come out of the dish! It works wonderfully.

Here are a couple of views of this dish so you can see how cute it is, and the general size of it. She found this one in a little Asian market for a very reasonable price.

Wow! I can see how red my skin is! I have reactions to my insulin and medications and didn’t realize it would show. So sorry.

This potholder pattern is partly written and partly charted the same way a filet crochet pattern is. Very simple to follow and I think many of you can figure it out by looking at this one.

You work the front with the heart, then add the shell edging in the front loops of the square only . Then you make the back in all solid color with no motif, all single crochet. To finish, you sew the 2 sides, wrong sides together and weave in ends. Voi-la!

Blue and pink flecked potholder and pink dishcloth.

Quick and easy. I love making potholders and knitting co-ordinating dishcloths. Sometimes I crochet towel-toppers on kitchen towels to match, or just give complimenting kitchen towels with these as a set. They are long-lasting and a useful gift that is hand made.

Thanks so much to all who post their projects and patterns to share.

I hope you enjoy this!


  1. I love the flecked yarn in mine! White would be boring. Plus with the flecks, stains blend in easier. ;)

    I’d love some towel toppers. I love being able to hook the towel over the oven door so it doesn’t keep sliding off!

  2. Oooh! That’s nice to know, Diane. Thanks for mentioning what you like!

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