Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | June 26, 2012

Silly splurge to creativity?

This is a (too dark) picture of the bottle-top from a bottle of brewed iced tea that I bought last night.

I was sipping the last few drops of the surprisingly good iced tea when I realized something. It hit me like a bat upside the head.

I had just paid for a single bottle sized bottle of iced tea because of the cute little bottle cap and the little leaf designs embossed around the top part of the plastic bottle.

I felt so silly!

Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t buy pre-made iced tea, or even glasses of it in restaurants. If I ever order iced tea in a restaurant or cafe, I have them put an inch of iced tea in the glass filled to the brim with ice (I LOVE ice!), and then fill the rest of the glass up with cold water. (I LOVE ice cold water!) I so much prefer to make iced tea to my taste. I don’t like concentrated tea flavor.

So, when I realized that I had actually purchased and drank this iced tea before it occurred to my brain, I was feeling quite silly for the splurge!

But, honestly…I think it is the cutest bottle! And even the cap is adorable. I wish I could get a better picture for you. Between the lighting in my apartment and my camera just being in my cell phone, it just doesn’t do it justice.

Can you see the leaf motif embossed in the plastic toward the top of the bottle? It is adorable!

I have always preferred leaves over flowers on things. Though there are some floral things I like, I tend to lean toward choosing leaves every time. How about you? Do you like flower or leaf print or design? I like both enough, just prefer the leaves.

Case in point: When I was learning to do embeadery, beading seed beads onto felt or fabric, I was with a friend (St. D) who was beading flowers. Pretty little flowers.  I chose to bead a sweet little posy on leaves. As you can see, I completed the beaded leaves immediately.

I have yet to finish the posy. It is cute! But I grew bored and moved on to other things and never came back to finish. I am planning to finish this sweet little pink flower by end of the Olympics. It is one of my goals, anyway. Hope I can stay focused enough to remember to complete it!  (big grin here)

First, you bead the leaves, then you bead the flower and then bead an additional layer of the center. The white cut-out of the center is in the following pic of a butterfly. Anyway, you bead each piece and then stitch them together in layers. After that you sew a pin on the back. You can wear it as a brooch, or on a necklace, etc.

Since this was my first beaded project, I didn’t realize that using assorted colors for the outline of the butterfly would keep it from being clearly defined (though I should have thought that out). The wings were sets of hearts, but I am not sure you can see that with the variegated beading I did. Though I had something entirely different pictured when I drew my design of the butterfly, I decided to keep it as is for a good reminder.

By the way, this butterfly and the leaves were done years ago. I always intend to finish, but haven’t yet. I think setting a goal is more helpful and plan to show you a ta-da! post after Olympics.

I do love beading in various forms.

I am thinking I may cover the majority of the plastic bottle with pretty wallpaper or scrapbook paper and mod podge. Then, I will keep the leaves at the top of the bottle as is, and either crochet with colored thread or use beads for a decoration at the bottom and top edge of the paper cover.

What do you think?

I am returning to upcycling things as I did in Jr. High. We used mod podge a lot, decoupage, jewelry with feathers,scraps of fabrics and yarns,  that sort of thing on old boards or objects.

Do you have any other ideas for how to pretty up this bottle? I want to keep it! Just looking at it makes me happy.


  1. You are the most creative person I know! Those are so pretty, I had forgotten you were into beading.

    Why not bead the bottle? I think, with the right colors, that would be unique.

    • I was thinking of that, too! Do you think it would be too much?
      I love this little bottle so much it is ridiculous! :D sigh! Oh, well. I want to make it even more special so I have a reason to keep it and not have it tossed into recycle. My sweetheart has his beady (no pun intended..hehe) little eyes on it since I put it in the grocery cart.
      Thanks for reading again. You are my fan! And I am yours!

  2. Hi Shelley!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. My daughter has been making that wonderful pasta salad for years. I will ask her for the recipe to share. It is so light and wonderful in the summer.
    I see you crochet too!!! I will be back again.
    XO Kris

  3. Hi Shelley, Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments about Spencer, Max and my Mum’s tea cosies :) I am following your blog now and look forward to your future posts. Maggie xx

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