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My Favorite Place in Chico, Bidwell Park

Above is a picture of the pool area at 1 mile park in Chico. I love this park! It is huge! I favor the season of fall, so I am posting a fall picture for your enjoyment. This view shows the bridge over the dam area. The waters run through from the right toward the left under the bridge.

Here is another view of the 1 mile pool. It is from the opposite view, as if you were standing on the bridge in the upper picture. Isn’t it amazing?

There are portions of the park where picnic tables under trees and dirt paths wind you close enough to the water to swim, or wade.

But you really need to be aware of how fast the water moves, and where there may be undertows.

I used to bring my little nephews here with their dad for picnic lunches. The biggest problems with eating in that area is that there are many meat bees, and they love picnics, and the people who are handy to munch on! I would toss a slice of lunch meat to the other side of the table and watch the bees land on it, carve out little slices and fly off labored with their heavy chunks of meat. So glad it wasn’t a part of me!

There are horse paths along the sides of the street and winding deeper into the wooded areas, with bark and dirt so it is easier on the horse’s hooves, and a nice atmosphere for the riders.

If a person walks from the 1 mile pool area, which is as you come in off the street through the gates, up to the other end of the park where it comes out at another street, then walk to the entrance going back into the other side of the park and on down and around to the 1 mile area again, you will have walked a good 6 miles.

If you are not up to that much of a walk, there are bridges occasionally that cross over to the other side. It is absolutely lovely!

There is a little children’s area, baseball diamonds, large areas of picnic tables for larger gatherings, public restrooms, public BBQ’s and many, many benches here and there for people to sit and relax.

As I have said, this park is very large, but there is more. This is just the lower park. There is another area that is called the 5 mile, or upper park. It is more wild, with swimming holes, and a lovely observatory on the way to the upper park where you can look through telescopes into space.

Right where the observatory is there is a sweet little lake called Horseshoe Lake. Once a year at that lake, there is an event that is called Hooked on Fishing, where people can bring their kids and fish, many of them for the first time. One year, a couple of my nephews were in a photo on the front page of the paper for this event. This is a lake with wheel chair access, and the lake is stocked with fish so the children can have good success. The children can keep their catch, but not adults. Adults must throw the fish back that they catch. Here is a picture at sunset.

My favorite place though, is lower park, so that is where I am sharing from.

I love the colors, and the reflections on water. Don’t you? I think the above picture would make an amazing one to try a painting of. I wish I knew about painting. I would start with the one above, with the reflections of the white tree branches.

Along the walk, there are berry bushes and flowers of various sorts. Sweet surprises and a visual delight to revive you as you walk.

Or as you ride you bike, walk your babies, or walk your dog.

I love the plush greens of spring. But again, the autumn colors are just stunning.

I hope you enjoyed the stroll through our local Bidwell Park. Chico has much history here, and the Bidwells are a huge part of the story. I am so thrilled that we can still freely enjoy this piece of beauty without charge and as often as we choose. It is such a gift!

Thank you for sharing a bit of my world, my favorite place of all.


  1. Such a lovely stroll….er…hike through Bidwell Park! The pics gave me a real sense of being right there with you. You are a fabulous tour guide…they need to pay you! lol! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I agree, thanks for a great morning walk lol. That’s a really lovely looking pool :)

  3. If you dont mind…Where was the location of the last photo taken it is stunning! I would love to stroll through this particular area with my children! Thanks so much!

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