Posted by: shelleyjo's life beat | July 10, 2012

Brightly Colored Crochet Hats

Can you see the really cool stitch patterns in this hat? The texture as it works out is amazing, and that is why I chose the pattern. I wanted it worked in a solid color so the textures would show. I love the variegated with the turquoise and pink in it, so I chose that for the brim, and then edged it in reverse single crochet with purple. (My favorite edging stitch is reverse single crochet.)

Christmas before last, I decided to use up a small stash of brightly colored yarns to make gifts for a friend. She is really into purple. I am not as much, but it is okay in small amounts. She loves all bright colors, hot pinks, purples, reds, greens, blue, yellow, anything bright and lots of different types of print.

So, I had this jewel tone Red Heart yarn left over from years ago ventures in Christmas stockings, which turned out great, by the way, and I remembered seeing this interesting hat pattern on Knit and Crochet Now TV’s website. It is called Crochet Brim Hat, is pictured in yellow and is from episode #201. It is a free pattern, here:

On their website, there are free patterns from every episode, and some are awesome! I used to watch the show in the wee hours of the morning, but then we got another TV when ours died, and this one does not pull in the channel. We are on antenna, so even though the TV is more powerful, for some reason we just don’t get PBS channels anymore. It is such a bummer!

I made myself one in white (my favorite color!) and used some of the variegated for color at the band.The  purple one has the same variegated band before the brim, but it blends in more. I didn’t want the brim on mine since I ran out of white, so I left it with reverse single crochet in white on the edge.

Seeing as I am allergic to acrylic yarn, and this was all acrylic (and also how cold our ears were that year!), I purchased a couple of purple fleece headbands in the fitness section of Walmart and sewed them into the hats at the edge. This added softness and thickness around the head and at the ears if you pull the hat down over the ears, and also keeps acrylic off of my skin! Yay!

And here is my friend, St. D wearing her hat. She does have rosacia (skin redness), but it was really cold out, so she rosied up beautifully!  I pull my hat lower down in the back to cover my ears, but she likes hers higher up. Thankfully, she liked it!

The beginning of all of this hat making was to make her a hat to go with a bag that I was making for her for her gift that year. It was also a free pattern from the show, Crochet Granny and Pleather Bag, episode 226. It is on the same page as the hat pattern, just lower down. It is a really cute granny square purse. It is a great size for carrying books and a notebook, plus your personal items.

The funny thing is, though I started making the bag, and was nearly finished with it before I started making the hats, the bag wasn’t finished by Christmas! I did something I have never done before. I gave it to her unfinished, and had her give it back to me to finish. haha!

I still have to sew a lining in it, and put one more handle on it. I put it away…BIG mistake. Out of sight, out of mind. So, that is one more WIP that is calling my name to finish. But this one makes me laugh.

Hopefully I will have great photos to share with you of a wild purple and variegated granny square and black pleather purse . It turned out great, though, just not quite as finished as I would like. I like to have a lining in crochet bags, and I picked up a fat square of great pinkish-purple tie-die looking fabric, like watercolor. So, perhaps for Craflympics I will have a photo to show you, and a handbag to give the Oh-So-Patient St. D…finally!

Have you ever given a not-quite-finished gift to someone? I never had until this. I guess there really is a first time for everything.


  1. Beautiful hats! Now I want to make one…lol! Wish it was cold enough here in the winter to wear them. <3

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