Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | June 27, 2012

Enjoying the Olympics Creatively

Recently, I saw some information that I found quite interesting. There are groups the world over who have been enjoying the Olympics via crafting their way through those weeks.

Apparently this has been happening for years, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. In checking sites out this week, I have only seen events for knitters for 2012, and set rules have been established.

It occurs to me as I think on this that Olympians train and compete for years to be chosen for the Olympics, and then train even harder, sharpen their skills, learn more about their event and work harder. They perform publicly at times and compete on lower levels to be chosen, but also to keep sharp and to be used to the pressure.

So, if we were to treat our skills in a similar manner, we would be getting in shape and ready now for what is ahead. We would challenge ourselves more than we ever have and even watch to see how others are doing, cheer them on, then compete to better ourselves as much as possible. We would study our “hero’s” of our craft and strive to be more like them.

I like this idea. But, many of my friends do not knit at all, and I only knit a bit here and there. Between us, my circle of friends create in many different and talented expressions of art and craft.

I see this as a way to use the time we watch the Olympics or moments of time we have in our days to actually do something more than usual ourselves.

I decided this week to ask some friends if they would be interested in participating in a similar event among us as friends, and each seemed interested.

I have read other posts and ideas, and thought about the lives of many of us (illnesses, disabilities, family distresses, financial loss, and some work for employers, some have kids, go to school, babysit, etc.).

To ask a set standard of “rules” for the group as a whole would put a lot of stress on some, and not as much on others.

So, I have been thinking and making lists for a few days, and I think I have a decent plan.

Olympic Creating:

1. Event starts during televised opening ceremony of Olympics in your personal area. Event ends at midnight the day the Olympics finish. Starts July 27th, ends midnight August 12, 2012.

2. You may do any form of creative expression you desire or prefer. This includes activities you already know and do, and those you would like to learn and try.

Suggestions: Paper craft, stamp art, cropping, knitting, sewing, crochet, sketching, painting, weaving, beading, embroidery, creative writing, photography, designing, creating patterns and tutorials, wood carving, cooking, baking, canning, clay, music, dance, glass work, quilting, multi-media,  macrame, jewelry making, and the list goes on.

3. Choose one or more mediums to work on during the weeks of the Olympics, and set personal goals for yourself. Make sure to consider your life as it is during this time, and be realistic. We don’t want to be screaming at our family for wanting supper, flunking tests, or not showing up to work due to lack of sleep!

4. Challenge yourself!

There are several ways to participate. You can begin a new project when event starts and push to have it done by closing. You can choose works-in-progress (WIPs) and decide how much you want to complete before  the closing. You can decide to learn a new-to-you craft, or to learn new techniques of one you are already doing.

The thing is to push for excellence and to press through in a more concentrated effort than you would without this event. Make it a higher priority than you normally would.

Suggestion: it may be a good idea to choose something you can take to doctor visits, hospitals, or work on when kiddos are napping. Just a thought to make it easier on you. Remember, for our event, we answer to no one but ourselves. You set your own pace. Keep it fun!

5. Put it in writing. Once you have chosen what you will do, set your goal and commit it in writing. If you have several choices, list them in order of priority.

6. Be true to yourself. In this group, we are not accountable to each other, but if you are setting a challenge for yourself, be honest about how you are doing.

7. Record. Consider taking photos of the stages of your projects. Keep a record for yourself. And consider sharing the photos either as this event goes along or at least at the end. Also, you may want to journal or blog on how it is going as it goes along and whether or not it is a good experience as you work along.

8. There is a reveal after the closing. How did you do? Share with us.

Caution: If you are making gifts for people, or personal information is included in some way in what you are working on (say, if you are a writer), then you may opt out of the sharing of details and just do a general share.

So, what do you think? Do you already participate in such an event (or have you) ? Would you be interested in something like this?

We welcome others to join in this fun time, as well. And, as you can see the rules are loose.

At this time, I have not chosen to award anything or gift to participants. But that does not mean others can’t. I haven’t done a thing like this before, so am not sure how that would go.

For myself, I have decided to work on WIPs, things that need finishing. And, to make these gift-ables to take the pressure off of the coming holiday season, and birthdays as well. So, I will work on as many small things as I can get done. For some of you, you may prefer a large project to try to get done during that time. Whatever works for you is fine. We want you to enjoy this!

So, what do you think? Sound fun?


  1. Excellent plan, sista! And very well detailed. I definitely want to participate, but haven’t decided whether to make it a crocheting project or write a short story. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm….decisions, decisions! Lol! It’s gonna be fun!

    • yeth, it is!!!

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