Posted by: shelleyjomoozings | June 30, 2012

Lifebeat or Lifeboat? Part 2

Hello again, Lovies!

I cut this post into 2 posts because I am particularly long winded tonight! Big Grin here.

Continued from Part 1:

Okay! So, I am in the boat, on this sea of life now.

I just began to lean on what I know to be true:

God never lets me go! He never drops me. I am alright and will remain alright.

My life is in Him and He is fine, so how can I not be fine?

See my blog on  for

Now for the most amazing part:

We have never once missed paying rent on time, have never had utilities cut off, and only had phone and internet cut off once so far. We have good, healthy food and goodies, too. We have been treated to a marvelous array of “things” I wouldn’t have spent money on when I was working.

Due to people having us on their hearts, and even some who don’t really know us at all, and their generosity we are Held.

We are in the boat, on this sea of life, going where the wind blows us. Sometimes we pull sails in don’t budge for a long while, sometimes we unfurl them and let the wind take us.

I am certain God is blowing that wind and taking us where the next season needs us to be.

When storms arise, and they have (my oldest brother is terminally ill and on hospice, and others we love are just as ill in their own way) I know I can sit up and say, “Peace Be Still”.

The interesting thing is, sometimes the storm stills, and sometimes I still and am in peace, no matter what. When the sun and heat come, (We’ve already had temps up to 108 this year!) we are fine! We are sheltered and not burned or dry.

“One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after wind.” – Ecclesiastes 4:6

So, I am in the boat with Jesus, and when I pray for others, I pull them in this lifeboat with me. This includes any of you that I read your posts or see on facebook. I love you all.

And I know that Jesus loves you equally with me.

I know that He is there to keep you safe in your storms, and fill you with peace when the storms don’t cease.

He plays no favorites. You are amazing and you are somebody important. Yes, you ARE!

Every creative thing you do was put in you by the Creator who loves you and made you creative. Every moment of your life has a purpose, whatever that is. I hope you know it. See post here from my sister’s heart

No matter what you have ever done or failed to do, or what has been done-unto-you, you remain a life of importance to the God of all.

I want you to know that you are loved!!! Right where you are.

Not only are we paid up on all of our bills/expenses, but we have been “treated” with an HD TV, a microwave, a fan for our living room, an antenna, a carpet shampooer, clothing, food, and car repair. I have medical care, and even dental work done! These people who have shared with us, and lavished on us, and the situations that brought more money in just in the nick of time, were not able to do any of these things at the time of my lay off! They have been in a season of increase and have had a heart for us.

I pray right now for you, whatever your life’s circumstances are, that you will also know provision and healing, needs met, and “treats” to take the pressure off, seeing loved ones blessed, and know that God loves you and cares about what matters to you.

Keep on being creative! The color and lines will lift your spirit and soothe your spirit and soul while you are in a time of waiting for answers.

If you can’t seem to find it in you to be creative, then just color! Finger paint! Play with play-dough. Doodle. scribble, cut and glue paper. Creativity and color will rise up from the dungeons within and come up to light and fresh air. It helped to fill that hole in me, and I no longer feel wounded.

As for me, I am designing a crochet decoration with a boat, water and sunshine. Perhaps I can figure out how to put me in the boat? Perhaps I should try my hand at paper crafting a picture of  it to hang?

I only hope that when it is time to get out of the boat, I find faith in me great enough to just do it!

God’s highest blessings on you today and always, dear and precious friends.



  1. I have just finished reading this two-parter, and it is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. It ministered to my heart and spirit, and helped to remind me that we do not go through these trials in our lives alone…Jesus is ALWAYS there with us; and God goes before us.

    The timing of this blog is perfect…it’s God’s timing…and it will bless and strengthen all who read it (which I pray will be many).

    You are a gentle and loving soul who has always put the needs & desires of others first. You are my dear sister, and my “bestie”. Praying for the windows of Heaven to be opened on you, and His blessings to be poured out over you.

    • I know how hard things are in your household right now, and am glad it could minister comfort.
      It is just wonderful how God uses us for each other, isn’t it?
      You, my bestest, bestest, bestest friend, are the one who went before and got the initial word, and see how it helped me?
      I thought I was gentle until I heard myself yelling, “Die, pigs, die!” at the angry birds game the other night.
      Funny how having ear buds in can make you forget others can hear you! hehe!

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