Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 3, 2012

A Different kind of Ta-Da!!!

A Surprisingly good day!

I took a lovely bath, shampoo and conditioning at about 5:30 this morning. I left my hair wet so the breeze coming in through the patio door could feel even more refreshing on my skin.

I finished watching a sweet episode of Emily of New Moon. A nice little show about a young girl in days when people lived by candle light. I did a bit on the eye-glass straps I am making for my mom, pictured above. They are just simple little strands that youth make as friendship bracelets.

I finally got to bed at 6:15 this morning. I am a night-owl and have my best energy at night, so this is not unusual at all. Usually, I go to bed after 9:00 a.m. and even as late as 2:00 p.m.

So, I realized that my sweetheart and I both have early doctor appointments and I had better at least lie down and rest my eyes, which is what I did. Too awake to sleep, but I did rest very well.

Suddenly, at 7:30 a.m. my sweetheart bolts upright in bed, and starts a mad dash. Mind you, he never moves this fast and shouldn’t. (He has had 2 spinal fusions (2 rods, 16 nails) in his back, 2 hip replacements and damage below and above those fusions, so he is pretty much bent over, and one hip pops loudly and gives when he first gets up.) Not today! Today there wasn’t time for a pop or give.

Mad dash can only mean one thing. I will spare you details, but let’s just say I had a considerable amount of clean-up from here to there, carpet, floors, and all. Poor sweetie-pie!

So glad I was already awake. I called to cancel his appointment, and prepped our place for what-may-come.

I so wished for another cuppa tea. sigh! No time. Another mad dash and what-came-with-it. Another quick bath for me, and out the door I ran, with my fluffy, un-styled hair floating in the wind. sigh!

For some reason I was feeling fine! Lots of energy and not feeling sick at all, or tired. I drove to my appointment with all 4 car windows open and the breeze tousling my hair, bringing even more ringlets and curlicues and fluff than ever. So delightful!

As I drove out of my parking space and onto the street, I turned on my favorite radio station, KLOVE and a song was playing I had never heard. It immediately grabbed my attention, and sounded so familiar, like it resonated in me, and I could sing with parts of it, though I had never heard it before. I began to feel so uplifted and happy, like it was the best day of this past few years.

I have given you a clip of the song here:


Oh, how I needed this! Have you ever had just the most perfect song possible come on at just the right time? This was it. All the way to the doctor I sang and had so many reasons to be thankful to God, so many reasons to be happy, so many reasons to sing!

I quickly put a couple of clips in my hair to keep it out of my face and hopefully not look so wild and unruly.

I was singing the song as I walked up to the door and held it for a stranger, then realized I was singing!

I went in, cancelled my husband’s dental appointment for this afternoon (he has a tooth that is coming out and wobbling. It makes it hard for him to eat.)

I went to check in for my own doctor appointment, only to find my insurance denied coverage today. what? I just did 3 packets of paperwork last week and the week before! Had it turned in just in the nick of time, too. The gal at the counter told me I was the 6th person to have this happen this morning. Really? At 8:30 a.m.? Same coverage, too. So I decided not to keep the appointment but to move it to later in the week, giving me time to straighten this out.

I sang this song as I walked to my car. It just lifted me so much nothing could touch me.

I got home, called and left a message with the insurance gal, sang this song again.

I cleaned up again from what-it-was-that-came while I was gone, singing all the while. And encouraged my sweetheart to drink his sport drink to help put some sodium back into his system and keep him from getting dehydrated. I helped him back to bed and turned on my laptop.

I looked the song up on youtube, and played it over and over with my ear buds in. I visited a few lovely blogs, responded to some visitors to my blogs. And found a delightful one in the process. If you like beading, check out:

I caught up with my loves on facebook, found some lovely pictures to share at a later time, and ate a bit of almond chow mein with no soy sauce. (allergies) Substituting very thin white sauce with garlic works well.

Then I felt I might finally be able to sleep. It was noon-ish, and I was done.

But, I had this lovely song and all the reasons for thankfulness on my mind and in my heart. I was full of joy and fresh breath filling me with rest and peace. The gal never returned my call, so I will have to pursue her. But I was not stressed at all about it.  I went to bed, and went right to sleep! Rare for me. I usually lie awake for hours!

I woke refreshed 6 hours later. I hadn’t even heard the ring of my phones! The best sleep I have had in a very long time. Full of dreams of long ago.



My mom is 85 and very active. She does have pain in her back now, which slows her some days, but she is a very social lady! She loves bright, hot pink, iced pink and turquoise. She also likes colors like orange sherbet with shine on them. So, I hope she likes these little straps to hold her eyeglasses on with. She is a fine dresser, and it is like she is a clothes hanger. She can wear anything and look good. She always could.

Anyway, the different kind of Ta-Da! to share with you now…

I figured out how to share a youtube picture and video on my blog!

I went to youtube to share the song of my day with you, and read about it, but it only showed the symbols when copied onto this post. I did what I usually do, and messaged a young friend of mine on how to do it. While she was checking for me, I clicked on the preview link on this blog and saw that it shows it with picture and the play button! yippee! I had done it and hadn’t realized it! So I messaged sweet D and told her. So typical of me. (smiling).

Here is all I did: I went to the youtube page, found the music I wanted, clicked the share link, clicked the embed link and highlighted the little box with gibberish (letters and symbols that mean nothing to me) that appeared. I then pasted the gibberish into this blog and, voila!


I hope this helps you overcome any nervousness in trying this, and shows you how to do it if you didn’t know how already.

Mmmm! I think I smell a cuppa tea coming…

Love you all, my dears.


  1. 4:11am and I’m not ready for bed. But really should be cause I’m so over not sleeping til it’s light out. We seriously should have been of together tonight sitting and chatting under the full moon. What a gorgeous night. Soon to be light. Grr.

    • Oh, yeah. I totally understand that. I am actually almost ready to go to bed, which is surprising at 4:36.

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