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Living Vicariously through …

Isn’t this the most amazing work and array of color? Fabulous!!! It is by a woman in Russia. I saw this image on facebook and fell in love! I wish I could share with you where to find her blog, but I don’t know who she is.

I tend to live through through those who post lovely things online. I do this because I cannot always do what I would love to. I mean this in the most simplest of ways. Because of allergies, I have good long drinks of the images of peoples’ gardens and the images of things made of lovely wool, acrylic yarns and color. That is the sort of thing I am talking about here. To do these things myself would make me very ill, but to absorb the beauty through someone’s images, ahhh!

Well, yesterday was the 4th of July, and in America, it is the celebration of our Independence.

Usually, there are a variety of celebrations, cook-outs, and fire works displays across our country, around our county, and a couple of places that have good fire work displays here in our lovely town of Chico.

This year was no exception. From what I hear, the fireworks lasted a good long time, and were lovely.

I say, “from what I hear” because I was down with the flu, or some sort of tummy problem. I wasn’t sure I didn’t have food poisoning there for a while. I was unable to eat more than a couple of bites of oatmeal for dinner the night of the 3rd, and not long afterward it fought its way up to freedom.

And this was not the type my dear husband had a couple of days before this. This was particularly violent, and lasted a full 12 hours before it gave me any rest at all, then a couple of hours later, started all up again. On the morning of our Independence Day, I found myself with a temperature of 104.6 and ached and hurt all over, not to mention the pain in my stomach, sides and back.

So, I did what I have learned to do. I lived vicariously through others! I could finally sit up for about 20 minutes in the evening, and watched a bit of the celebration called the Macy’s celebration in New York on TV, with amazing fire-works and special performances by singers. It was quite fun! … but I was a bit too exhausted and achy to fully appreciate it. I did enjoy what I could, though.

My sweet husband enjoyed the show, too and I was glad for that. I usually take him to a place we have found where we can see the best of the fireworks and it is not too crowded.

At the same time, I watched facebook for the posts I new would come, and I got to enjoy some pictures of my loves having a great time! Some were family pics and some dear friends.

I have friends who are very special, and two of them brought things to me yesterday, like non-acidic juice and frozen juice bars. One of them, Mommy L, is pictured here with her daughter, sweet D. They go to the races in town every weekend, and on Independence Day they get the added benefit of an extra race day and the lovely fire-works display that is held at the fair grounds (where the races are held).

Another friend who came to the rescue is St. D. She also took my sweet husband to his doctor appointment this morning as I am still too messed up to be out and about, just weak and hurting, I’m not as deeply ill now.

I tried to think of what WIPs I will try to get finished during the Crafty Olympics in a few weeks, but it is just so overwhelming! There are so many! I am usually very good at working on several things at once to keep from getting bored, and finish quite a few. But it seems I have been more distracted than usual this past few years. When I am sure I am not contageous, I will take everything out, set it all out and make my decision for what gets worked on first. After that, I will decide as it goes!

We will have to see. I have been wanting to sketch, and try my hand at some watercolor painting. And, my sister would like me to sketch out something for her, too! Doesn’t that sound so fun? So…hmmm. Now I will have to decide what I am really doing for craftlympics.

By the way, there is an event calendar that I added to my right sidebar of this blog. It counts down the days until the Olympics start. This way, there is no question as to when we start our craftlympics.

What are you working on?

And I have to say it … aren’t all the reds in these photos so lovely?

I hope you are all well and having a good time where you live.


  1. I too love the colors on that crochet cover. Here’s my blog

  2. Fun post! Thanks for including us. Glad you are on the mend. Love you.

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