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Homemade gifts and wisdom.

Several years ago, when one of my wonderful Nephews and his family lived in another State, I decided to have a gift made for them.

I searched all over our small city/large town for a place to have it made, but to no avail! Then, I visited a shopping mall a few towns away, and found a booth in the center of that mall that makes what I was looking for!

I studied the fonts for the letters and the assortment of figures in a large 3-ring binder they had, and chose what looked best to me.

Then, I chose the color and size of the piece, and the young man set to work printing out what I had chosen. I felt silly being SO exited as I waited for this item. You see, I felt quite clever in the statement I had come up with and was having quite a giggle imaging their response to it.

This nephew’s family name was German, and happens to be interesting to sound out in the USA. It gets funny sometimes to hear what people call them. For this reason, his parents use my sister’s maiden name to be called if they order something.

Anyway, if you pronounce it properly, it is not as complicated as it looks. It sounds like Binky.

This nephew has 3 adorable and precocious daughters and loves them very  much. But, they wanted a boy! The fourth child is a son named for his dad. He is beautiful, and a gift to our family.

What I had made for this little family was a window cling type of design to put on their back window of their family van. It had 6 figures on it, A man, a woman, 3 girls in various stages of size, and a baby boy on it. I believe I had also put a puppy on it after the boy.

The caption (words) on it said, “I want my Binky!”

(In the USA, a binky is a nipple the baby sucks on, but doesn’t have a bottle attached. It is a pacifier to keep the child from crying.) So, I felt quite clever with the play on words, and was happy to find out their reaction.

At first, in waiting for Christmas to send it off, I misplaced it and found it long after the holiday. But, as I was going to mail it off, I had a sense that it wasn’t something for them to use! Oh, no! Why not? I realized that it revealed to the world how many children were in that little family and people could approach them and perhaps realize it was their name, making them vulnerable.

I thought I was being silly, but  just could not send it off, in case they would put it on display. Whenever I have one of these “senses” or gut feelings of this type, I regret it if I ignore it. It has proved right, whether or not it makes sense to my mind.

Recently, in the last visit to our town by my nephew’s dad, he talked about those family clings on windshields and said they were not smart. Some of them even have little names of each family member under their image and anyone could walk up to the child they saw getting out of the vehicle and call them by name like they know them!

I realized it was good wisdom to not mark your vehicle with children’s images or names, as it is not safe in this world to trust others to care about your child.

So, whenever I find this item again, I will send it off with the warning and a suggestion to just scrapbook it for fun. That boy is no longer a baby now, anyway but I still want them to have it as a smile from Aunt Moo.

I guess I will stick with crochet or knit gifts, or paper or sewn items I have made. what do you like to make for gifts?

At first I thought I was being silly or over reacting. What do you think?

I love plays on words. Do you?

Have you ever had one of those senses or feelings overwhelm you about a decision you are making? What happens if you ignore it? Do you ever regret not taking heed to it?

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Please feel free to comment on this. I love your responses.


  1. I love plays on words; and you always have such good ones! Yay!
    Yes, I have found that ignoring this ‘sense’ is always a mistake, and quite often a serious one. Thank you for sharing!

    BTW…I love this pic, and my little Buddy in it!

    The Proud Oma :-)

    • Binky, you have the best word-plays and ways of wording things than anyone I know!!! When I grow up I want to be like you!!!! You are my hero!
      Yes, I love this little pic of buddy. By the side of the face, he looks so like his cousin, Daniel. So cute!!!

  2. love homade stuff! Mom loved everything we made Dad was more practical!
    not me. I like to trust in those god things that move you along . trust when you are being led shelley. remember those clings too! danette

    • Your mom was the bomb! And still is through her kids. Your dad was just a tecky, perfectionist type and that is good, too! Look at your brother and nephew!

  3. Yes, ShelleyJo, I too have had such nudges…and as I grow in relationship with the Lord, I want to be a better listener to Him and follower of Him :)
    I finally figured out how to set up a blog roll not long ago and I believe I have added your blog to it so that I can better keep track of your posts and get to know you.
    Thank you for including me in your blog roll!
    Joy to you and yours,
    Gracie <3

    • Grace! Thanks so much for reading my blog!!! And responding. I feel so special. I am glad you love the Lord, too. I don’t know how people get through life without knowing Him. I enjoy your blog, too.

      • Grace, you can also click on my follow link at the top right. It will show me whenever you are here. Thanks so much. Also, if you find a blog you like from my blogroll, most are crochet/knit/sewing, etc, then just click that link and it takes you to their page. Then you copy that URL and add them to your own blogroll. It is easier to come back to the ones you like best that way.

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