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Mmmm! Yummy Tea and a HUGE MUG!

Here I sit at my little TV table sipping a hot,  HUGE mug of Earl Grey tea with a tiny bit of sweet creamer in it. Mmmmm! So yummy and soothing!

I love the smell of the Bergamot. It is so delicious and comforting, don’t you think? It is my all-time favorite tea, and the close second is tea of pure peppermint leaves with a small piece of candy cane broken into it and stirred until melted. Otherwise, I enjoy plain green tea and plain apple-cranberry tea. Peach tea is so nice if it doesn’t have any floral flavors overwhelming it.

When I was growing up, we usually had large quart jars of black tea syrup in our refrigerator during summer. Mom would boil the black tea leaves in water until it turned into a thick syrup, and then take the leaves out. She would pour this syrup into a quart jar and put it into the refrigerator. We could put about an inch or so of this syrup into the bottom of a tall glass and add cold water and sugar, stir and you are in tea heaven! I don’t usually make this anymore because I like it sweet, so too much sugar for this girl. But I do have fond memories of this. It would probably tie for first place as my all-time favorite tea right up there with bergamot.

What do you like? Are you a tea drinker? I do use tea bags at this time. I can’t find my tea strainer spoon, so loose leaf is not the thing for me right now. Plus, I tend to drink an entire steeping-pot if I use that method!

My dear husband doesn’t drink tea…ever! He is strictly a coffee drinker. He even refused flavored or sweetened creamers until this past month. He started drinking a sweetened vanilla creamer then. Now, that is all he wants in his coffee. For quite a long time he drank many huge mugs of mocha, a chocolate and coffee drink. But, his cholesterol (triglyceride part) got too high, which is from sugar. So, his answer to that is to make regular coffee, add a bit of sweetened creamer, then add one hefty spoon of mocha into it. We will see if that shows improvement. Big smile, here.

I usually drink my teas plain, except the bergamot. I like it with cream and a little sugar. I have found that his liquid vanilla creamer is very sweet, and quite creamy. So, I use a half (eating type) teaspoon of it in my Earl Grey. Very nice!


BIG boo-boo!

I do not do artificial sweeteners. I prefer natural sweetness. And, I have found that I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners. Seriously allergic. This past few days I have been experiencing anaphylaxis.  It is an exhausting thing, and hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t go through it. My entire system gets suppressed, and it is a fight to just think or move, my lungs and sinus get congested, I wheeze, my heartbeats change considerably, my brain is dull and I get a heavy type of headache that just won’t go away, and it affects my muscles. Sometimes, I get ear infections or congestion and pain in them, and I am just overall weary. I have occasionally had respiratory arrest, like when I take penicillin. Adding into that my diabetes and neuropathy, and it gets hard to figure out what is going on and what to do. It is a daily way of life for me, and not alarming. It is just hard for my mind to think properly to figure out what to do.

This past couple of days, I just felt like I don’t care what is wrong, leave me alone! That is part of both packages.

So, tonight I was sipping my yummy tea and thinking it didn’t taste like it usually does, but still okay. There is an different after taste, but my brain just doesn’t want to work this hard to figure it out. After I was almost finished with the tea I just stood up, walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. I read the label of the new bottle of creamer. Sure enough, there it was…the name that means it is full of a sweetener that gives me anaphylaxis and symptoms of ALS. Wonderful!

Obviously, I need to get another bottle of the good stuff as soon as possible! I don’t want to live without my favorite tea right now.

And there you have it; our beverage life.

I know you have just been itching to know what we drink in this house, haven’t you?

Oh! And my dear husband was having serious issues with dripping his mocha across the carpet on his way out to his patio for a cigarette. He also had issues with the travel mug being narrow at the bottom and larger at the top. It tips over easily.

I went on a quest to find a proper mug for him, but it needs to be plastic or metal, something unbreakable. Why, you ask? His wife – eh, hem! -has a tendency to break glass things in the sink, or anywhere for that matter. Another side effect of hands with neuropathy is that I tend to suddenly lose my hold on things, including pencils, pens, glasses, dishes, etc, etc, etc.

I finally found a perfect cup for him! It is a heavy plastic like a resin, and has the handle built in rather than attached, so it won’t break off like the travel mug did. It is full at the bottom and all the way up, and has a sippy cap you can snap on it to keep from spillage or burned lips. Perfect! Right?

The only color they had was a pinkish shade of purple, but he is fine with it! woo-hoo! (He will have nothing to do with pink for him!)

And, I happened to have bonus bucks for the store, and coupons for 50% off! So…it turns out it was free for us, and we also had more shopping bucks available! I got a mug for me, as well, and only paid less than 2$ for it, including tax! What a sweet deal! I love this mug! The handle is so comfortable to hold, with a larger part in the center, hugging it into my hand without pressing into nerve areas that are painful. I find I don’t even come near to dropping it so far, and am so relaxed when sipping.

It is funny how there are times the smallest and simplest things are so important and so enjoyable, isn’t it? And, amazing how small changes in life can cause you to appreciate the simplest and smallest things.

The things that God put on this earth really are amazing, aren’t they? Tea, coffee, dairy, sugar…ah! So lovely!

Did I tell you the capacity of this mug that is shorter than the travel mug? No?

Let me tell you, then. It is over 2 1/2 cups in capacity! It is so huge! And I love it!

I tried to get a good shot of the texture in the mug. It has large and small circular indentations from the middle to the very bottom. So, if you are handing it over to someone, you can hand it to them handle towards them to hold, and indentations for you to keep hold! Such a nice feature, even though it was meant to be decorative.

(By the way, my love still doesn’t use the sip cap, so the drips are still there. For us, this is not a real problem, as we were provided a wonderful carpet shampooer  to replace ours that broke. It is easy to use and effective. The thing is, my love really enjoys shampooing the carpets with his new toy, and so he is the carpet man in our home. Isn’t that just sweet? No worries! I don’t really like to make a fuss over the small things in life, anyway, and this just keeps me from worry over the carpet in a rented place.)

I would love one of these mugs in red, and one each in bright blue and lovely green. But the blue is murky in shade, and I have only seen these two colors.

The brand name is Migo, in case you would like to find one in your area or find it online. Such a sweet little purchase and it makes me ridiculously happy!

I hope you find the simple pleasures that are there in your life!

What makes you happy?


  1. Sounds like my type of cuppa, Earl Grey and I are very good friends….some times I like it black with a slice of lemon ans a good squeeze of lemon juice….

  2. Oh, Elizabeth, I will have to try it with just lemon in it! I do love citrus, especially lime and lemon, and sometimes orange. Mmmm! Good idea!
    Thanks for stopping by again! :)

  3. Grace, have you ever had iced water with a slice of lemon and a slice of cucumber in it? So refreshing! It is also good in a pitcher this way. When it has been in the icey water long enough, eating the cucumber is amazing!!!

  4. I so enjoyed reading this! You make me feel like I am right there, sharing a cup of tea with you. I miss you so much! Thank you for making me feel like I am part of your day (or night…hwhw!)

    • Aww! Thanks, Binky!!! hwhw! You are a part of my night! You are in my heart all the time and I think of you while I blog and sip. xoxoxoxoxo

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