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Epic Crochet Piece Ta-Da!

This actually has a funny story that goes with it. I first crocheted a cream-colored horse filet chair doily for another friend, M and it went smoothly and without incident, finishing in record time.

(My sister has made a blue one for her husband and it looks great! We got this pattern from an Annie’s Attic crochet newsletter issue.)

Then, another friend, J decided she wanted one in blue, so I picked up the thread and she reimbursed me the cost of the thread. I started on this project and all was going smoothly. Until I had an incident, that is.

I had been through an assault and been seriously injured in my sternum, collar bone and left shoulder and shoulder blade. The main arm tendons had been torn and woven into the shoulder ball joint. I am left handed, so this really slowed my abilities for quite some time.

I had tried several times to crochet on this piece, but the tendon injuries would inflame every time. I put it away for over a year. As time went by, I would be able to do a row of crochet before it would inflame. So I would do the row I could do, then put it away for quite some time.

After a long while, perhaps another year (sometimes less) I would remember this project and pull it out again. I would do a row, then put it away to heal my shoulder. Finally, after some years, I was healed enough to do up to 2 rows before I would inflame! I was getting excited now. I was really missing my creative arts, especially crochet. There is something very healing and restoring that creating and color brings into my life, and I felt I had been robbed of something I very much needed and loved.

As I would have a day of working on this, I would carry it with me and J would see it and start laughing at the “never-ending” crochet. She kept saying she didn’t think it would ever be finished and it became quite the joke with so  many of us. We all were guessing on how old she would be when she received it. We had a great time with it, and it became an epic story. Honestly, I was determined to finish it for her, no matter how long it took. I can be quite stubborn that way, and with her saying it won’t be finished and not wanting her money back, well…that just decided it for me. I was finishing this thing!

I continued to work at a job I dearly loved. Iwould come home realizing I had very little left in me for that day, so I would fix dinner, do dishes and be done with any activity. This season in my life felt so long! From hind sight, it was not as long as it seemed.

Then came the day I saw a mistake about half way through the filet! A friend of mine, St. D said to leave it, it didn’t matter. But it seemed glaring to me. A filet shows its design by placement of the stitches, and if they aren’t right, it just isn’t the same. This mistake was in the free area, and I could have frogged it, but I wanted it to be what she had asked for. So, I ripped it out to the error and began to start again.

About a decade after starting this crochet piece, I thought of it again, and decided it was time to finish it no matter what. J and I had no actual contact anymore, but there were people who could get it to her in the town she now lives in.

As I worked on this I became very excited! I was realizing that, though injuries still remain, much healing had taken place and I could get further along on my project. I was sooo close to finishing that I determined to press through.

I prayed for wisdom and a plan to be able to finish it all and to not be too crippled to be able to enjoy my life afterward. I asked God to touch my shoulder and arm, and heal any inflammation as it came.

I worked on it for a day, then set it aside for two days, worked on it as far as I could get for one day, gave it 3 days rest. And, finally, after a short time on the next day, I was finished! Ta-Da!

I was visiting my friend, G and was telling her this epic tale, with more to it than I am sharing here. Then she told me to bring it with me, so I did. I wanted her to see it and pray over it with me so my friend and her new husband would have a blessing in their home. I had prayed for her as each time I worked on it, but wanted extra blessing for them. G and I prayed together at her table and she touched her fingers on it tenderly, then so did I. We finished praying and she held it up for the photos. I sure do appreciate her. What a wonderful friend to have, don’t you think?

G blocked this (after the photos) with her iron, then rolled it and wrapped it nicely with ribbon and bows. She took it with her and had it delivered to J. Wasn’t that sweet of her? J has since shared that it is on display in her home! She loves it! That is what makes me the happiest.

This Ta-Da was actually about a year ago, but I still wanted to share it with you!

Do you have any epic stories or projects in your life?

Has it ever taken you a decade to finish something?

I hope you have such wonderful people in your life, who will just offer help and come through for you, even if you haven’t seen them in a long while.


  1. What an awesome story to go with an epic project! I loved it, and how you wove the emotions & details of the story together. What a gift to be treasured forever.

    Oh, btw…the one I made for Fred was blue! (I love doing filet projects. They can be challenging, but beautiful when complete.

    • I edited this a few times. I have way too many words! I cut a lot of sentences and part sentences out. Hopefully it helps to not get bogged down! Thanks again for reading and commenting. You make me feel so special!
      I have very much been enjoying your blog ( and you are catching on fast! I hope you can find a great picture for your banner soon and I love the pink!I am still learning, but as we learn, we can help each other through. I love you!!!

  2. Okay so I’m loving the stories and lIving the blogs,…. But you’re putting my blogging to shame. I really need to blog. But I’m at this point that I don’t know what to blog-because the blogs I want to write are really personal and I don’t know how open and honest I should be on my blog.

    What do you think?

    • Sweetheart, just pray and write, then read and edit until you are okay with it.
      Share, be transparent but safe. Does that make sense? Be genuine as you are, and careful enough to not open yourself to something you are not up to from others.
      On the other hand, don’t be afraid. If they respond negatively and bug you at home with calls or whatever, delete their replies, hang up the phone, don’t text back or whatever.
      There is usually someone who will bark about a genuine person, and I go through that, too. But at some point, we just need to do it! Be free and don’t let it stop you.
      I wasn’t sure about sharing the assault, so I just edited until it was “clean”. Hopefully not too heavy for the playfull crochet gals, and yet honest enough to say, hey! I have to work for it and it is worth it to me.
      Okay? Be you!
      Remember your readers, and make sure you don’t cause offense. Then just blog!
      btw, my sister is blogging now! Her link is Diana Lynn on my blog. She is good, and unlike me, brief. lol!

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