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Yearning for sweetness…

Isn’t this picture just too sweet for words?

Did I ever mention that I have always had a special fondness for elephants? They are one of my all-time favorite creatures in the world, and lately, my heart just goes all soft and puddly when I see photos of them, or little video clips of their interactions with each other.

I have been reading blog posts from people in a variety of nations this past few months, and I have noticed that weather patterns are very unusual this year all over the world. I prefer to get that information from you who are living it, with your photos and stories, rather than just hearing news clips. I can just relate more, and it seems much more personal to get the information from you all.

Anyway, here in Northern California, USA we have had such an interesting year, weather-wise.

Recently the heat has been in the triple digits quite a bit, but then the next day or two it will be chilly and windy, another hot, dry and windy, another hot, dry and no breeze, then rain. But the most interesting thing is dealing with humidity in July! It is something when the temperatures are in the mid 90’s and the humidity makes you feel like you just stepped out of a sauna! Sweaty, sweaty!

And none too sweet.

I am not a good summer girl at all. Never have been. I love winter! I don’t handle heat well, and am too sensitive to the sun, so I usually try to get out early in the day to do what I need and get in where there is air conditioning. Yes, I am spoiled. I am trying to condition myself more to the higher temperatures by getting out in bits here and there, and have been doing a bit better, but well…I am not turning into summer girl after all!

Do you have something in your life that you have more than one of, but a certain one is just the right one? No matter how old or ragged, you just love it the best? I get that way with clothes, or other “things” in my life.

But, my favorite thing of all my possessions is a Bible. (I have quite a few, but one is “it”.) I won it in a drawing that a radio station had at a Christian book store downtown.

I entered with only one entry. It was one of those things where I REALLY wanted it.

I got the Bible! My sweetheart was so happy! He had prayed for me to win on one entry if it was okay for me to have it. It was his first answered prayer since he believed. This was in February, 1988.

There is something about this Bible that is just so special…the feel of the pages,the smell, the way the print is, the little footnotes, the translation…everything is just … well, … me!

I have toted this one around the county in the bus I worked in, in all weather, on the floor of the bus where the engine heat was like and inferno, in the rain, dropped it in puddles, left it places, and it found it’s way home, used it to pieces…literally. Yep. One day, I picked it up and it just split and the weightiest part of it dropped to the floor! What? sigh! I have it zipped in a sturdy case, but hadn’t zipped it, so the weight was a bit much for the old, well-loved thing.

It has flown with me across our country and to various states between. It has been slept with, sat on, borrowed, leaned on, beaded on, crocheted on, used as a table for my water glass, as a clipboard surface to write on, but mostly… to read, to know God, and to hold close.

This past few years, while I was in such a depth I couldn’t seem to do more than breathe, I was so broken-hearted I couldn’t even seem to help myself. I became so exhausted and just lay there and couldn’t read.

I missed my dear treasured friend so much. So one afternoon, I just reached down to the floor on my side of the bed, picked her up, opened her at random and laid her on my chest. I said, “God, You know I love You and want to know Your thoughts and ways, Your heart and what matters to You. But, honestly…I just can’t read right now and get it into me. So if You will, please just read it to my spirit.” I fell asleep with her open over my belly and chest and woke in the evening able to get up, bathe and fix supper. I took a walk and some of His words were just floating through my thoughts. God is good, isn’t He?

This little baby is taking his family for a walk


I use my Bible like a workbook. I do respect and cherish it, but not like I’m afraid of getting it dirty, obviously. What I mean by use her as a workbook, I write some things right in her pages. I may lose track of what notebook I was writing in at a certain time, so if it is a very special observation or thought, I write it right in there, or date it.

Usually, I write in pencil. I love pencil lead. There is something about it. It makes me happy to feel it on the paper, to smell it’s fragrance, to see the print or writing, doodles or whatever. It is a deep pleasure. Sometimes, I love pencil and ink together. Do you like the combination of them?

It is a sweet thing.

But, for some reason, in one of my all-time favorite passages, I wrote in ink. And I mean I WROTE in ink. These notes were written 10-20 years ago, depending on which part it is. No problem. No bleeding through the pages, no smearing, no smudging. Perfect! All these years, in all that weather and use.

Today it was hot, perhaps upper 90’s? No big deal for Chico. Fairly mild for July. But…humid! I mean, really humid. Stick a pitcher under me and fill her up kind of wet humid. ugh!

So, I open my dear and faithful friend, go to the treasured passage by heart (I am finally beginning to pull notes together to see if I can write a children’s story of this passage, and also from my own -as well as others’- observations of certain details. It should be fun for the kiddos to hear!).

All well and good, right?

After all those years of moisture, heat, whatever and no problem. Today I open to my favorite place and this is what I found.

The ink kind of melded through the pages, to the point that you can almost read it better from the other side of the pages! And, it soaked into the paper in a way that looks more like it is watercolor with some vague darker-colored writing on it.

So strange that after all these years, the same ink would suddenly act that way. Other pages didn’t do this at all! Only the passage with favorite notes in it.

You may be able to see that, though I wrote a lot on this page, too, the ink did not bleed or soak in,and the words are clearly legible.

See? I wasn’t wrong! The humidity factor with the heat is unusual! (I am laughing here.)

I can still read it, but Oh my! It doesn’t look real holy, does it?

I can see why I need a bit of sweetness right now.

I am a night-owl, and used to the fresh, cool air coming in off of the patio at night while I sit here. Not this morning. It is 4:44 a.m, I am sitting here puddling. I have my glass of water that the ice melted completely in within 15 minutes, and nothing to comfort this part of my morning. So here I sit in my personal puddle and try to focus and actually say something understandable.

With this, a touch of sweetness for you, my lovies:

I very much favor Tim Conway and Harvey Korman comedy routines from my teens (1970’s.)

Here is my all time favorite:

Tim actually had a similar story told to him by his dentist, and made this skit up himself.

I enjoy the surprise hitler puppet in this one. It was comletely improv by Tim, of course.


And this one is tied for first place in my favorite routines:

Starting this post with elephants, and ending this post with elephant stories, made up on the spot by Tim.

How sweet it is!

There are more Carol Burnett, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman video clips on youtube, and I encourage you to watch them and laugh yourself into a sweet, refreshing…no matter what your day is like.




  1. Such a good read! Neither one of us are summer girls, Sista! I dread it every year…and my best friends want to drag me to Palm Springs!!

    I loved how you’ve made your Bible your personal friend, I do believe that was God’s intent when He left it with us…to keep close and cherish as a loved one.

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